Switching to Nappy Pants

Is your baby always on the move? Does your little one get impatient during the usual nappy change routine, making it more of a challenge? At this point many parents try nappy pants because they’re easier to change on a moving baby.

Why Should I Use Nappy Pants Instead of Regular Nappies?

For babies who are starting to move and maybe even crawl nappy pants give them the freedom to move around while letting you change them with minimal interruption to their playtime.

How is this possible? Instead of having to lie your baby down to change her nappy, you can simply tear the sides to remove the old nappy pants and then easily pull on a new pair while your cutie is standing. No more chasing around while your babie is flipping and crawling away!

When Can I Switch From Regular Nappies to Nappy Pants?

The tell-tale sign that your little one is ready for nappy pants is that she has started to roll or wriggle away as you try to change the nappy. Of course, when to switch to nappy pants will be different for each child but many parents switch to nappy pants when their baby is 6 to 9 months old.

How Do I Take Nappy Pants Off?

Taking off nappy pants is simple. There’s no need to pull them down like pants, instead, just tear them apart at the sides to take them off. Then roll them up, secure them with the tape provided on the backside, and throw them in the nappy bin. For more information, follow our step-by-step instructions on how to use nappy pants.

How Do I Put Nappy Pants On?

Making sure the pictures are on the front and the tape is on the back, slip your baby’s legs through the openings and pull the pants up. Adjust the flexible waistband around her tummy and run your fingers around the leg cuffs to ensure they are turned outwards to prevent leaks.

Are Nappy Pants as Absorbent as Regular Nappies?

Yes! Nappy pants keep your baby just as dry as your other Pampers nappies. They give up to 12 hours of dryness while the flexible leg cuffs help prevent those messy leaks.

Are Nappy Pants Comfortable?

Your baby will be comfortable in nappy pants. While regular nappies may become loose as an active baby plays, the elastic waistband on nappy pants means they stay on and in place no matter how active she gets. The flexible waistband also ensures a snug fit for absolute comfort.