Ideas for Baby Shower Themes and Decorations

It's a privilege to host a loved one's baby shower, but there are some important decisions to make as you go about organising it. For example: Will you have a theme, and what decorations will you have? To help you out, here are some baby shower decoration and theme ideas that will leave your guests and the mum-to-be thinking WOW!

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

You don't have to go over the top with decorations (unless you want to!) as there are simple yet beautiful and fun ways to decorate the venue, food table, and even the food itself. Read on!


Where you host the baby shower can affect the decorations you choose so it's a good idea to settle on a venue first. A beautiful outdoor area can make a fantastic backdrop. You can dangle streamers from branches, or drape a string of lanterns between two trees. If you're holding the shower in a café or restaurant, they may have decorations you can make use of, or you might be able to bring in fresh flowers or helium balloons. If you're hosting the shower in your home, or even the mum-to-be's home, you might decide to have a welcome board by the front door, and then let the buffet table be the focus. Hang pennant banners, balloons, or tissue pom-poms. If you choose one main colour for the decorations, make sure the mum-to-be is happy to reveal the gender of her baby if you want to go for pink or blue, otherwise opt for more gender-neutral colours like yellow, green, purple, silver, cream, or gold.

Food Table

Second only to the mum-to-be, the food table is usually the centre of attention during a baby shower. Guests tend to sit nearby (so have plenty of seats ready), from where they can easily grab another cupcake. Here are some ideas for decorating the buffet:

  • Choose a tablecloth that matches the colours of the décor or your theme. If you have a more rustic theme, you could forgo the tablecloth and decorate the table with fresh flowers and vines instead.

  • Match the colour of plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery to the theme. Alternatively, focus on patterns by choosing table accessories in stripes and polka dots, for example.

  • Have different-sized serving plates, bowls, and cakes stands to give height and depth to the food table.

  • Hang a sign above the food table that says something on-theme. If you don't have a theme, go for something more generic like ‘We Can't Wait to Meet You!' or ‘Baby!'

  • Drape colourful material on the wall behind the table for a beautiful buffet backdrop.

  • If the guest of honour is having twins, the baby shower decorations could include signage over the food table that says ‘Double the Trouble.' You might choose to work with two colours like purple and yellow, and have two of everything so the two halves of the food table mirror each other. Alternatively, go for a theme like ‘Two Peas in a Pod', and have green decorations, and use lots of green food dye to decorate the sweets and drinks.


The food can play a big role in decorating the shower. Take these ideas, for example:

  • If you're serving cupcakes, add food dye to the cream or icing to match the décor, or add an on-theme edible cake topper. If you're not big on baking, ask your local cake shop to create beautifully-decorated cupcakes for you.

  • Ice biscuits and cake pops with baby-inspired designs. For example, cake pops can make great edible rattles, and these iced biscuits are irresistibly cute.

  • Animals are a popular symbol at baby showers. Create a dip platter that looks like a lion, or croissants that look like crabs. As a healthy alternative create a fruit platter in the shape of an animal, like an owl.

  • Sandwiches can be cut in all kinds of shapes, like stars, for example.

  • Have a bowl of sweets in a colour that matches the décor, too.

  • Use coloured cordial. For example, if you have an underwater theme, label blue-coloured water ‘Sea Water,' or if the colour of the décor is yellow, have jugs of lemonade and serve yellow-coloured punch.

  • The cake is the show-stopper at most baby showers, so decorate or ice it to match the theme. Alternatively, have a cake shaped like a babygrow or have a tiered cake with the word ‘baby' as a topper.

  • Give labels to food, For example, if you have popcorn, add a label that says ‘Ready to Pop!'

  • The food can also match the theme. If you have a tennis-themed shower, serve the classic strawberries and cream in mini paper cups. For an afternoon tea-themed party, serve crustless sandwiches, and scones with clotted cream and jam, with the tea.


