150 Unique Baby Girl Names To Adore

Finding the right name for your little one is exciting, but it can also be challenging with so many choices out there – so we’ve done some of the work for you. If you’re looking for a name that’s a little different and rare, check out our list of 150 of the most pretty, unique and unusual baby girl names with their meanings.

Pretty and Unique Baby Girl Names

If you’re looking for a classically pretty name that still stands out in a crowd, one of these unique baby names for girls might be the one:

1. Annalise. This name of German origin is a combination of Anna and a short form of Elisabeth, ‘Lise’. It can also be spelt Anneliese, but the simpler form is more popular in the UK. Whatever form you choose, it’s a simple, pretty, unique name for your baby girl.

2. Bluebell. Although floral names are a popular choice, Bluebell is still a rare option. From the name of the flower, this pretty and unique girls’ name is delicate and underrated.

3. Charmaine. Although the name's exact meaning is unknown, it’s thought that Charmaine could be a combination of the word ‘charm’ and the suffix ‘aine’ from the girls’ name Lorraine. If you happen to be having twins, both of these wonderfully original names could make super twin girl names.

4. Constance. Hailing from the name of the Roman emperor Constans, Constance means ‘constant’ or ‘steadfast’ – great qualities for your little one to have.

5. Genevieve. This uncommon girls’ name dates back to mediaeval times, but its origin is uncertain. It possibly has Gallic, German and Celtic elements. It’s also the name of the patron saint of Paris, and it certainly has a vivacious, continental flavour.

6. Jemima. With the pretty and peaceful meaning of ‘dove’ in Hebrew, this unique biblical baby name was popular amongst the puritans. It also has the sweet namesake Jemima Puddle-Duck from Beatrix Potter’s children’s story.

7. Lorelei. A popular figure in German mythology, Lorelei also refers to a rocky area along the Rhine River. If you’re looking for something a little mystical for your little girl, this could be a great choice.

8. Loveday. If you want to celebrate love and peace in a unique way, this pretty girls’ name means ‘beloved day,’ and was interestingly used in medieval England for a day when people came together to resolve disputes between themselves. It could be perfect for your little peacemaker.

9. Lucinda. This name dates back to the seventeenth century when it started to be used as a variant of Lucy or Lucia (meaning ‘light’). The name features in several works of literature, including Cervantes’ Don Quixote. Will it become a part of your family’s story, too?

10. Priscilla. This is a feminine form of the Roman family name Priscus, meaning ‘ancient’. It appears in the New Testament and was also the name of a Roman empress.

11. Talulla. This melodic-sounding name has Gaelic origins, as a traditional Irish name born by two saints. However, like many names, it may have entered our language from several different sources, including the Native American Choctaw word for ‘leaping waters’.


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Cute and Unique Baby Girl Names

For something as adorable as your baby girl, take a look at our cute and unique girl names:

12. Calista. What could be a cuter name for your gorgeous daughter than this name that comes from the Greek Kallistō, which means ‘most beautiful’?

13. Candace. This unique and cute girls’ name comes from Latin and means ‘pure’ or ‘sincere’, but it’s also mentioned in the New Testament as the name of an ancient dynasty of Ethiopian queens.

14. Filippa. This regal-sounding name is the Greek, Italian, Russian and Swedish spelling of Philippa, the feminine form of Philip – which means ‘lover of horses’. But of course, you don’t have to be a fan of equestrian sports to like the sound of this unique baby name.

15. Gillian. This feminine version of Julian is derived from Julius, the name of a Roman emperor and saint. You can either pronounce it with a hard or soft G. Perhaps you’re familiar with the name from the actress Gillian Anderson.

16. Honor. If you’re a fan of virtue names for girls, Honor is a little more unique than Hope or Grace. You can choose this American spelling of the name or opt for the English spelling, Honour. You may recognise it from the classic actress Honor Blackman.

