Popular Italian Girl Names You Will Love

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful name for your baby girl, you may want to consider an Italian name. Italy is renowned for its rich culture and colourful language and Italian names often reflect this. This article will provide an overview of some of the most popular, unique, beautiful and strong female names from Italy and their meanings, to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

Popular Italian Girl Names

If you’re looking for baby girl names that were popular amongst Italians in recent years, here are the top Italian girl names in order of popularity:

1. Sofia. More commonly spelt Sophia, this name is widely recognised across many languages, and has the Greek translation of 'wisdom'. It was brought to England in the seventeenth century and used by George I’s mother and wife. Other notable people with the name include American filmmaker Sofia Coppola and Italian actress Sophia Loren.

2. Aurora. In Latin, this name translates to 'dawn'. If you favour names which are rooted in mythology, you will doubtless appreciate that this was also the name of the Roman goddess of the morning.

3. Giulia. This female Italian name derives from the male Roman name Julius, which means ‘downy-bearded’ in Greek. The name may also be a reference to the Roman god Jupiter. Other forms of this Italian girls’ name include Giuliana and Giulietta.

4. Ginevra. This beautiful girls’ name is the Italian version of the Welsh name Guinevere, which means ‘white phantom’. In Arthurian legend, Guinevere was the wife of King Arthur.

5. Alice. At first glance, you might assume this is just an English girls’ name, but Alice is found in many languages, including Italian, in which it’s pronounced a-LEE-cheh. The name has old French and Germanic origins, and it’s been common in Europe since the twelfth century. The name once again became popular in the nineteenth century after Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

6. Emma. This cute Italian girls’ name derives from Germanic words that mean ‘whole’ or ‘universal’. It’s been used by English and Austrian royalty, and later the name became popular after appearing in various novels including Jane Austen’s Emma. In the United Kingdom, it has been a consistently popular name for many years, making it an absolute classic.

7. Giorgia. Derived from the male name George, which means ‘farmer’ or ‘earth worker’ in Greek, this Italian girls’ name is spelt differently from the English version, Georgia. There have been many famous Georges, including various kings and a saint who’s often depicted defeating a dragon.

8. Beatrice. Pronounced beh-a-TREE-cheh, this Italian girls’ name derives from the name Beatrix, a Latin name meaning ‘voyager’ or ‘traveller’. If you’re a lover of literature, you’ll be pleased to know that the name Beatrice appears in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy and William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

9. Greta. If you’re looking for short and cute Italian girls’ name, Greta may fit the bill. It’s the short form of the name Margareta, which in Greek means ‘pearl’. It’s likely that the name also has Iranian roots. As the name Margaret fell out of favour in the twentieth century, Greta rose to prominence, especially in Italy where it peaked in 2014.

10. Vittoria. It’s easy to guess that this Italian girls’ name is Victoria in English. Meaning ‘victory’ in Latin, the name was also given to the Roman goddess of victory. The name didn’t become popular in the English-speaking world until the reign of Queen Victoria.

11. Anna. This girls’ name is common in multiple languages, including Italian. It first appeared as Hannah in the Old Testament, and it's been popular since Byzantine times. The more common spelling of Anna is considered to be the Latin form. It's also thought to be the name of the mother of the Virgin Mary. This name can also be used to form the compound first names Annabella, Annachiara, Annamaria and Annetta, among others.

12. Martina. This Italian female form of the male name Martin is derived from the Roman name Martinus, which may have originated with the name Mars, the Roman god of war. If you’re looking for a shorter name or a nickname, consider Tina.

13. Chiara. Clara or Clare are the English versions of this popular Italian name for women, which means ‘clear’, ‘bright’ or ‘famous’, in Latin. Saint Chiara left her wealthy family to follow Saint Francis of Assisi. A cute diminutive for your daughter could be Claretta.

14. Matilde. Though it’s different by just one letter, this is the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese version of Matilda, which means ‘strength in battle’ in German. An even rarer form of the Italian girls’ name is Mafalda.

15. Ludovica. This female Latin version of the male name Ludwig means ‘famous battle’. This formal-sounding name is having a modern resurgence, peaking in Italy in 2019.


