Gender reveal party ideas

One of the biggest moments in your pregnancy journey is learning whether your little one is a boy or a girl. Some parents-to-be prefer to wait until their baby's born before they find out, but others want to know as soon as possible.

If you already know your little one's gender, you might like to reveal the exciting news with a gender reveal party to friends and family at once, or choose a fun way to reveal it personally to family members and your older children.

If you still don't know whether you're having a boy or a girl, or want to see if there is any truth to the old wives' tales, take our baby gender quiz for a bit of harmless fun, and see whether we've guessed correctly!

Read on for some unique ideas to reveal the gender of your baby to your loved ones!

Gender Reveal Ideas for Family

You might want your close family to be the first to know your little one's gender before announcing the news to your friends, colleagues, neighbours and others.

Even if you're planning a gender reveal party for your wider circle of loved ones, it can be fun to let your nearest and dearest into the secret beforehand, especially if you'll be enlisting their help in planning and organising your gender reveal party.

Consider some of these unique gender reveal ideas for family:

  • Shopping for baby clothes. Take your family out shopping. Send half of them to choose some items from the ‘boys' baby clothes section of a clothes shop, and the other half to pick out some things from the ‘girls' section. When your family members return with their choices, pick the basket of clothes that matches the gender of your little one and take it to the checkout. If you don't yet know yourself, but have your baby's gender in a sealed envelope, you could even ask the shop assistant to reveal which basket of clothes you'll be buying.

  • Glittering news. Have your partner take a picture of you blowing blue or pink glitter from your hands. If you're handy with an image editing app or programme, you could even alter the image so that everything appears in black and white, except for the glitter. Send copies of the picture to your family. This idea is great, if your family lives a little further away and you can't tell them the news in person.

  • Say goodbye to one of the name lists. Take your lists of boy names and girl names, and ceremoniously dispose of the one that no longer applies. You could do this by feeding it into a paper shredder, or if you plan to combine the event with some outdoor cooking, use the redundant list to light the barbeque! Once that's done, you could hold a quick brainstorming session with your family and friends to narrow down the remaining list even further. You might also like to add some unisex names. If you'd like, you could even combine this gender reveal idea with a baby naming party.

  • Gender reveal jewellery. Ask your partner to learn the baby's gender from the ultrasonographer who does your scan. With the gender in mind, your partner can then select a special piece of jewellery – perhaps a bracelet, brooch or earrings with a blue or pink stone or insert – or some other gift, that will reveal it to you. Over a romantic candlelit dinner, your partner can present you with the gift. They could also photograph your reaction to share with family and friends on social media. You'll have some great memories and a lasting keepsake.

  • Gender reveal treasure hunt. Place some clues in an envelope, and send them out on a quest that will end in the gender of your baby being revealed. You can really get creative with nursery rhymes, clues, hidden items, and more! This will take some planning, but you can have a lot of fun creating the treasure hunt, watching everyone running around looking for clues, and, of course, that big moment of revelation.

  • Rising balloons. Buy some pink or blue helium-filled balloons, put them in a large box and gift-wrap it. You could also tie a little note to the balloons, saying ‘it's a boy' or ‘it's a girl'. Next time you visit your relatives, or when they come to see you, hand them the ‘present'. Don't forget to film or photograph their reactions as the gender revealing balloon floats up out of the box.

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

If you're planning a gender reveal party, there are loads of different ways to have a fun time announcing your little one's gender. Whether you already know your baby's sex, or plan to be surprised yourself, some of these ideas could help make your gender reveal party a truly memorable occasion.

If you want it to be a surprise for you as well, tell the sonographer who performs your ultrasound to write the gender prediction on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope, without revealing it to you.

  • Pink or blue gift boxes. Give the envelope revealing the baby's gender to a trusted friend or relative, and once the gender reveal party is in full swing ask him or her to present each guest with a small box of either pink or blue toys wrapped in neutral-coloured paper. Make sure the friend or relative gets the envelope well in advance, so that he or she has plenty of time to prepare. With cameras ready and video rolling, invite all your guests to open their boxes at the same time. By letting your guests do the reveal for you, everyone can feel more involved in the reveal itself. Plus, all eyes (and cameras) will be on you and your partner's reactions, which will surely be priceless.

  • Pop the balloon. Fill an opaque balloon with blue or pink confetti. Or if you want to keep it a surprise, hand over a sealed envelope containing the gender of your baby to someone else and get them to do this for you. When it comes to the big moment, have a loved one take a picture while you and your partner pop the balloon to reveal your little one's gender.

  • Guess the gender. As the party guests arrive, ask each person to take a ‘boy' or ‘girl' name badge, or perhaps a pink or blue paper hat, based on which gender they think your little one will be. When the time comes, open the sealed envelope with your partner, and reveal your baby's gender. Any guests who selected the correct gender will win a gift.