17. Letitia. In Latin, this pretty girls’ name with a unique vibe means joy or happiness. It’s also the name of a saint revered in Spain. So, if you’d like your little one’s life to be full of good cheer and contentment, then this name could get her off to a wonderful start.

18. Maud. Not only is this baby girls’ name unique and cute, but it’s also strong with its meaning ‘strength in battle.’ It’s also the French and medieval diminutive of the classic name Matilda.

19. Odette. Originating from French, this name is the diminutive of Oda, and means ‘wealthy’. If you’re a ballet fan, you’ll recognise it as the name of the leading character in Swan Lake – but of course, you don’t have to be into theatrical dance to like this cute and unique girls’ name.

20. Phoebe. This name comes from the Greek Phoibos, which means ‘bright’ or ‘radiant’. Phoebe is a name for the moon goddess Artemis in Greek mythology, and there’s even a real moon called Phoebe orbiting the planet of Saturn!

21. Willow. From the name of the graceful tree that has evolved over the ages from the Old English word welig, this unique girls’ moniker could be reminiscent of the tranquillity of willow tree branches swaying gently in the breeze.


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Short and Unique Baby Girl Names

If you’re looking for a short and sweet baby girl name with a unique vibe, these miniature monikers are delightful options:

22. Enya. This unique and serene-sounding girls’ name is the English form of the Irish name Eithne, which means ‘kernel’ or ‘grain’ in Irish. It’s also the name of a saint.

23. Fay. In Middle English, this short and unique girls’ name means ‘fairy’. To make the name a little fancier, you could add an e to the end. Either way, it’s an adorable and unique girls’ name with a cute meaning.

24. Fern. From the word for the plant, the name originally comes from the Old English fearn. It has a wonderfully natural, down-to-earth feel.

25. Flora. Here’s another nature-inspired name which means ‘flower.’ This is the name of the Roman goddess of spring and flowers, making it an adorable choice for a springtime baby girl.

26. Greta. This is a short form of the name Margareta, which is derived from a Greek word meaning pearl. Just imagine calling your little one by this elegant name.

27. Iris. Meaning rainbow in Greek, this short name was also the name of the Greek goddess of rainbows and is the name of a flower. See even more great flower names.

28. Ivy. Named after the beautiful plant that climbs the walls of buildings throughout the UK. This short, sweet and unique girls’ name is derived from the Old English Word ifig.

29. Katya. This is the Irish version of Janet, meaning ‘God is gracious’. In this form, the girls’ name could come across as much more unique.

30. Layla. In Arabic, this beautiful and rare girls’ name means ‘night’. It goes way back – featuring in a set of romantic poems popular in medieval Arabia and Persia – but certainly hasn’t lost any of its charm since then.

31. Maia. This name comes from Greek mythology and means ‘mother’. In Roman mythology, Maia personified the Earth Mother. She was also the goddess of spring, which is why they named the month of May after her. There are several spellings, but Maia is one of the more unique variants.

32. Zelda. This is the short form of Griselda, which comes from the German words gris and hild, means ‘grey’ and ‘battle’ respectively. Although the meaning sounds a bit gloomy, the name itself doesn’t sound dull at all – there’s nothing dreary about a name that starts with the letter Z!

Uncommon Baby Girl Names

If you want to make sure no one else in your child’s class will have your little one’s name, consider one of these:

33. Allegra. This pretty and unique girls’ name means ‘cheerful’ or ‘lively’ in Italian. It’s a beautiful option for a little girl.

34. Catriona. This Gaelic form of Katherine is a very unique choice (outside of Scotland and Ireland), and its melodic lilting sound is sure to turn heads.

35. Christabel. Combining the name Christina with the suffix bel, the name occurs in medieval literature. If you’re having twins, you might consider naming your daughters Christabel and Isabel, as these make a lovely pair.

36. Euphrasia. Meaning ‘good cheer’ in Greek, this might be the perfect name for a new baby who has already brought so much happiness into your life.

