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Four months pregnant is kind of a big deal. Lots of exciting milestones occur this month as you approach the half way point in your pregnancy.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms at Four Months Pregnant

Although you might not experience all of them, these pregnancy symptoms are common during the fourth month of pregnancy:

  • Weight gain
  • Itchy skin around your growing tummy and breasts
  • Appearance of stretch marks
  • Hair looks thicker and shinier
  • Fatigue (this should be improving)
  • Hunger
  • Headaches without visual disturbance
  • Heartburn and indigestion
  • Varicose veins
  • Changes in skin pigmentation
  • Breast changes – darkening of the areola and colostrum can be secreted

At four months pregnant, there are relatively few nagging symptoms. That’s why this time is referred to as the ‘honeymoon’ period of pregnancy — this is a good time for mums-to-be to take on decorating, shopping, travelling, and any other preparations that require more energy.

Four Months Pregnant: Changes Inside and Out

Your baby’s development: Though your baby is still tiny, he’s already making facial expressions, although he can’t control these yet. When you’re four months pregnant, your baby will also start to hear muted sounds from the outside world, your heart, and the sound of your voice. He will also start becoming sensitive to light, and his eyes can move as well even though the lids are still shut. Amazingly, your baby now even has his very own fingerprints.

Your baby is starting to put on a bit of weight, but he still won’t have much fat yet. If you were to take a peek inside the belly, you’d notice he looks a bit wrinkled, but he’ll fill out towards those final weeks of your pregnancy.

Changes to your body: At four months pregnant your growing tummy will likely be a little more obvious by now, and you might notice that people are curious about whether you are pregnant. You may notice some skin pigmentation and develop a dark line down the middle of your tummy, which appears due to the expanding skin.

Some pregnant women will experience thicker and shinier hair on their head as normal hair loss slows down.

Fourth Month of Pregnancy Quick List

  • Start browsing maternity wear: Although you may not need full-on maternity clothing at four months pregnant, your trousers might start to feel a little snug. This could be a good time to start browsing local or online maternity stores to get inspired about trendy maternity wear.
  • Handle hunger pangs: You might experience more intense hunger pangs than you did before; if so, try to maintain your healthy pregnancy diet. Rather than eating twice as much, follow your provider's recommendations and add just a little more healthy food to your diet.