  • The gender-revealing piñata. Give your gender reveal party a Latin-American flavour by getting a trusted friend to make or order a piñata that looks gender neutral from the outside, but is filled with blue or pink sweets and confetti. At your gender reveal party, take it in turns with your partner to swing at the piñata, or let all your friends and family take a turn each. You could even award a prize to the guest who deals the final blow. Once the goodies come pouring out, grab a handful and throw them into the air for a great photo opportunity.

  • Blowing blue or pink bubbles. Buy some bottles of bubble mixture, and ask a friend or family member to secretly add food colouring (pink or blue) to the solution. At your gender reveal party, you and your partner can reveal the big news to the family by blowing bubbles at each other and the guests.

  • Baby shower with gender reveal theme. Combine your gender reveal party with your baby shower by planning a gender-specific theme or by playing gender reveal games. If you want to be surprised along with all your other guests, give your baby shower host the sealed envelope from the ultrasonographer, and allow your host to secretly plan the gender reveal and the gender-specific party elements. Make sure your host also knows to assign the task of taking photos to one of the guests to capture your excitement as the gender is revealed.

Baby Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

No party is complete without a cake, but you could also use confectionary to reveal your little one's gender.

If you like baking, you could make a gender reveal cake yourself, but if you want the gender announcement to be a surprise for you too (or if you're not into baking), find a cake shop that will make one to order.

These are just a few gender reveal cake ideas that you might like to try:

  • Coloured cream filling. Have a cake made with neutral-coloured glaze or icing on the outside, but with blue or pink cream filling sandwiched between the layers of sponge inside. When the cake is cut, the first slice will reveal the gender of your little one.

  • Coloured sweet cascade. Instead of a layer cake with coloured filling, you could serve up a hollow cake filled with little coloured sweets, which come cascading out when the cake is cut open.

  • Individual cupcakes. Rather than have one big cake, why not bake individual cupcakes for the guests at your gender reveal party? These could be coloured neutrally on the outside, with a coloured filling to signify your baby's gender. Ask everyone to bite into their cupcake on the count of three so that you can all find out your baby's gender together. An added advantage of the cupcakes idea is that you can accommodate guests with special dietary needs or food intolerances or allergies, by making different batches without the ingredients they can't eat.

  • Gender reveal fortune cookies. Not actually a cake, but still lots of fun! Order or make a batch of fortune cookies containing strips of paper that either say ‘It's a boy' or ‘It's a girl'. Hand them out to your guests, and get them to crack open the cookies at the same time.

More Creative Ideas for Revealing Your Baby’s Gender

Whether you decide to announce your little one's gender to your closest family first, or make a grand announcement to everyone at your gender reveal party, these creative gender reveal ideas could be great way of getting the message across.

  • A family photo with a twist. Get the family together and have everyone pose for a family photo. The twist: Add in a cute, little detail to hint at the gender, like a pink or blue filter, or maybe get everyone to hold a coloured balloon. Post the pic on social media, or send it to your closest friends, and see who gets the hint.

  • Have an older brother or sister reveal your little one's gender with a T-shirt. Dress your older child or children in a T-shirt that says, ‘I'm getting a baby brother' or ‘I'm getting a baby sister.' You could get your children involved in making the T-shirts themselves, using special textile paints, or have one custom-made. Have your child or children stroll into your gender reveal party wearing the T-shirt, or take some photos to send out to friends and family, or to share on social media.

  • Get the pets involved. Four legged friends are part of the family, so why not let yours help reveal the gender of your baby? You can set up an irresistibly cute shot with your pet posing beside a few gender-revealing clues, like a blue balloon or a pink jumpsuit. Alternatively, you could draw up a little chalkboard sign making the announcement, with your pet's paws resting on it.

  • Little pink and blue hand prints. If you already have older children, get them to decorate a white maternity T-shirt by dipping their hands into some pink or blue paint and adding their handprint on the T-shirt around your belly. Take a picture to show the world whether you're expecting a little boy or a girl.

  • Numbered pink and blue balloons. If you already have a child or children, you can announce the gender of your baby to family and friends with a cute photo. Line up the older brothers and sisters by age and give each one a balloon with a number corresponding to birth order — a number one for the firstborn and so on — and a colour to match their gender. Then have an extra balloon of either blue or pink, perhaps tied to a pair of infant shoes, with the number of the baby you're expecting. Take a snap and send it to your friends and family!

Revealing the gender of your little one to loved ones will be lots of fun; as will finding out the gender of your baby alongside your nearest and dearest if that's what you choose to do.

Just keep in mind that ultrasound scans aren't always 100 percent reliable in revealing your little one's sex (especially if your little one is in an unhelpful position), so there's a small chance your gender reveal will be followed by an even bigger surprise once your baby is born. All these moments are all part of the joy of the pregnancy journey. Enjoy!

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