37. Fionnuala. From the Irish legend of a girl who was transformed into a swan, Fionnuala means ‘white’ or ‘fair shoulder’ in Irish.

38. Isolde. The roots of this name are uncertain, but in Arthurian legend, Isolde is an Irish princess who due to a love potion falls in love with her king’s knight. Although their story is tragic, this rare girls’ name has a beautiful ring to it.

39. Joelle. Although this is the feminine form of Joel, which in Hebrew means ‘Yahweh is God’, you don’t have to be religious to choose this highly original girls name.

40. Jolene. A name you may recognise from the hugely popular Dolly Parton song of the same name. Jolene was created for the twentieth century by uniting ‘Jo’ and ‘lene’.

41. Nikita. Derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘house’ or ‘habitation’. Its meaning may sound a little plain, but there’s nothing boring about this unique girls’ name!

42. Siobhán. This is the Irish form of Joan, meaning ‘God is gracious’. But this form of the girls’ name is much more unique.

43. Tabitha. This Aramaic name means ‘gazelle’. It also appears in the New Testament.

44. Thaïs. This beautiful and rare girls’ name has Greek roots and means ‘beloved’. It’s also a name of a saint, and has been featured in literature and art, including a famous French opera.

45. Thalia.  In Greek, it means to blossom and flourish. In Greek mythology it’s the name of one of the muses: The goddess of comedy and idyllic poetry, to be precise. So, if you’re hoping your little girl will have a way with words and a great sense of humour this could be an ideal choice.

46. Zaynab. Derived from the Arabic word for ‘beauty’, Zaynab is also the name of a fragrant flowering tree. Highlight your daughter’s natural beauty with this lovely name.

Cool and Unique Baby Girl Names

If you’re looking for something unusual and trendy, then take a look at this list of cool names that are perfect as given names or middle names for baby girls:

47. Avalon. This is the island that legend says King Arthur was brought to upon his death. If you’re a fan of myths and legends, you might consider this unique name for girls.

48. Aviva. The feminine form of the Hebrew name Aviv, which means ‘springtime’. In this feminine form, it sounds very lively and fresh.

49. Danica. This Slavic name means ‘morning star’ or ‘Venus’, which is a pretty image to have when thinking about your daughter.

50. Kiera. This is the English version of the Irish name Ciara, which is based on the masculine name Ciar, meaning ‘black’. Once it was given to babies with a dark hair or complexion, but today it could suit your little one whatever her colouring.

51. Kitty. Whilst Katherine, Kate and Katie are more common and traditional girl name choices, Kitty has a unique and cool edge. Meaning ‘pure’, not only does this endearing name have a feline vibe, but it was also used for one of the Bennet sisters in Pride and Prejudice.

52. Olympia. Meaning ‘from Mount Olympus’ (the home of the Greek gods), this Greek name has a powerful and goddess-like feel to it.

53. Sibyl. From the Greek word meaning ‘prophetess’, Sibyl is an edgy name for your future bookworm. The ancient world featured a number of famous Sibyls.

54. Tatiana. Sounds pretty edgy, doesn’t it? Tatiana is the feminine form of the Roman name Tatianus.

55. Yesenia. This name comes from Jessenia, a type of tree in South America. For a sassy name, consider this one for your baby girl.

56. Zenaida. This is a name derived from the name of the Greek god Zeus. It was also the name of a saint. Your daughter probably won’t meet anyone else in school with this name.

Unique and Powerful Baby Girl Names

Whether you’re looking for a unique girls’ name with a strong and deep meaning, a powerful namesake, or simply one that sounds strong, check out our list below:

57. Aaliyah. This is the feminine form of the Arabic male name Aali, which means high, lofty or exalted – what better name for the little girl whom you worship?

58. Arabella. The roots of this name are debated. It may be a Norman name derived from the word for ‘eagle’, another theory is that it originates from the Latin for ‘yielding to prayer’, while other sources suggest that it’s simply a version of Annabel. Whichever is correct, this name certainly radiates strength and beauty.

