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For great skin protection
Approved by Skin Health Alliance
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Clinically proven gentle
Designed with your baby's delicate skin needs in mind

0% phenoxyethanol, paraben, perfume & alcohol

0% phenoxyethanol, paraben, perfume & alcohol

Specifically designed with your baby's skin needs in mind

As mild as washcloth and water

As mild as washcloth and water

Ideal for baby's sensitive skin

Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic

Dermatologically tested

To ensure they are gentle against your baby's skin

Protects baby's sensitive skin
Helps prevent skin irritation

pH balancing lotion

pH balanced

Helps protect your baby’s skin by maintaining its natural pH

Our thickest and extra soft wipes

Our thickest and extra soft wipes

20% thicker to help clean delicate skin gently

Pampers® Sensitive™


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Overall Rating  based on 77 reviews

Best wipes for sensitive skin

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"Having struggled with another well known brand giving my son horrifc red marks all over his skin, I tried pampers sensitive wipes! They are amazing. Gentle enough to use on his face without nasty red marks or reactions and wet enough to clean messy nappies with ease. My go to product around the home and out and about!"

August 30,2019

So close to nature

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"These wipes are so pure they are amazing, just like using from perfume too which can aggravate babys sensitive skin."

ChanteAugust 27,2019


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"these one were perfect for my childs skin...with other brands they would bring her out in a rash. but with these there was no redness of irritation. they are soft to touch."

August 27,2019

All time favourite

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"We love using pampers sensitive wipes... They are our all time favourite. Gentle in my baby's skin and great for my toddlers dirty hands and face. They are the perfect size for our nappy clutch that goes everywhere with us. Definitely our first choice... Highly recommend pampers sensitive wipes. We have used them from birth."

August 26,2019

Amazing product

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"I love these wipes! First off, they come out of the packet really easy - no big clumps of wipes coming out that you then have to try and get back in to the pack! They stay wet and soft, some wipes I have previously used feel really dry and make changing times very difficult! I use the XXL pack they are good value for money and the pack isn't too bulky when inside the changing bag. My little boy has very sensitive skin and these wipes never cause a reaction. Definitely going to be staying with these wipes!"

AstonAugust 26,2019


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