Tips for Changing an Active Baby on the Go

Changing the nappy of an active baby is tricky even at the best of times, but the added uncertainty of where you can do the change, when you are out an about, can make it even more of a struggle.

Whether you are at the supermarket, a café or even on a plane, nappy pants can help make the change easier for your active baby (around 6 months of age).

Luckily there are some handy ways to save when buying essentials like those nappy pants.

Be Prepared

Put what you need for a change like nappy pants, wipes etc. in a small pouch within your nappy bag so you can quickly access what you need.

Alternatives If There Is No Changing Table

If your baby is already walking, you could try a standing change, which is super easy with nappy pants. Just tear the sides and pull the nappy away while your baby is standing. Then after you have cleaned any mess on their bottom you can have them step into a new pair of nappy pants.

If there are no changing tables around or they happen to be too dirty, you can create a makeshift alternative using the boot of the car, the buggy when it's reclined all the way, or simply lay a changing mat on a dry grassy area. If you are really stuck, benches, train seats or public toilet counters can also do the trick, just be sure to clean the surface first with a baby wipe. Remember to always keep one hand on your baby so they can't roll or crawl off.

If there is no running water around you can even use your baby wipes to clean your hands before and after the change.

Naturally, your little one will be on a mission to explore non-stop. Having a well-stocked baby bag plus these tips up your sleeve could make that nappy change relatively smooth. That way both of you have one less thing to worry about when you're on the go.

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