Choosing the Best Wipes for Your Baby

Pampers baby wipes are better at cleaning and protecting your baby’s skin than just cotton wool and water, but you may be wondering which of our wipes is best for your baby.

To help you decide, here’s a quick introduction to Pampers baby wipes and some advice on what to consider when choosing wipes, including a downloadable comparison chart.

What Are Pampers Baby Wipes Made Of?

When deciding on the best wipe for your baby and you, it helps to understand how our baby wipes are made.

Every Pampers wipe is made up of two main parts:

A Soft, Cloth-Like Material

The strong, yet soft material that our wipes are made of absorbs and gently wipes away the wee or poo from your baby’s skin.

The fibres in this non-woven material are carefully selected to

  • feel gentle on your baby’s skin

  • be highly absorbent

  • be soft and flexible

  • not break or clump (which could cause friction on your baby’s skin).

A Gentle, Water-Based Cleanser

The lotion used in our wipes consists of at least 97 percent purified water. It has the important job of

  • gently cleaning your baby’s skin, loosening and wiping away mess

  • giving the wipe an extra silky-smooth texture

  • helping to remove oily mess

  • restoring the natural pH of your baby’s skin

  • gently conditioning the skin

  • keeping the wipes fresh and safe from contamination, even after the pack is opened.

Which Wipes Are Best for Your Baby?

There are various factors you might take into account when choosing the best wipe for your baby, such as your little one’s age, what goes into the wipes and how you expect to be using them.

For example, an unscented, super soft option like Pampers Harmonie New Baby Wipes 0% Plastic could be ideal for your newborn baby’s delicate skin, while Pampers Fresh Clean Wipes might be your go-to wipe for an active toddler who’s already eating a varied diet of solid food – with all the extra variety that this brings to your little one’s nappies!

Pampers Fresh Clean Wipes

We know every baby and situation is unique, so your choice of wipe will depend on your personal preferences and what works best for your baby and you. Browse the features of our different wipes to find the one that fits your needs and lifestyle.


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Some Baby Wipes Features to Consider

Here are some of the features you might consider when deciding which wipes to get for your little one:

  • Softness. Pampers wipes are made using carefully selected fibres that feel soft and smooth on your baby’s skin while being strong, flexible and absorbent enough to remove and contain mess. Some Pampers natural wipes, such as Harmonie Aqua, are even made with 10% premium cotton for extra softness.

  • Scent. Our scented wipes contain very small quantities of carefully selected, non-sensitising perfume to make using them a more pleasant experience. If you’d prefer your wipes to be perfume-free, the Harmonie New Baby, Sensitive and Harmonie Aqua wipes have no added fragrance.

  • Dermatological testing. Like you, we put your baby’s safety first. Whichever Pampers wipes you choose, rest assured that all our ingredients are rigorously tested to make sure they’re safe for your baby’s skin.

  • Alcohol-free wipes. All Pampers wipes are alcohol-free. They also don’t contain parabens, dioxins and other harmful additives or any of the 26 fragrances known to cause allergies.

  • Purity. If you want the products you use on your baby’s skin to be as natural as possible without compromising on cleansing and protection, our Harmonie Aqua Wipes – which have a lotion made with 99 percent purified water—could be for you.

  • Mildness. Pampers wipes are clinically proven to be milder than just cotton wool and water.

  • On-the-go hygiene. Although you might associate baby wipes with nappy changes, all Pampers wipes are safe to use on any other part of your baby’s skin.

  • Sustainability. We believe caring for babies also means caring for the planet they grow up in, and we’re constantly innovating to achieve this. For example, our Harmonie range including Harmonie Aqua, Harmonie Coco and Harmonie New Baby, as well as Sensitive 0% Plastic are all plastic-free wipes.

Downloadable Pampers Wipes Feature Finder

To help you choose the best Pampers wipe for your baby, download our handy comparison chart [insert downloadable link] for a side-by-side view of all our wipes and their features.


Yes, the materials used in Pampers baby wipes are common in baby products and safely used by millions of babies every day. Everything that goes into our wipes is carefully tested in line with the strictest global safety standards.

The Bottom Line

Whether you need extra gentle protection for delicate newborn skin, an on-the-go cleaning solution for your active toddler or just a pure and natural way of keeping your little one’s skin clean and healthy, there’s a Pampers baby wipe for you.

And rest assured that whichever Pampers baby wipes you choose, your baby’s skin will be protected and cared for safely and more effectively than if you just used cotton wool and water. That means peace of mind for you – and the softest, most kissable skin for your baby!

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