60+ Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the New Parents and Baby

If you’re attending a baby shower soon, you might be wondering what to buy for the new baby and parents. Choosing the perfect gift can be quite challenging, especially if there’s no gift list. Or you might like to surprise the parents-to-be with something personal and thoughtful that’s not on the list. If you need some inspiration, our guide can help you choose from the best baby shower gift ideas, helping you find something unique, personalised, funny, practical or thoughtful for a baby boy, girl, or new parents.

Large Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you're feeling particularly generous or you’re going in on a group gift with others, you might consider a more substantial item that you’re confident they'll need and appreciate. Additionally, there's no need to know if the parents are expecting a baby boy or girl when selecting from the following baby shower gift ideas as they're suitable for any gender. 1. Pushchair or pram. Many parents-to-be will prefer to choose a pushchair or pram themselves, but if you know which make and model they will just love, then this is one baby shower gift that is sure to get plenty of use. 2. Cot. This is something no nursery can do without, but there are so many to choose from and many factors to consider, safety being the most important. If you opt for this, start by finding out what type of cot the parents would like and go for that. 3. Cot mattress. If you’ve purchased the cot, you might also like to consider getting the crib mattress at the same time. Frequently, these two items are bought in conjunction, mainly for safety reasons, as the mattress needs to fit snugly into the cot. 4. Changing table. Here’s another nursery staple that will be put to good use and makes a great baby shower gift idea. As is the case with the cot, the parents might have their eye on a specific style or brand, so if it’s not specified in the registry, it's important to find out what type of changing table they would like. 5. Baby bouncer or swing. There are many baby bouncers and/or swings to choose from, and you’ll want to check the child age and weight requirements of a particular style before you purchase it. Remember, some seats are designed for newborns, while others are designed for older babies. If you're looking for what to buy for a baby shower, a bouncer or swing can be a fun and thoughtful choice. 6. Glider/rocking chair. A sturdy glider or rocking chair will keep either parent comfy while feeding or cuddling the baby, and the gentle back-and-forth motion can help soothe the little one. This could be considered a unique baby shower gift option. You could also consider gifting a small side table that can go next to the chair for items needed during feeding, or even a footstool, making it a practical addition to a baby shower gift list. 7. Highchair. This might not be needed until the baby’s old enough to join in meals with the rest of the family, but time flies and a sturdy highchair with all the necessary safety features is a great item for the parents to have waiting in the wings, ready to be brought out when the time is right. 8. Activity centre. An activity centre can provide babies with hours of fun and may also help boost their development. This is the type of gift older babies can begin to use just before they learn to walk. It's a thoughtful baby shower gift idea for those looking for something that the little one can grow into.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Nursery Must-Haves

Choosing a baby shower gift for the nursery can be tricky. What do the parents really need? Will the nursery have a theme or colour scheme? Are you looking for a baby shower gift for a boy or girl, or would the parents prefer something unisex? Here are some baby shower gift ideas that rank among the top baby essentials for the nursery (including those listed above), and you can be sure the parents-to-be will love getting any of these: 9. Nappy bin. A nappy bin is essential for keeping those used nappies until they're disposed of in the rubbish bin. Although some of the top nappy bins can be expensive, parents will be grateful for a home without unpleasant smells. If you’re considering what to buy for a baby shower, a nappy bin could be a practical and appreciated option. 10. Bedding. During the first year of life, babies need only a fitted bottom sheet in their crib—loose bedding items such as top sheets, pillows, quilts, and blankets need to stay out of the crib to reduce the risks of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and suffocation. However, you might like to consider some baby shower gift ideas such as purchasing a matching bedding set and/or a blanket that could be used later on, during the toddler stage. There are very adorable sheet sets on the market, which make for unique baby shower gifts, and parents will inevitably need multiple sets down the line. 11. Mobile. Choose something colourful and magical to dangle (safely out of reach) over the newborn baby’s cot. Static or rotating, battery-powered or clockwork, some mobiles also play music – there’s no shortage of options. Find out if the baby will have a themed nursery, then select a mobile to match. Before buying one, look at the mobile from the baby’s perspective – underneath. After all, that’s where the baby will spend the most time looking at it from, so it’s more important for it to be patterned and interesting when viewed from underneath. 12. Nightlight. A dim night light can help settle the baby and make it easier for parents to navigate without stubbing a toe during nighttime feedings. Some nightlights can also project patterns, like stars for example, onto the wall or ceiling. 13. Sound machine. These little machines can play soothing sounds like white noise, nature sounds or lullabies. Although not all babies enjoy it, many babies fall asleep faster if there is some ambient noise. This could be a wonderful addition to your baby shower gift list or even considered a unique baby shower gift. 14. Swaddle blankets. These blankets have more than just one use, making them a perfect baby shower gift idea. In addition to wrapping a newborn securely and providing comfort, swaddle blankets and even receiving blankets can double as burp cloths, tummy time mats, nursing covers, and more. 15. Babyproofing items. There are all sorts of safety items the new family will need, including plug socket covers, corner protectors, and baby gates. These essentials make for thoughtful baby shower gift ideas as they contribute to the safety and well-being of the new arrival. Here are more babyproofing tips for homes.