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Unique Italian Names for Girls

A unique girls’ name can reflect individuality and an open mind in your little one – making them great choices if you want your daughter to stand out from the crowd. Here are some Italian names for females that have a unique edge.

16. Alessia. You may recognise this Italian girls’ name from the English name Alexis, which has Greek origins and means ‘helper’ or ‘defender’. It's actually a unisex baby name so you could also use this for a baby boy.

17. Allegra. In Italian, this female name means ‘cheerful’ or ‘lively’. It may be the perfect name choice for a little girl full of joy and energy.

18. Anselma. This rare Italian girls’ name was given to the Italian Saint Anselm, who became the archbishop of Canterbury in England in the late eleventh century. This could make a unique name option for your daughter whether or not your family is religious!

19. Azzurra. Coming from the word azure, this Italian girls’ name simply means ‘sky blue’. It would be the perfect option if you’re looking for nature names.

20. Cinzia. In English, this name is Cynthia and is Greek in origin. It means ‘woman from Kynthos’, a mountain where the Greek goddess Artemis was born along with her twin, the god Apollo.

21. Costanza. Costanza is the modern Italian female version of the old Latin male name Constans, meaning ‘constant’ or ‘steadfast’. A famous bearer of the name was composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s wife, who spelt her name Costanze.

22. Elettra. The name Elektra is famous in Greek mythology. In Greek it means ‘amber’, referring to the fossilised resin used in jewellery. Another name option is Ambra, which also means ‘amber’ in Italian. Either name choice is perfect for a daughter you consider to be just as precious as the ancient gemstone.

23. Fiorella. Fiore is the word for ‘flower’ in Italian; hence this creative and beautiful Italian girls’ name.

24. Lucrezia. Meaning ‘profit’ or ‘wealth’, this was originally a Roman family name that eventually became popular after a Roman legend of a maiden named Lucrezia. This name was also popular with Renaissance nobility.

25. Mirabella. This beautiful Italian girls’ name means ‘wonderful’ in Latin. It was popular in the Middle Ages, then fell out of use before being revived in the nineteenth century. It’s still considered somewhat a rare Italian female name.

26. Narcisa. Based on the Greek myth of Narcissus, a young man who stared at his own reflection for so long that he turned into a flower, this name has both male and female forms, Narciso and Narcisa respectively. In Italy, it’s considered a rare name but a beautiful one nonetheless.

27. Palmira. In Italian, this girls’ name means ‘pilgrim’. The root word palma means palm tree and refers to the practice of pilgrims leaving a place of worship with palm fronds. Traditionally this name is given to girls born on Palm Sunday.

28. Romola. Legend has it that Romulus and Remus were the founders of the city of Rome. The name Romulus, from which this Italian girls’ name derives, means ‘of Rome’. Whether you have Roman roots or are simply a lover of ancient Roman history, you may like this name for your daughter.

29. Viviana. From a Latin word meaning ‘alive’, this name came into use after two saints with the name, the male Saint Vivian and the female Saint Viviana, a.k.a. Bibiana (a rarer spelling of the Italian girls’ name).


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Beautiful Italian Girl Names

To match the beauty of your little lady, why not consider one of these pretty Italian girl names.

30. Alessandra. You may have guessed it – this girls’ name is the Italian for Alexandra. In Greek mythology it was also another name for the goddess Hera. It also has cute nicknames, Alessa and Sandra.

31. Bruna. Derived from the German word brun, this Italian girls’ name means either ‘armour, protection’ or the colour ‘brown’. Traditionally the name is used for children with brown hair. A cute diminutive for your daughter could also be Brunella.

32. Carla. This is the female Italian form of the Germanic male name Karl, which means ‘man’. You’d recognise the name as Charles or Charlotte in English. Other variations in Italian include Carlotta, Carola and Carolina.

33. Caterina. Greek in origin, this name is currently popular as Catherine or Katherine. Its meaning has been debated but it likely means ‘each of the two’ or ‘pure’. The name was first introduced by a fourth-century saint. Many famous queens have had the name, so why not add your daughter to the list?

