Baby Nursery Theme Ideas and Decorations

Baby Nursery Theme Ideas

The easiest way to put together a welcoming baby nursery? Pick a theme and go from there. These baby nursery themes should give you a few ideas.


An uncluttered, minimalist space makes for a classy baby nursery. To add visual interest, include some pops of colour on the walls or some bright accessories.

Baby girl:

If a girly nursery is what you're going for, look for floral patterns as an alternative to an over-the-top pink theme.

Baby boy:

The nautical theme is a popular trend for boys rooms and a good way to feature the traditional blue in a fresh way.

Natural beauty:

A nature-themed nursery can be very soothing. Keep it simple though: an earthy paint colour and a few strategically placed paintings, pillows and throws go a long way to create a serene environment.

Animal accents:

Try placing an animal mobile above the changing table (high enough so that it is out of your baby's reach). When you change your baby's nappy, point out the names of the animals ('That's a horse and horses say, "neigh"!').

A is for alphabet:

An alphabet theme adds an educational element to your new baby's bedroom. Frame letters of all sizes on your baby's wall to create an original spin on alphabet art. Point out the letters while you sing an alphabet song.

Polka party:

If you prefer a subdued but fun pattern, polka dots are a good option. You can keep them to a minimum (say, just on his bedding) or go all the way by dotting all four walls!

Colour splash:

Instead of the traditional pink or blue route, think about focusing the room around a different colour or set of colours. Pale yellows and greens are popular choices.

Character fun:

Take a cue from your favourite book or cartoon for a character-themed nursery. One sweet option is the Peter Rabbit series. From bedding to wall décor, you'll be able to find plenty of bunny accessories to adorn your baby's room.


Be kind to the planet by choosing furnishings and bedding that made with sustainable materials and processes. Your baby will thank you some day!

Keep it Simple

Even if decorating isn't your forte, don't worry – the only things your baby's nursery really needs are a safe cot and YOU!

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