Baby Shower Gifts for Mum

If this is baby number two or three, the mum-to-be may already have most of the basics needed for the latest arrival. So, if you’re wondering ‘What do you buy for a baby shower gift for mum’? consider some of these ideas, and remember Mum deserves a treat too. 16. Pyjamas or dressing gown. Mum has a lot of late nights coming up, so why not treat her to some cosy jim-jams, a pair of comfy slippers or a chic dressing gown or bathrobe? Bonus points for items that are machine washable and breastfeeding-friendly! 17. A good read. She’s read all the pregnancy and newborn guides and now her library is about to be taken over by picture books, so give Mum a selection of the latest grown-up bestsellers, a magazine subscription or even an e-reader so she can download her favourites to enjoy during those (possibly elusive) quiet moments. 18. Personalised jewellery. Available in a wide variety of price ranges, personalised charms or pendants engraved with the baby’s name or initial make great statement pieces that Mum can keep close to her heart. 19. Gift vouchers. If you’re in any doubt, purchase a gift voucher for a local baby store or even a local supermarket. This is a great way to help parents-to-be purchase exactly what’s needed. Alternatively, a gift voucher from the mum-to-be’s favourite clothes shop could be ideal for when she’s ready to treat herself to something special. 20. Blanket. A crocheted blanket is a creative baby shower gift that shows how much you care. This blanket comes in handy for mum while she’s resting. It’s sure to be used for many years and could even become a family heirloom. 21. Pampering session. For a truly luxurious baby shower gift, arrange a pampering session for the mum-to-be at a nearby spa, hair or beauty salon, including things like a massage, pedicure or perhaps a new hairstyle or complete makeover. She’ll enjoy this just as much after the baby arrives too. 22. Breastfeeding cushion. A special V-shaped or U-shaped breastfeeding cushion can help the mum-to-be get comfortable and hold her little one more securely while breastfeeding. This can be especially handy when feeding from both breasts at the same time, making it an ideal baby shower gift for twins. 23. Breastfeeding supplies. If you know the mum-to-be will be breastfeeding, you could get her some breast milk storage containers, a nursing cover, or a nursing pillow.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Boys or Girls