34. Cecilia. Although this girls’ name means ‘blind’ in Latin, the name itself has a beautiful melodic sound especially when pronounced in Italian as cheh-CHEE-lya. The name originated with Saint Cecilia, who is considered the patron saint of music and musicians. You might like this name for your daughter especially if your family loves music.

35. Celestina. Based on a Latin name that means ‘of the sky, heavenly’, this Italian girls’ name is a variant of Celeste, from which the English word celestial derives.

36. Elisabetta. You guessed it! This Italian girls’ name is based on the very well-known name Elizabeth, which in Hebrew means ‘my god is an oath’. The biblical name appears in both the Old and New Testaments. It first became popular in eastern Europe before spreading throughout the continent. Nicknames in Italian include Betta and Bettina.

37. Evelina. Likely derived from the Germanic name Avaline, which may be originally Norman French, the name eventually spread throughout Europe, becoming Evelina. It's sometimes regarded as a variation of the names Evelyn and Eve.

38. Gabriella. Gabriel is an important name in the Bible. The archangel appears as a messenger of God in both the Old and New Testaments. This female form of the male name is common in many languages besides Italian.

39. Leontina. This late Roman female name derives from a male Greek name that means ‘lion’, which would imply the female version means ‘lioness’. In English, you'd recognise the name as Leontine. Internationally acclaimed opera singer Leontyne Price is a famous bearer of this name. What an ideal name for your little roaring lioness!

40. Livia. This Italian girls’ name originated as a Roman family name that either meant ‘to envy’ or the colour ‘blue’ in Latin. A Roman historian by the name of Livius was famous for writing a history of the city of Rome. Another form of this girls’ name is Liviana.

41. Serafina. This name comes from the word seraphim, which in Hebrew means ‘fiery ones’. The seraphim are an order of angels mentioned in the Bible. It might be the cutest option for your new little angel!

42. Serena. Based on the Latin word serenus, which means ‘clear, tranquil’ or serene’, this name became popular after Edmund Spenser used it in his sixteenth-century poem The Faerie Queene. A famous modern bearer of the name is American tennis player Serena Williams.

43. Stefania. Based on the Greek name Stephanos, which means ‘crown’ or ‘wealth’, this female name is common in Italian, Greek and Polish. The name is not only beautiful but also noble and refined.

44. Valentina. Based on the Roman name Valentinus, which means ‘strong, vigorous, healthy’, the name eventually became associated with the holiday of love because Saint Valentine’s feast day fell on the same date as the ancient Roman fertility festival. You might like this name if your daughter is born on February 14.

Strong Italian Names for Girls

The following Italian girls’ names display strength for your determined and strong-minded little lady:

45. Adriana. This Italian, Portuguese and Spanish girls’ name is the female form of the male name Adrian, which belonged to several popes and saints. A famous bearer of the name is Brazilian model Adriana Lima.

46. Angelica. Consider naming your little angel after the Latin word for angelic. Interestingly, in Greek, the name means ‘messenger’.

47. Arianna. Arianna is the Italian version of the Greek female name Ariadne. In Greek, the name means ‘most holy’. Noteworthy modern bearers of the name include Italian-American singer Ariana Grande and Greek-American businesswoman Arianna Huffington.

48. Cristina. Based on the word Christian, this name is commonly used all across the globe. Notable bearers of the female name include many saints and a seventeenth-century Swedish queen who abdicated in order to convert to Catholicism.

49. Daniela. This female version of the male named Daniel, which means ‘God is my judge’ in Hebrew, has been consistently in the top 100 girl names in the United Kingdom since the 90s.

50. Erica. This female form of the male name Eric means ‘heather’ in Latin. Heather is the flowering shrub that’s known to thrive in acidic or infertile soil and heathlands – a stubborn and beautiful plant!

51. Felicia. Both this girls’ name and its male form Felix mean ‘happy’, ‘lucky’ or ‘successful’ in Latin. The name was originally a last name and then a nickname before being used as a given name by the Middle Ages. A cute alternate version of the Italian girls’ name is Feliciana.

