Pampers® Premium Protection New Baby

Pampers® Premium Protection New Baby

Certificate and sustainability programmes

Our No.1 to help keep skin protected

A unique DermaComfort layer

An exclusive DERMACOMFORT layer with absorbent pores that instantly pulls wetness and mess away from skin and locks them inside the nappy so your baby’s delicate skin remains dry and protected. Absorbs up to 2x faster* *after 90 seconds vs. the next leading quality

Cushiony Ultra Soft materials

To hug your baby’s skin in a cloud of comfort & protection

Ultra Soft flexi side wings

Gently adapt to your baby’s tummy to help prevent skin irritation.

Pampers Protection

Give your baby our best protection

Up to 100% Leakage Protection

A unique 3-way protection system that absorbs liquid quickly and helps prevent leaks at the waist and around the legs.

Airy-Soft Topsheet

Millions of micropores allow air to flow freely around the nappy to keep skin dry.

Wetness Indicator

Wetness indicator so you know when it's time to change the nappy

100% safe

Nappies tested and certified, safe for babies’ skin

STANDARD 100 certified by Oeko-Tex

At Pampers, we make your baby's safety a priority. That's why our Premium Protection nappies are tested and guaranteed to contain no added harmful substances

The only newborn nappy approved by British Skin Foundation

Dermatologically tested and manufactured without any of the 26 fragrance allergens listed by the EU

Thoughtfully designed nappies

We have been working to improve the design of our nappies over the years switching to more efficient materials, while reducing the weight and carefully choosing the materials we use.

Packaging contains 50% recycled plastic waste from industrial production residue

Cellulose in Pampers nappies is coming from well-managed FSC® certified forests and other controlled sources

All our products are made with high safety standards, are fully traceable and designed for your full satisfaction. Pampers nappies are produced exclusively in our own factories.

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Customer Reviews

Pampers® Premium Protection New Baby









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By Paula - December 09, 2023

Absolutely love pampers, don't use anything else for either of my babies

Received free product

By BTester - November 27, 2023

We love pampers premium protection, it’s soft on my baby’s delicate skin. We’ve had no leaks or rashes like we have done with other brand of nappies. Pampers is forever our go to nappy brand as it was with my first baby.

Received free product

By Taiba - November 15, 2023

I am SO impressed by the Pampers Premium Protection nappies! My toddler had some issues with the previous nappies we were using as my toddler experienced some skin irritation which caused a lot of tears and tantrums. I tried all the usual methods- Sudocrem, Vaseline, various other ointments as well as loosening the Waist Wings- but none of these seemed to worked. ☹️🌧️ Now, with the Pampers Premium Protection nappies, not only did my baby’s skin irritation disappear, his skin felt noticeably softer and smoother! I was astonished! My baby’s skin has remained soft and smooth since using these nappies and I fully intend to continue using these nappies because I am so utterly impressed with them. 🥰🥳 As well as this, we had ZERO problems with leaks during the night. Prior to using Pampers Premium Protection, I found that my baby would often leak during his bedtime sleep and I accepted the fact that we may have this problem as long as he is wearing nappies. However, with the Pampers Premium Protection nappies, the leakage STOPPED COMPLETELY. Yes, you read that right- THE LEAKAGE STOPPED COMPLETELY! Pampers promises that these nappies provide up to 12 hours of ‘all-around Leakage Protection’ and do they?! 100%!! These nappies are nothing short of magical and miraculous!✨ I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these nappies to anyone who is currently experiencing leakage and skin irritation with their baby/babies, and even if you’re not, these nappies are absolutely amazing and tick all the boxes. The Pampers Premium Protection nappies are my new go-to nappies! I am so happy that I had the opportunity to try these for free (in exchange for an honest review). Mums and Dads, get these nappies! You won’t be disappointed! ☺️💓

Received free product

What's in our nappy?

At Pampers, we care about your baby's health above all else. That's why we put lots of love into determining what materials we put in our products.

What's in Pampers® Premium Protection New Baby:

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