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Each pregnant woman’s body changes in different ways at different times throughout a pregnancy. Still, your baby bump will likely be pretty visible by the time you’re five months pregnant, so this month, you’ll be adjusting to the physical changes as well as getting used to receiving unsolicited pregnancy advice from anyone and everyone.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms at Five Months Pregnant

Many women say the second trimester is the most enjoyable phase of pregnancy. But it's also possible that you'll face some pesky symptoms of pregnancy in month five, such as:

  • Stretch marks
  • Varicose veins
  • Slightly swollen hands and feet
  • Backache
  • Indigestion
  • Piles or haemorrhoids
  • Heartburn
  • Increased appetite
  • Baby movements will easily be felt

Keep in mind that these pregnancy symptoms are normal, and you may only experience some of them throughout this month.

20 Weeks Pregnancy Scan

When you’re somewhere between 18 to 20 weeks you’ll be offered an anomaly scan, this is an ultrasound scan that will allow your doctor to check that everything is OK with both you and your little one.

During this scan, you may, if you wish, find out the gender of your baby. However, since this is not offered as part of the national screening programme, it depends on the hospital. Some hospitals even have the policy of not telling patients the sex of their baby. Advise your sonographer at the start of the scan that you’d like to know the gender. Whether you choose to learn the gender now or leave it as a surprise for the birth, you’ll likely start thinking about potential baby names. Check out the Pampers Baby Name Generator; it lets you play with different settings to help you land on a name you love.

The ultrasound scan is a painless process. A cool jelly is rubbed on your tummy, and a wand is passed over your bump. A grainy image of your baby can be seen on a screen next to the bed.

Five Months Pregnant: Changes Inside and Out

Your baby’s development: Your baby is putting on weight and weighs more than the placenta, which until now weighed more than your baby. Your little one is now covered in lanugo, a very soft and fine hair that she will shed before she’s born. At this stage of your pregnancy, your baby will have her own sleep cycle, sleeping and waking. However, she might not be on the same schedule as you, as she could be moving about while you’re trying to get to sleep. While your placenta provides your baby with all the oxygen she will need until she’s born, she is already practicing the breathing movements she’ll need for life after the womb.

Changes to your body: Your belly continues to grow (triggering some of the pregnancy symptoms mentioned above), but it may not be so big yet that you can’t get around with relative ease, but people will notice you’re pregnant. Because of this growth, you may develop stretchmarks on your belly, breasts, and thighs, first appearing red, but they will eventually fade into a silvery shade. If you notice your breasts leaking, don’t worry, this pre-milk is perfectly normal at this stage of your pregnancy.

You may notice an increase in your appetite, but just try to keep to a balanced diet with plenty of protein, complex carbohydrates and vegetables to keep you nourished.

Adjusting to Your Pregnancy Body

You’re doing an important job by providing a safe home for your growing baby, but this doesn’t mean you’ll always feel fully comfortable with your new shape. During the second trimester, enjoy getting some comfortable and flattering maternity clothes, either at local stores or online.

You may wonder how to respond when you get advice, questions, and comments about your pregnancy from strangers and loved ones alike. One good strategy is to thank them, letting them know you’ll think about what they've said, and leave it at that.

You may have already chosen to share your news with your boss and others at your workplace and begun maternity leave plans. At five months pregnant, it’s worth starting to plan how you will hand over your responsibilities to your colleagues so that you’re not leaving big, stressful jobs until the third trimester.

Fifth Month of Pregnancy Quick List

  • Sign up for prenatal classes: Many prenatal classes will start in the next month or two, so sign up to get as much support and information as you can.
  • Talk to your baby: Your baby is learning to recognise your voice and can hear better than before. Make a habit of talking, singing, or reading to your baby every day.
  • Know the signs of preterm labour: Now is the time to keep an eye out for the signs of preterm labour. Contact your doctor right away if you think you might be in preterm labour.
  • Eat well: Your baby is growing rapidly at this point, and you might feel extra hungry. Make sure you’re getting the nourishment you and your baby need by continuing to eat a variety of healthy, nutritious foods.
  • Get comfortable: Explore comfortable ways to sleep, choose more comfortable shoes (especially if you’re experiencing swollen feet), find maternity wear that gives your growing body plenty of room to move and breathe, and choose maternity bras that support the changing shape of your growing breasts.