52. Francesca. From the Latin name Franciscus, which means ‘Frenchman’, the names Francis (male) and Frances (female) were formed. The Italian derivative is the beautifully melodic Francesca or Franca for short.

53. Giada. This Italian girls’ name simply means ‘jade’, referring to the precious green stone used in carvings and jewellery. A famous bearer of the name is celebrity chef Giada De Lauretiis. It’s the perfect name for your precious daughter.

54. Isabella. As the Latin form of the name Isabel, a derivative of Elizabeth, this regal name has been in the top 10 list of girl names in England and Wales since 2011. A cute nickname for your daughter could be Bella, which means ‘beautiful’ in Italian. Isabella Rossellini is a famous Italian actress with the name.

55. Lidia. This originally Greek name means ‘from Lydia’, which was an area in Asia Minor, present-day Turkey. The name also appears in the Bible in a story about a woman converted to Christianity by Saint Paul.

56. Maria. This is the Latin form of the Hebrew name Miryam, appearing in the Bible as Mary. The meaning isn’t wholly known, but some believe it may have originally been an Egyptian name meaning ‘beloved’ or ‘love’. The girls’ name is very common in Italy, and around the world. If you’re looking for a unique variation, consider the Italian diminutives Mariella and Marietta, or you could choose the compound name Mariasole (sole means ‘sun’ in Italian) or Marisa (Maria and Luisa).

57. Roberta. Meaning ‘bright fame’ in German, this is the female form of the male name Robert or Roberto in Italian. A cute diminutive for your daughter could be Robertina.

58. Rosa. Meaning ‘rose’ in Latin, this name is thought to have German origins. It was also the name of a thirteenth-century saint. A noteworthy and inspirational bearer of the name was American civil rights activist Rosa Parks. The name has many possible variations: Rosalia, Rosalinda, Rosanna, Rosaria, Rosella, Rosetta, Rosina, Rosabella.

59. Silvia. In Latin, the word silva means ‘wood, forest’. In fact, Silvanus was the Roman God of forests – a magical meaning for nature lovers! Silvia and Silvana are the female versions of the Roman name.

60. Stella. This is the Latin word for star. The name was featured by sixteenth-century poet Sir Philip Sidney in his sonnet sequence Astrophel and Stella. Perfect for your little shining star!

61. Susanna. From the Hebrew name Shoshannah, this biblical name is believed to mean ‘lily’ or ‘rose’. In the English-speaking world, this spelling of the name has fallen out of favour, being replaced by Susan. However, Susanna sounds more melodic and distinctive.

62. Veronica. An alternate version of the Latin female name Berenice, which means ‘bringing victory’, this spelling of this Italian girls’ name is often associated with the meaning ‘true image’ from the Latin words vera icon. According to legend, Veronica was the name of the woman who wiped Jesus’ face with a cloth while he carried the cross to Cavalry. Miraculously his image transferred to the fabric, and this became known as the veil of Veronica.

Cute Italian Girl Names

Here are some adorable Italian girls’ name for your little cutie.

63. Adelina. From the German word adal meaning ‘noble’, Adelina entered the top 100 girl names in England and Wales in 2015. A cute short form of the name is Alina.

64. Bianca. Meaning ‘white’ or ‘fair’ in Italian, this girls’ name was popular with royalty and nobility. If you’re a fan of literature, you’ll be pleased to know the name was also used by William Shakespeare in his plays Othello and The Taming of the Shrew. In Italy, the name peaked in popularity in 2018 and has been holding steady.

65. Corinna. Originally a Greek name meaning ‘maiden’, this cute girls’ name eventually made it into other languages such as Italian. The most famous bearer of the name was the ancient Greek female poet known simply as Corinna.

66. Cosima. Derived from the Greek word kosmos, this cute Italian girls’ name means ‘order’ or ‘decency’ and is also the English word for universe, spelt as cosmos. A famous bearer of the name was Cosima Wagner, daughter of Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, and second wife of German composer Richard Wagner.

67. Gia. This is the short form for the names Gianna and Giovanna, both very old and traditional female names from Italy, but Gia makes for a cute girls’ name all on its own.