59. Ashanti. This is the name of a people residing in southern Ghana. It most likely means warlike in the Twi language, invoking images of strength and power for your daughter.

60. Athena. Athena – daughter of Zeus – was the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare as well as the patron goddess of the capital of Greece. This is a name that’s brimming with courage and strength, so it’s a great choice if these are qualities you’d like in your little one. Check out these other baby names from Greek mythology if this style of name appeals to you.

61. Berenice. The Latinisation of a Greek name that means ‘bringing victory’, Berenice also appears in the New Testament as Bernice. The name is powerful as well as feminine.

62. Devika. In Hindi, this name means little goddess, the perfect name for your little one.

63. Marina. Meaning ‘from the sea’, Marina is perfect for lovers of the water or for your water sign baby (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). This name was also used by Shakespeare for a princess in his play Pericles.

64. Ophelia. From the ancient Greek word for ‘aid’ or ‘benefit’, Ophelia is a beautiful choice for your little helper.

65. Philomena. Derived from the Greek words philos, meaning ‘friend’, and menos, meaning ‘mind, strength or force’, this name is perfect for a friendly, independent girl.

66. Sarai. In Hebrew, this name means ‘my princess’. This was Sara’s original name in the Old Testament. Another terrific option for your little princess.

67. Sinéad.  This is the Irish version of Janet, meaning ‘God is gracious’. In this form, the name could come across as much more unique.

68. Thekla. From ancient Greek, this unusual girls’ name means ‘glory to God’. It was also the name of a saint.

69. Valencia. If you’re looking for a unique Spanish girls’ name, this is the name of a city in both Spain and Venezuela, and it comes from the Latin word valentia which means ‘brave’ or ‘strong’. The name sounds powerful while still sounding feminine and romantic.

More Rare and Unusual Baby Girl Names

In case you still haven’t found the perfect name for your daughter, here are some more unusual baby girl names to consider:

70. Aarti.

71. Agnetha.

72. Aimee.

73. Ainslee.

74. Akari.

75. Aksana.

76. Aldina.

77. Alondra.

78. Amal.

79. Amina

81. Andra.

82. Beatriz.

83. Bellona.

84. Betania.

85. Bora.

86. Branca.

87. Bryony.

88. Cambria.

89. Cecily.

90. Clementine.

91. Coco.

92. Cosima.

93. Dalal.

94. Damira.

95. Darina.

96. Edita.

97. Eudora.

98. Everlee.

99. Galene.

100. Ginevra

101. Graciela.

102. Gyda.

103. Hadassah.

104. Hana.

105. Hester.

106. Ida.

107. Imaan.

108. Inga.

109. Jacira.

110. Jolanthe.

111. Judyta.

112. Kaede.

113. Kamala.

114. Kiraz.

115. Leida.

116. Lesia.

117. Maeva.

118. Maryse.

119. Masami.

120. Nalini.

121. Naoko.

122. Nika.

123. Noam.

124. Odell.

125. Olene.

126. Petula.

127. Piera.

128. Raisa.

129. Reina.

130. Rosanna.

131. Rowena.

132. Rubina.

133. Rupa.

134. Shadi.

135. Shan.

136. Sima.

137. Stefania.

138. Sybil.

139. Tamar.

140. Timea

141. Uzma.

142. Vanna.

143. Vera.

144. Vida.

145. Vinka.

146. Wallis.

147. Wayan.

148. Xenia.

149. Yamuna.

150. Zaria.


There’s a world of rare girl names out there, some of which you can find in our list of 150 unique baby girl names. A few of these include:

  • Athena
  • Filippa
  • Greta
  • Isolde
  • Thalia.

The Bottom Line

Haven’t found the right unique name for your baby girl on our list? Try our Baby Name Generator for even more name inspiration. Or check out our international baby name lists, such as French girl names or Korean baby girl names to gain some inspiration from around the globe.

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