Spanish Girl Names and Their Meanings

The romance languages offer some of the most beautiful names out there, and Spanish is no exception. Whether you’re looking to honour your Hispanic heritage – like many of the 206, 000 Spanish nationals that are currently resident in the U.K. – or simply love the beautiful sound of the language, our list of Spanish names for baby girls will give you plenty of inspiration. We’ve broken down the list into popular, unique, cute, beautiful and biblical names to make it easier to pinpoint the theme you’re most interested in.

Common and Popular Spanish Girl Names

Here are 10 of the most popular Spanish girl names loved by parents in the U.K. and the world over:

1. Sofía. Meaning ‘wisdom’ in Greek. 2. Valentina. Meaning ‘strong’, ‘vigorous’ or ‘healthy’. 3. Isabella. Meaning ‘my God is my oath’ in Hebrew. 4. Camila. Meaning ‘priest’s helper’ or ‘religious attendant’. 5. Valeria. Meaning ‘strong’. 6. Mariana. Meaning ‘related to the god Mars’. 7. Gabriela. Meaning ‘God is my strength’. 8. Sara. Meaning ‘lady’, ‘princess’ or ‘noblewoman’. 9. Daniela. Meaning ‘God is my judge’. 10. María José. Meaning ‘drop of the sea’, ‘bitter’ or ‘beloved’.


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Unique Spanish Baby Girl Names

Your little girl is one of a kind, so why not give her a unique name to celebrate this? Check out the following list of rare Spanish girl names for inspiration. 11. Alejandra. Meaning ‘defender of mankind’. 12. Amalia. Meaning ‘work’. 13. América. Meaning ‘home ruler’. 14. Antonia. Meaning either ‘priceless’ or ‘flourishing’. 15. Aurelia. Meaning ‘golden’. 16. Bárbara. Meaning ‘foreign’. 17. Carmen. Meaning ‘song’. 18. Eliana. Meaning ‘sun’. 19. Fernanda. Meaning ‘journey’ and ‘brave’. 20. Leandra. Meaning ‘lion woman’. 21. Lucía. Meaning ‘light’. 22. Maura. Meaning ‘star of the sea’. 23. Narcisa. Meaning ‘daffodil’. 24. Raquel. Meaning ‘ewe’. 25. Renata. Meaning ‘born again’. 26. Xiomara. Meaning ‘battle ready’ or ‘battle famous’. 27. Yolanda. Meaning ‘violet’.

Cute and Pretty Spanish Girl Names

It can be pretty hard to find the perfect name that captures just how adorable your daughter is. Check out the following list and perhaps you’ll get some inspiration from one of these Spanish girl names. 28. Abril. Meaning the month ‘April’ and ‘to open’. 29. Adela. Meaning ‘noble’. 30. Alba. Meaning ‘dawn’. 31. Blanca. Meaning ‘white’ or ‘fair’. 32. Ana. Meaning ‘favoured grace’. 33. Estrella. Meaning ‘star’. 34. Evita. Meaning ‘life’ or ‘breathe’. 35. Francisca. Meaning ‘Frenchman’. 36. Inés. Meaning ‘chaste’. 37. Juana. Meaning ‘God is gracious’. 38. Julia. Meaning ‘supreme god’. 39. Ligia. Meaning ‘clear-voiced’ or ‘shrill’. 40. Luisa. Meaning ‘renowned warrior’. 41. Luz. Meaning ‘light’. 42. Marcia. Meaning ‘dedicated to Mars’. 43. Marta. Meaning ‘the lady’ or ‘the mistress’. 44. Maya. Meaning ‘water’. 45. Mía. Meaning ‘beloved’. 46. Paz. Meaning ‘peace’. 47. Rosa. Meaning ‘rose’.

Beautiful Spanish Girl Names

As it’s such a beautiful language, Spanish has an almost endless range of beautiful names for your daughter. We’ve compiled some of the best below. 48. Ángela. Meaning ‘angel’. 49. Carolina. Meaning ‘warrior’. 50. Cristina. Meaning ‘anointed, Christian’. 51. Esmeralda. Meaning ‘emerald’. 52. Estefanía. Meaning ‘crown’ or ‘garland’. 53. Felicidad. Meaning ‘happiness’. 54. Manuela. Meaning ‘God is with us’. 55. Marcela. Meaning ‘dedicated to Mars’. 56. Micaela. Meaning ‘Who is like God?’. 57. Olivia. Meaning ‘olive’ or ‘olive tree’. 58. Palmira. Meaning ‘pilgrim’ and ‘palm tree’. 59. Paloma. Meaning ‘dove’. 60. Patricia. Meaning ‘noble one’. 61. Paulina. Meaning ‘the little’. 62. Rafaela. Meaning ‘God heals’. 63. Ramona. Meaning ‘advice’ and ‘protector’. 64. Reina. Meaning ‘queen’. 65. Viviana. Meaning ‘alive’.


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Old-Fashioned and Biblical Spanish Girl Names

You can’t go wrong with a classic! Biblical names can also provide great inspiration for your daughter’s name. 66. Abigaíl. Meaning ‘my father is joy’. 67. Ascensión. Meaning ‘ascension’. 68. Asunción. Refers to the Virgin Mary’s assumption into heaven. 69. Belén. Meaning ‘house of bread’. 70. Débora. Meaning ‘bee’. 71. Dolores. Meaning ‘sorrow’. 72. Dominga. Meaning ‘of the lord’. 73. Gloria. Meaning ‘glory’. 74. Guadalupe. Meaning ‘wolf valley’. 75. Itziar. Meaning ‘old stone’. 76. Jacinta. Meaning ‘hyacinth’. 77. Josefina. Meaning ‘he will add’ or ‘God will multiply’/ 78. Leticia. Meaning ‘joy’ and ‘happiness’. 79. María. Meaning ‘sea of bitterness’. 80. Milagros. Meaning ‘miracles’. 81. Rosario. Meaning ‘rosary’. 82. Teresa. Meaning ‘summer’ or ‘to harvest’. 83. Verónica. Meaning ‘true image’. 84. Vicenta. Meaning ‘to conquer’. 85. Zoraida. Meaning ‘dawn or enchanting’.

The Bottom Line

Found any potential contenders for your little one’s name on this list of Spanish girl names? We know the decision can be a little overwhelming at times. Don’t worry if you haven’t found the perfect name yet, there are plenty more out there! Check out our list of international baby names and French girl names for some more exotic inspiration. Our Baby Name Generator can also help you find the perfect name for your little girl. Search thousands of names using filters like first letter and theme to narrow down names more easily.

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