Your guests might ask you for some gift ideas. Perhaps suggest something that ties in with the baby shower theme or your decorations. Gifts can even be displayed during the party, then presented to the guest of honour toward the end. For example, if your theme is animals, ask each guest to bring a soft toy. If the theme is superheroes, ask each guest to add a comic book to their gift – the mum-to-be can share these with her little one in the years to come. If the baby shower has a children's books theme, ask each guest to bring their favourite childhood book. If the shower's theme is centred on a specific colour, ask guests to bring a gift in that colour. You could also simply share the theme with guests, and let them find a creative way to tie-in with it, or set up a baby shower registry, which is similar to a wedding registry except it's a wish list of items you'd like to get for your baby, to make things easier.

Nappy Cakes

Nappy cakes are great as either a decoration or a gift idea. Use a few packets of nappies to build your own nappy cake – you can even play around with different size nappies – which can be designed in shapes like a castle or a stroller – among many others. Add small items like dummies, teething rings, soft cloths, mini toys, or small packets of wipes on the nappy cake, too.

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Having a theme can make choosing decorations a little easier. The world is your oyster, but keep the mum-to-be in mind. What would she love?

There is no hard-and-fast rule about what theme suits a baby girl or boy, and many themes are gender neutral. Some baby shower themes for girls could include fairies, little miss sunshine, ladybugs, tutu cute, or pretty in pink. Baby shower themes for boys might include construction, transport, or tiny gentleman. Baby shower themes if the gender of the baby is unknown, could include outer space, jungle, or bath-time with rubber duckies.

Make sure you express the theme from the get-go, starting with the invitations. If the theme lends itself to fancy dress, ask guests to come in dress-up or provide props.

Playing a few short games is often part of the fun at a baby shower. For example, if the baby shower has an animal theme, play this baby animals game where guests have to match the baby animal name with the parent name. Have small prizes on hand for winners. For even more inspiration, explore these great baby shower game ideas.

Not sure what theme to pick? What about one of these:

Regal Theme

Whether the mum-to-be is expecting a little princess or prince, or loves all things royal, when it comes to parties, royalty never goes out of style. For this theme, go for colours like gold or silver, and the very regal purple. For the perfect princess- or prince-themed baby shower, print these beautiful decoration and invitation templates. As a centrepiece, have a castle-shaped nappy cake. Drape gold, pink, or purple material over an armchair to make a DIY throne for the mum-to-be to sit on. Hang two sheets of pink tulle behind the food table from under a plastic or paper crown; then pull the two sheets to the side, like a curtain, and cinch them with ribbon for a royal backdrop.

Serve sandwiches cut into the shape of a crown. Create iced biscuits in the shape of a tiara or royal rattle. For cupcakes, go for decadent cream or icing toppings, and decorate them with edible sugar beads or glitter. Make a tiara cake topper and place the cake on a princess-inspired cake stand.

Jungle Theme

We all know the new baby will be the king or queen of the jungle, and a jungle-themed baby shower is easy to put together with these printable decoration and invitation templates. Put some luscious indoor plants around the food table, and hang some black, yellow, and green balloons. As a feature, a jungle nappy cake is perfect.

Serve fruits like bananas, mangos, and pineapples, or go for more exotic tropical fruits like coconuts and papayas. Decorate cupcakes to look like a monkey, or make a cake in the shape of an elephant. It's relatively easy to create a dip platter that looks like a lion: Put some dip – like hummus – on a tray, have carrot sticks radiating out to look like the lion's mane, then add some veggies for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Serve punch labelled ‘Jungle Juice.' Chocolate fondue can be called the ‘Mud Bath.'

Stroller Theme

This baby care essential also makes a great baby shower theme. If you're great at DIY decorations, make a stroller nappy cake as your decorative masterpiece. An edible alternative is to make a stroller shape out of a watermelon. Have carriage-shaped biscuits, and get creative with sugar art (or ask a local cake maker to help) to create a stunning stroller cake topper. Download these free and printable baby shower decorations, designed especially for the stroller theme. The pack includes an on-theme invitation and party favour tag.

