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Keep an eye on your baby’s height, weight, and head circumference to average growth with our simple tool.

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Our tool, based on the WHO** baby growth rate charts for boys and girls, helps you follow your baby’s development. Simply enter your little one’s details and we’ll measure his or her height, weight and head circumference against the average infant.

Your baby is growing before your eyes and every day brings a new developmental milestone, big or small. Tracking your little one’s growth throughout infancy is a useful way to gauge their progress.

A growth calculator chart or a percentile calculator is a measurement tool for tracking your baby’s growth. Using our tool, you can track your baby’s growth from the newborn stage up to 2 years old. What’s more, the charts show your baby’s growth percentile—an important measure of how your baby’s growth compares to that of other babies of the same age and sex.

Simply enter your little one’s latest measurements and hit “track your baby’s growth.” Our tool takes your baby’s weight, height, and head circumference and plots these figures onto an easy-to-read graph.

*Input details of your baby’s last measurements **Source: World Health Organization

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