68. Lucia. Based on the Roman name Lucius, this cute Italian girls’ name and its derivative Luce mean ‘light’ in Latin. The names were popular during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Europe.

69. Luna. Meaning ‘moon’ in Latin, this female name is common in many languages besides Italian. In Roman mythology Luna was the goddess of the moon, often depicted riding a chariot in the sky. In the United Kingdom, Luna has seen a dramatic rise in popularity since 2006 – possibly due to the endearing Harry Potter character, Luna Lovegood.

70. Patrizia. You’ll recognise this girls’ name as Patricia in English although it’s Pronounced pa-TREET-tsya in Italian. Based on the Latin name Patricius, which means ‘nobleman’, the male and female forms of the name became popular after Saint Patrick, who lived during Roman times.

71. Perla. Simply meaning ‘pearl’, this Italian female name is a lovely choice for a little girl who’s as precious as a pearl.

72. Pia. Derived from the Latin name Pius, which means ‘pious’, this name has a cute ring to it.

73. Viola. Meaning ‘violet’, which refers to the small purple flower, this name may be just the right choice for your delicate newborn daughter. A cute diminutive could be Violetta. A modern bearer of this name is award-winning American actress Viola Davis.

74. Zita. In the Tuscan Italian language, this girls’ name means ‘little girl’. It was borne by Saint Zita, who came from Tuscany. Choose this cute name for your little girl.

Traditional Italian Girl Names

Names with a traditional spin are becoming the go-to choices in recent years, and Italian girl names embody that. If you’re looking for a classic name that will span the years, check out our lovely list of old-fashioned girl names.

75. Agata. This Italian girls’ name is the Latin form of a Greek name that means ‘good’. Saint Agatha, who came from Sicily, was revered during the Middle Ages, and her name became very popular throughout Europe.

76. Agnese. In Greek, this name means ‘chaste’ and is associated with Saint Agnes, who is often depicted with a lamb, agnus in Latin. The girls’ name isn’t as popular as it once was, but in this Italian form it’s much more appealing.

77. Agostina. Based on the Roman name Augustus, which became famous throughout the Christian world after Roman emperor Caesar Augustus, Agostina is the diminutive of the female name Agosta.

78. Amalia. With German origins, from the word amal, meaning ‘work’, this Italian girls’ name can also be spelt Amelia. Just think of the first woman to fly over the Atlantic Ocean, Amelia Earhart.

79. Antonia. This is the Italian female form of the male name Anthony. Its meaning is unknown but most likely Etruscan in origin; however, some believe that it means ‘flower’ in Greek. Other variations include Antonella, Antonietta and Antonina.

80. Domenica. From the Latin name Dominicus, meaning ‘of the Lord’, this is also the Italian word for Sunday. Traditionally the name is given to Italian girls born on Sunday.

81. Donata. From the Latin name Donatus, which means ‘given’, this name was popular during Renaissance times. A popular diminutive is Donatella, a famous bearer being the Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace.

82. Fiorenza. Lovers of the Renaissance may recognise this name, which is partly derived from the city of Firenze, Florence in English. In Latin, the name means ‘prosperous, flourishing’, which is exactly what Florence was in its heyday.

83. Giovanna. You’ll recognise this Italian girls’ name as Johanna or Joanna in English. It’s based on the male name John, which was popularised after two Johns from the bible, John the Baptist and the apostle John. This biblical baby name was very popular during Renaissance times.

84. Lorenza. Laurentum was an ancient Italian city, from which the surname Laurentius derives. Eventually, the name became the male name Lawrence in English or Lorenzo in Italian. Although Lorenza isn’t as popular as its male counterpart, you might really like this Italian name for your baby girl, especially the cute nickname Renza.

85. Maddalena. The Italian version of the English name Madeline derives from Mary Magdalene, who was Jesus’ companion in the New Testament. The Hebrew name refers to a village whose name means ‘tower’. A cute nickname for your baby girl could be Lena.

86. Marcella. It’s likely this Italian girls’ name derives from the Roman names Marcellus and Marcus, both of which may be based on Mars, the name of the god of war. In Italian you’d pronounce the name as mar-CHEH-la.