Superhero Theme

Not all superheroes wear capes! Sometimes they wear maternity wear or bibs! Use lots of red, yellow, and blue for the balloons, paper plates, tissue paper pompoms, and pennant banners. This is a popular theme, so your local party supply shop may have decorations in stock to match. Cover a bar table in a red tablecloth so it looks like a superhero cape.

If you have cheese cubes or olives, stick toothpicks in with little paper signs that say ‘wham,' ‘boom,' or ‘pow.' How cute would it be to have superhero biscuits in the shape of a babygrow, decorated to look like a superhero costume? Have some green sweets to represent kryptonite, that famous weakness of some superheroes − they'll be the weakness of anyone with a sweet tooth, too.

Outer Space Theme

The new baby will no doubt be the centre of the parents' universe, and the sky is the limit in terms of decorations. Cut various space-themed shapes out of coloured cardboard, and hang these planets, moons, stars, and spaceships on strings or fishing line from the ceiling. Consider hanging a banner that says, ‘Welcome to the Universe' or ‘X Weeks/Days Until Lift-off' based on the mum-to-be's due date.

Decorate cake pops in the colours of the different planets, and call them ‘Planet Pops.' Decorate cupcakes with dark blue icing, then sprinkle some edible stars on them. Have a tiered cake that's iced to look like a rocket ship or an astronaut. Alternatively, the cake can be iced using a mixture of purple and aqua food dye so it looks like the galaxy.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

The mum-to-be and her little shining star are the focus on this special day, so why not go with a theme inspired by this popular children's song. Decorate the party zone with lots of star and moon shapes. Set a night-time mood with dark blue or black hues and fairy lights. For an on-theme prop, stick stars onto straws with superglue.

Have star-shaped cake pops, a cake in the shape of a shooting star, and sandwiches cut into star and moon shapes. For easy on-theme food, cut mini star shapes out of gold glitter paper, place them onto the ends of toothpicks, and stick them into any small bite-size snacks you have.

Flower Power Theme

Flowers are a timeless theme, and a relatively easy one to decorate with if you can get your hands on some lovely fresh (or fake!) flowers. As the centrepiece, create a bouquet nappy cake. Flex your creativity by tying balloons together in the shape of a flower bloom. For a whimsical touch, hang colourful pennant banners, lanterns, and individual flower stems from a string. Above the buffet table, hang a banner that says ‘Baby in Bloom.'

If you're an amazing baker, there is stunning sugar art you can add to cupcakes so they look like flower blooms. If you're a mere mortal in the kitchen, ask your local cake shop for help! Slice up some fruit, arranging the slices on the tray to create a flower shape. Grapes or cherries make great buds; slices of melon or pineapple make for great petals; and celery makes a great stalk. Add some fresh flowers on the cake as final touch.

Baby Under Construction Theme

This unique baby shower theme is perfect because the mum-to-be's baby is truly under construction! Go for colours like yellow, black, and orange when choosing the tablecloth, balloons, paper plates, and cutlery. See if you can get inexpensive props at your local hardware supply store like a ‘caution' sign or a hard hat. Fill a wheelbarrow with ice so it doubles as a drink tub. Create a construction site out of the food table: Wrap empty boxes in yellow- or black-coloured wrapping paper, use black cardboard to create roads, and add toy trucks and cars. Add bowls of food throughout the site, and have signs saying ‘Caution! Bump Ahead' or ‘Mummy at Work.' Tie cutlery sets together with a ribbon, and add a note that says ‘Tools.' Have a smaller table nearby with a sign saying ‘Dump Gifts Here.'

Design and ice biscuits to look like orange traffic cones, or tools like hammers. Ice a cake with ‘Baby Under Construction' lettering. Use the back of a toy dump truck to hold chips or popcorn before the truck is gifted.

There's a lot to think about when hosting the perfect baby shower but with some great decorations you'll be on track. For even more tips and ideas, follow our baby shower guide and work your way through our handy planning checklist. Keep in mind, whether the shower is a themed extravaganza or more intimate and personalised, your guests – and most importantly the guest of honour – will love and appreciate all that you've done. You'll also get to have a lot of fun once the preparations are done and the guests start arriving.

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