Here are some practical baby shower gifts that are good for both boys and girls. Or, if you know the gender of the new arrival, you can choose items in traditional colours and designs to match a baby boy or girl. 24. Nappies. What do you buy for a baby shower? It should come as no surprise that nappies top this specific baby shower gift list. Every baby needs nappies – lots of them! Even a few boxes of nappies can help a lot. You might even like to give several different sizes so that the nappies can be used in the first few months no matter how big the baby is and how fast they grow. Here’s a great nappy gift idea for baby shower: Consider registering the new parents for a nappy subscription service. Nappy subscriptions help parents have the nappies they need when they need them. Certain nappy subscriptions even help parents keep up with their developing baby, allowing them to easily update the size of the nappies. 25. Wipes. In addition to nappies, parents will go through an abundant amount of baby wipes. If you’re considering giving a nappy subscription service as well, you might like to choose a provider that offers baby wipes as an additional product to include. 26. Clothing. Baby tees, jumpsuits, booties, shoes – you name them, babies will need them. Consider buying larger sizes, too, as babies grow out of newborn sizes quickly (and some larger babies never fit into these small sizes). If you're attending a baby shower and pondering what gift to buy for a baby shower, clothing is always appreciated, plus you can opt for gender-neutral clothing or pick something specifically for a boy or girl. 27. Baby bottles. Baby bottles are essential for feeding, whether the mum-to-be chooses to nurse or formula-feed. For breastfed babies, breast milk can be pumped and stored for bottle-feeding at a later time. Stock up on BPA-free plastic bottles or opt for glass baby bottles with interchangeable teats. Useful baby shower gift ideas include a set of baby bottles with a range of teat sizes to fit throughout a baby’s first year. 28. Bottle accessories. Parents will appreciate having some basic accessories for bottle-feeding such as a bottle warmer or bottle steriliser. 29. Burp cloths. These will help protect the parent’s outfit during each feeding, plus they’re handy for wiping up messes or cleaning the baby's sticky hands. You can assemble a few of these as your baby shower gift ideas. 30. Dummies. When they’re not breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, babies often like to suck on dummies to soothe themselves. A package of dummies would make a very thoughtful and practical baby shower gift idea as they often get lost easily. 31. Teething toys. When the baby’s teeth start coming through, teething toys will be extremely helpful to comfort their gums. A set of various teething toys can be a very practical baby shower gift idea. 32. Bibs. Babies are messy, especially when they eat! Bibs are great for capturing food, drool, and burping messes, helping the baby’s top to stay clean for just a little bit longer. Opt for packs of three or more or buy a bigger bunch, since most parents go through quite a few throughout the day. 33. Utensils. In no time at all, the baby will be eating solid foods, so you could give a set of dishes and utensils in a cute pattern, as well as colourful sippy cups. 34. Baby food maker. If you know the parents are interested in making homemade baby food for their little one, you may like to get them a dedicated machine that makes blending, portioning and storing baby food easy. It's a practical and appreciated option that supports a healthy lifestyle for the newborn. And you could even add to the gift by also buying a recipe book specifically for baby food, or if you’re creative, consider compiling some of our baby food recipes together into a homemade book. 35. Baby bathtub. A portable baby tub is the ultimate baby shower gift idea. Some tubs even come with a built-in thermostat to help parents ensure the bath water is just the right temperature for their little one. 36. First-aid kit. For all those little emergencies that the parents might not yet be prepared for, give an emergency kit with a baby thermometer, tweezers, nasal aspirator, calamine lotion, bandages, a cold pack, etc. This thoughtful present is a practical addition to any baby shower gift list, ensuring the new parents are ready for those unexpected moments.

On-the-Move Baby Shower Gift Ideas

There will be times when the parents need to travel with their little one in tow. Whether that means braving an airport or just heading across town to the grandparent’s house, they will need a variety of portable items to help get from point A to B. Look at this list of baby shower gift ideas and consider giving one of these on-the-go essentials. 37. Travel cot. Look for safe, lightweight options that are easy to set up and pack away again. Some double as a portable playpen, providing a safe space for the baby to play or sleep under the parents' watchful eyes. 38. Play mat. A portable play mat or floor gym is another great way of keeping babies busy and entertained away from home. 39. Emergency nappy bag. Put together a smaller nappy bag with essentials that the parents can keep in the car or in a storage compartment of the pushchair so they’re always ready for changing an active baby on the go. 40. Baby carrier or sling. A good baby carrier is ideal for parents to keep their hands free while running errands or just moving around the house. It’s also cosy and soothing for the baby, encourages bonding and can boost development. 41. Portable changing mat. If the parents-to-be love to travel or go on day trips, a portable travel changing mat that can be rolled up or folded into its own little pouch will make changing nappies on the go a breeze. 42. Pushchair or pram. Many parents-to-be will prefer to choose a pushchair or pram themselves, but if you know which make and model they will just love, then this is one baby shower gift that is sure to get plenty of use. 43. Pushchair accessories. These can range from toys and books for the baby to accessories for Mum and Dad, like cup and smartphone holders. Pushchair covers, mosquito nets, umbrellas and foot cosies are great options for travelling with a baby in any weather conditions. Just make sure any accessories you buy are either universal or designed to fit the pushchair or pram the parents have chosen. 44. Baby car seat. This is a major purchase, and because of the safety aspect, the parents-to-be will probably want to have the final say on which type of baby seat their baby is going to travel in. There’s also compatibility with the parents’ car to consider. So, if you’re planning on covering the cost of the car seat as a baby shower gift, it’s probably best to discuss this with the parents in advance.

Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

If you're contemplating what to buy for a baby shower that will truly stand out, consider presenting a gift basket brimming with an array of practical little treasures. Opt for one of these baby shower gift ideas that can match any budget, can be adapted to a baby boy or girl, and are also perfectly suitable if the expectant parents have kept the baby’s gender a surprise. 45. Nappy gift hamper. A practical and funny baby shower gift is to package several nappy-related gifts in a charming basket. To make the gift even more practical, you could use a basket that doubles as a storage container for the baby's room. 46. Toiletries gift basket. Fill a cute storage basket or even a baby bathtub with practical baby shower gifts featuring a bath-time theme. Shampoo, body wash, and lotion designed for infants are all essential. You could also add accessories such as a waterproof thermometer, some toy rubber ducks, and a soft towel to round out your baby shower gift basket. 47. Baby-friendly laundry essentials gift basket. New parents will soon discover that doing frequent loads of laundry is a necessity – babies can go through multiple outfits in just a day – and a selection of laundry supplies makes a nice baby shower gift idea. Look for a gentle detergent that won't irritate a newborn's delicate skin, and combine it with stain removers, laundry bags, and more. Mesh laundry bags are great for keeping socks, bibs, and other small baby items organized and intact. You might also like to include a laundry basket which can double as the gift basket for the nursery, a practical yet thoughtful baby shower gift idea. 48. Cleaning supplies gift basket. With a new baby, messes are bound to happen, and every parent could use some help keeping things tidy. Gather a variety of cleaning products and sanitisers, and don’t forget some sponges, dust cloths, cleaning wipes and a bucket or organizer, either of which can double as the baby shower gift basket. 49. Combination baby shower gift basket. Combine lots of smaller necessities in a lovely basket. These can include nappies, nappy cream, wipes, a burp cloth, body suits, dummies, a toy rattle and more. This thoughtful selection is perfect if you’re wondering ‘What do you take to a baby shower?’ It’s a practical yet unique baby shower gift that any new parent would appreciate.

Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

Homemade baby shower gifts come from the heart. If you love getting creative, consider one of these ideas: 50. Nappy cakes. A nappy cake – nappies cleverly folded to look like a decorative, often multi-tiered cake – is a DIY baby shower gift that’s both fun and useful. Consider using various nappy sizes, so there’ll be plenty of nappies on hand later on, even as the baby grows out of the newborn sizes. If you’re pushed for time or not feeling creative, ready-made nappy cakes can be ordered online or from specialist shops. 51. Handmade clothes. If you knit or sew, consider making bootees, hats, mittens or other clothes for the baby. 52. Home-cooked meals. With a newborn, parents don’t have much time to spare, especially for cooking. Consider delivering home-cooked and frozen meals each week for the first few months that can be thawed out and heated up as needed. 53. Handmade art for the nursery. If you are particularly creative, you might feel inspired to create a truly unique baby shower gift in the form of artwork to decorate the nursery.