87. Michela. Michela is the Italian female form of the name Michael, meaning ‘who is like God?’ in Hebrew. Both male and female forms are common worldwide. Michelina is an adorable diminutive you could choose for your daughter.

88. Natalia. In Latin, this Italian girls’ name means ‘Christmas Day’. Whether or not your daughter is born on the holiday, choose this name for its beautiful ring. Your little girl will be a gift either way!

89. Nicoletta. This feminine diminutive of the male Italian name can also be written as Nicolina. Based on the Greek name Nikolaos, it means ‘victory of the people’. The name became popular after Saint Nicholas, whose identity eventually morphed into Santa Claus.

90. Ottavia. In Latin this Italian girls’ name means ‘eighth’. It was originally a family name that belonged to the Roman emperor Caesar Augustus. It later became popular as a given name, traditionally given to a baby born eighth in line – perhaps using it for the eighth grandchild in the family may be more fitting.

91. Paola. Originating from the Latin name Paulus, which means either ‘small’ or ‘humble’, both the female and male forms of the name became popular after the apostle Paul. If you’d like an even cuter version of the name, go with Paolina.

92. Raffaella. Based on a Hebrew name that means ‘God heals’, this Italian girls’ name is more recognisable as the male name Raphael in English or Raffaello in Italian. The male name appears in the Bible as an archangel. Both male and female forms of the name are commonly used in Europe.

93. Renata. Meaning ‘born again’ in Latin, this traditional Italian girls’ name may be a great way to honour a dear, departed loved one who may have had the same or a very similar name.

94. Savina. The Italian spelling of the name Sabina refers to the Sabines, who were ancient people living in central Italy. Eventually, the area became incorporated into the Roman empire.

95. Vincenza. This is the Italian female form of the male name Vincent. It derives from the Latin word vincere, which means ‘to conquer’. Although the name has waned in popularity, its meaning connotes strength.

More Italian Girl Names

If you were inspired by all those Italian baby girl names, here are even more for you to enjoy:

96. Amadea. Meaning ‘love of God’ in Latin, you may recognise this name as the male name Amadeus, which was Mozart’s middle name. This Italian girls’ name would make a beautiful choice for your daughter.

97. Diletta. This girls’ name simply means ‘beloved’ in Italian, derived from the Latin word dilectus. A lovely choice for your beloved little girl!

98. Erminia. Derived from either Herminius, a Roman name of Etruscan origin or the Roman messenger god Hermes, this Italian girls’ name has an old-fashioned and unique ring to it.

99. Fabrizia. The feminine form of the Latin name Fabricius, which means ‘craftsman’, this name would make a great choice for a family of artisans. The word fabricate shares roots with this pretty Italian girls’ name.

100. Gemma. Originally a medieval Italian nickname, this name for women means ‘gem’ or ‘precious stone’. It was used by the wife of the thirteenth-century poet Dante Alighieri.

101. Maura. In Latin this Italian girls’ name means ‘Moorish’. But the name is beautiful on its own.

102. Pasqualina. With origins in Latin and Hebrew, this name means ‘relating to Easter’ or ‘Passover’. If your daughter is born around the time of either holiday, you might consider opting for this Italian girls’ name.

103. Saveria. The Italian female form of the male name Xavier, means ‘the new house’. The meaning may not be that interesting, but its melodic sound makes up for it.

104. Severina. Derived from the Roman family name Severus, which means ‘stern’, this Italian girls’ name doesn’t sound as severe as it looks!

105. Tecla. In Greek, this Italian and Spanish girls’ name means ‘glory of God’. The name was given to Saint Thecla, a famous first-century saint.


There are many unique Italian names for your little trendsetter. You can find our full list in this article, including:

  • Alessia
  • Anselma
  • Azzurra
  • Cinzia
  • Elettra
  • Palmira.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you were inspired by some of those beautiful female names from Italy. If you’re still on the lookout for the perfect name, we have plenty more for you to choose from, including our Irish girl names and our French girl names.

For some added fun, try our Baby Name Generator. Search through thousands of names using filters like first letter and theme to help you pinpoint the perfect name for your baby.

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