French Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings

Do you want to give your baby girl a name with that special je ne sais quoi? We’ve compiled a list of 71 great French girl’s names to inspire you. As well as the close geographical proximity and shared history between France and the United Kingdom, there are about 149,000 French citizens living in the U.K., and around 170,000 British citizens living in France. Therefore, French names have gained popularity among British families who appreciate the beauty and charm of the French language. Here are some popular choices, as well as old-fashioned classics for you to choose from.

Popular French Girl Names

Here is the list of the top French girl names in France from 2020:

  1. Eléa. The short French form of Eleanor

  2. Lya. Meaning weary, with Hebrew origins

  3. Elyna. From the Greek name Helen, meaning torch.

  4. Anna. With biblical origins, referring to Saint Anna.

  5. Lili. Diminutive of Elisabeth or Elizabeth that could also refer to the flower.

  6. Noémie. Comes from a Hebrew name meaning pleasantness.

  7. Sophia. Meaning wisdom with Greek origins.

  8. Julia. The feminine form of the Roman male name Julius.

  9. Louise. The French feminine form of Louis.

  10. Ella. Another diminutive of Eleanor, which also be related to the German girl’s name Alia.

  11. Éléanor. Derived from the Old French name Alienòr.

  12. Charlotte. This French female version of the name Charles, which is derived from the German name Karl, meaning man.


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Unique French Girl Names

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more unique to bring out your little one’s personality? Check out the following names for some inspiration:

  1. Aliénor. From Aenor, Eleanor of Aquitaine’s birth name.

  2. Aurélie. Meaning golden or gilded.

  3. Benoîte. Meaning blessed in Latin.

  4. Capucine. Meaning the beautiful flower nasturtium in French.

  5. Désirée. French version of the Roman name Desiderata, which means desired in Latin.

  6. Félicité. French version of the Roman name Felicitas, which means fortune in Latin.

  7. Gaëlle. Refers to those who speak Gaelic.

  8. Haydée. French version of Haidee, which likely means modest or reverent in Greek.

  9. Inès. French version of the girl’s name Agnes, spelled in an unusual way.

  10. Joëlle. French female form of the male name Joel, a Hebrew name that means Yahweh is God.

  11. Léontine. Female form of the Greek male name Leontios, which means lion.

  12. Maëlle. French version of the male name Maël, a Celtic word that means prince or chieftain.

  13. Océane. Meaning ocean.

  14. Olympe. French form of the Ancient Greek female name Olympias.

  15. Reine. Meaning queen.

  16. Solène. Derived from the Latin sollemnis, meaning solemn or religious.

Cute and Pretty French Girl Names

The language of love has come up with some very cute names over the years. See if any of the following names capture your little one’s adorable nature:

  1. Chloé. Meaning budding green shoots of plants.

  2. Colette. Variant of the name Nicolette, a diminutive of Nicole.

  3. Coralie. Meaning coral in Latin and Greek.

  4. Cosette. Meaning little thing.

  5. Daphné. The Greek word for laurel.

  6. Élise. From the Hebrew name meaning ‘my God is an oath’.

  7. Léna. Name with French and Hungarian roots.

  8. Lucie. French female form of the male Latin name Lucius.

  9. Manon. A diminutive of Marie.

  10. Noèle. French girl’s version of the boy’s name Noël, meaning Christmas in French.

  11. Sabine. Name with Roman roots that refers to the Sabines, a group of ancient Italians.

  12. Théa. From the Greek work theos, meaning God.

  13. Virginie. Meaning maid or virgin in Latin.

  14. Zoé. French and Hungarian spelling of Zoe, meaning life in Greek.

Beautiful French Girl Names

You’d think the more accents in the name, the more beautiful it becomes.

  1. Alizée. From a French word meaning trade wind.

  2. Amélie. From the Germanic word amal, meaning work.

  3. Angélique. From the Latin word angelicus, meaning angelic.

  4. Béatrice. Meaning voyager in Latin.

  5. Bérénice. Of Greek origin, meaning bringing victory.

  6. Camélia. From the prized flowering shrub often grown in ornamental gardens.

  7. Geneviève. Thought to come from Germanic words meaning kin and wife.

  8. Régine. Meaning queen in Latin.

  9. Séphora. French version of the Hebrew name Zipporah, meaning bird.

  10. Séraphine. Meaning fiery ones in Hebrew.

  11. Yvonne. Likely derived from the male name Ivo, meaning yew in German.

  12. Valérie. Of Latin origin, meaning to be strong.


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Old-Fashioned French Girl Names

Check out the following list if you want to give your daughter a timeless name that harks back to the days of Monet, Renoir and other French masters:

  1. Albertine. Of Germanic origin, meaning noble and bright.

  2. Céline. From the Roman name Caelius, meaning heaven in Latin.

  3. Charlène. French female version of Charles.

  4. Christiane. French and German female version of Christian.

  5. Françoise. From the Latin name Franciscus, meaning Frenchman.

  6. Gabrielle. Meaning ‘God is my strong man’ in Hebrew.

  7. Gisèle. Of Germanic origin, meaning pledge.

  8. Hélène. Of Greek origin, meaning torch or corposant.

  9. Lisette. A diminutive of the popular name Elisabeth.

  10. Martine. Most likely a reference to Mars, the Roman god of war.

  11. Michèle. French female form of Michael, meaning ‘Who is like God’ in Hebrew.

  12. Nathalie. Meaning Christmas Day in Latin.

  13. Renée. From the Latin name Renatus, meaning born again.

  14. Véronique. Meaning true image in Latin.

  15. Violette. Meaning violet in English.

  16. Vivienne. From the Latin name Vivianus, meaning alive.

  17. Yvette. Derived from the male name Ivo like Yvonne.

The Bottom Line

Have you found the best French girls’ name for your daughter on this list? If you still need more name ideas for your little girl, there are plenty of other articles you can check out. Take a look at our international baby names and our unique girl names for more inspiration.

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