Personalised and Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Personalised baby shower gifts come from the heart and can be unique and meaningful for new parents. Also, if this is baby number two or three, the parents may already have most of the basics needed for a newborn, so a personalised gift might be more appealing. If you would love to get creative, consider one of these cute, cool, special and thoughtful baby shower gift ideas: 54. Monthly milestone blanket. You don’t have to be a social media influencer to know these monthly milestone blankets are all the rage on social media. Even if the parents aren’t avid posters, you might like to get them this type of blanket so they can take monthly photos of their baby to track their growth. If you’re handy, you can go one step further and personalise a plain blanket: Try embroidering it or painting it with non-toxic fabric paint as part of your personalised baby shower gift. 55. Memory book. These books allow for a little creativity throughout the baby’s first year, as parents can jot down special milestones and add pictures. Once the baby is all grown up, the family will love looking back at this special keepsake, too. 56. Baby books. It’s never too early for parents to start reading to their baby, so already having a nice selection of books at hand is a huge advantage. Prepare a gift basket of new or classic children’s books. Or, add a personal touch by giving one or two of your own favourite childhood books. Reading daily to babies and older children is a great way to teach kids to love reading. 57. Toys. Consider giving toys the baby can play with in the years to come. This means that as the baby gets older and is looking for something new to play with, the parents can simply reach for something that has been waiting on the shelf for just the right moment. And many toys aren’t just fun, they can also help develop a baby’s fine motor skills. 58. Other personalised baby shower gifts. Order a baby book or children’s book online that can be personalised with the baby's name and date of birth. Buy a cotton playsuit or security blanket and personalise it by printing a message on the front or back. Or, have the child's name stitched or embroidered onto a teddy bear or other plush toy. 59. Gift vouchers. If you're uncertain or require a last-minute baby shower gift, consider buying a gift voucher from a local baby shop, or even a local supermarket. This is an excellent method to assist parents in acquiring precisely what they need. 60. Funny baby shower gifts. If the parents-to-be share your sense of humour and you think they’d appreciate something a little ‘off-the-wall’ and light-hearted, there are plenty of jokey and novelty baby shower gifts, from swaddling blankets that make the baby look like an actual giant burrito to tongue-in-cheek books about children and parenting.

Unusual Baby Shower Gifts for Parents

There are some gift ideas you aren’t likely to find on any baby shower registries, but they can still be a great help to new parents. Most of the ideas below are services rather than physical gifts. They can help free up parents’ time to spend enjoying their little one or grab a few welcome moments of ‘me time’. 61. Professional photo shoot. A photoshoot is sure to be a hit with the parents-to-be and will provide memories for years to come. Many photographers specialise in photographing babies, and you might like to allow the parents to select someone they feel comfortable with within their local area. If you’re pondering over what to buy for a baby shower, a professional photo shoot voucher could be a thoughtful and unique baby shower gift. 62. A date night. Give the new parents the gift of some precious time together away from the baby. The night out may not take place during the first few weeks (or even months), but eventually, the parents will enjoy having some ‘time off’ to dine out, see a play or perhaps go to the cinema together. Tell the parents you’d like to provide a gift voucher for a restaurant meal, babysitting or both, but let them suggest when would be convenient. 63. Cleaning service. Parents of newborns are so busy and so tired. Consider providing a professional cleaner to come and do a one-time big clean, or to come once a week for the first few months after the birth. 64. Babysitting or night nanny service. The gift of a night off from baby duty will certainly be appreciated. You can offer to provide your own babysitting services or those of a trusted agency in your area. A night nanny can be arranged to care for the baby at night while the new parents grab some much-needed rest. 65. Food delivery. You can also provide a gift certificate for home deliveries of groceries or even hot meals. Parents will appreciate having their larder and fridge stocked without having to make trips to the supermarket with a newborn in tow. 66. Streaming services. It may be a while before the parents are ready for a night out, so why not make it easy for them to put their feet up and binge-watch the latest drama everyone is talking about? The gift of a prepaid subscription to one of the major streaming services might just be priceless.


Acceptable baby shower gifts include items that are practical, thoughtful, and useful for the expecting parents or the baby. This could range from nappies, baby clothes and blankets to baby gear like pushchairs or car seats. It’s a good idea to check if the parents have a registry gift list beforehand so you don’t gift them something they already have.

Check out our list of over 60 baby shower gift ideas for some inspiration.

The Bottom Line

Your baby shower presents will be appreciated, no matter how big or small. So, don’t worry too much about what to buy for a baby shower. Remember that your present doesn’t have to be exclusively for the newborn; you can also select baby shower gifts for the parents. Above all, remember that the best gift of all for the new parents is likely to be the support and encouragement of all their loved ones. If you happen to be the fortunate individual tasked with planning the baby shower, then delve into our baby shower category, featuring an abundance of thrilling details on baby shower themes, fun baby shower games and more. If you are a parent of a young child yourself, you might like to save on all your nappies and wipes purchases. Download the Pampers Club app.

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