Unique Gender-Neutral Names for Your Baby

Whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl, gender-neutral baby names have become increasingly popular over the past decade. Perhaps you don’t know the sex of the baby yet, but you still want to think about names, or you may want to find a creative name that lies outside the gender box. From the classics to trending names, read on to find out all about gender-neutral baby names and their meanings to get inspired.

Popular Unisex Baby Names

Want your baby to be in keeping with the times? Take a look at the following popular gender-neutral names for inspiration: 1. Noah. From the Hebrew for ’rest, repose’, Noah is also a Biblical name taken from the story of Noah and the Ark. Noah has been gaining in popularity since the early 1990s and was the fourth most popular boys name in 2020. 2. James. Of Latin and Hebrew origin, James was the name of two apostles in the New Testament. It’s also been the name of many English and Scottish kings. To put a gender-neutral twist on this baby name, consider some fun variant spellings, such as Jaymes or Jaemes. 3. Evelyn. When this name was used as a first name in the seventeenth century, it was actually a boy’s name. Today it’s more common for girls to sport the name Evelyn, making it the classic gender-neutral name with a vintage appeal. 4. Harper. If you’re looking for a literary name, consider Harper, as in Harper Lee, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird. Although not a new name, Harper had a recent spike in popularity, making it one of the more modern gender-neutral names. 5. Michael. While the name Michael is more commonly used for boys, various spellings of this classic name, such as Mikel or Mykel, have been used as gender-neutral options. In Hebrew, Michael means ’who is like God’. You may also opt to use the feminine form of Michael, Micaela. 6. Logan. Derived from a Scottish surname local to Ayrshire meaning ’little hollow’, Logan has grown in popularity in the English-speaking world as a gender-neutral name since the end of the twentieth century. 7. Avery. While you might not recognise this name from any of the kings you learned about in history lessons, it’s derived from the Old English for ‘ruler of the elves’. It’s not only an interesting royal choice for boys but also increasingly popular for girls, making it a great unisex option. 8. Madison. Similarly to Evelyn, Madison started out as a boy’s name which gained popularity as a girl’s name over time. Madison originated as an English surname, meaning ’son of Matthew’. It rose to popularity as a girl’s name following the 1984 release of the movie Splash, in which the main character is named after New York’s Madison Avenue sign. 9. Riley. Of Irish origin meaning ’rye clearing, courageous’, Riley was originally used as both an English and Irish surname. Riley is a highly trendy name for girls at the moment, and is still going strong for boys. Other spelling variants include Rylee, Ryleigh and Reilly. 10. Jayden. From the Hebrew for ’thankful’, Jayden is one of the many boys’ names to be used as a girl’s name in recent times. You could always shorten the name to Jade or Jada.


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Unique Unisex Baby Names

If you want to help your child stand out from the crowd, you might like to go with a more unusual unisex name. Have a look through these names to help you get some ideas. 11. Ainsley. Originally a surname, this unisex name starts out as the names of two towns in England. The word itself comes from the Old English for ’solitary’ and ’woodland’. As a name inspired by nature, it’s a great choice if you’re a nature lover. You may also recognise the name from English TV chef Ainsley Harriott. 12. Arden. Many gender-neutral names actually come from surnames, which eventually became first names. Arden is also often found as a place name, which has Celtic roots, meaning ‘valley of the eagle, high'. 13. Dakota. From the name of the Native American people of the northern Mississippi Valley and the two states named after them: North and South Dakota. The name Dakota means ’allies, friends’ in the Dakota language. 14. Finlay. Finlay originates from Scotland, coming from the Gaelic for ‘fair-haired warrior or hero’. This name could be a great way of honouring your Scots ancestry, but then again you don’t have to be of Scottish descent (or even have a blond-haired child) to name your son or daughter Finlay if you like the sound of it. 15. Hayden. Originating from an English surname meaning ’hay valley’, Hayden has gone from a formerly obscure name to a highly popular name for both girls and boys. It gained in popularity at the end of the twentieth century due to the sound it shared with other trendy names of the time, such as Braden and Aiden. 16. Lennox. Derived from a Scottish surname based on the name of a Scottish district called Leamhnachd. In Gaelic, Lennox is purported to mean ’place of elms’. It rose to popularity in the 2000s as a rare gender-neutral name. 17. Lindsey. Meaning ’Marshlands of Lincolnshire’ in Old English, Lindsey started out as a surname before being popularised as a boy’s name in the 1960s and a girl’s name in the 1970s. Today, it’s used more often for girls but is still a unisex name. 18. Robin. Short for Robert, the name Robin means ’bright fame', but could also relate to the red-breasted bird. It’s been a gender-neutral option in the United Kingdom for quite some time. You might find it interesting to know that it’s one of the most common unisex names in the Netherlands. 19. Rowan. From the Anglicised version of the Irish surname O Ruadhain, meaning ’descendant of Ruadhan’. It’s also the name of a tree, so it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a nature-inspired name that’s also gender-neutral. 20. Sloan. The gender-neutral version of the girls’ name Sloane, derived from the Anglicised version of the Irish surname Ó Sluaghadháin. Sloane could be a great unique name for your little one!


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More Unique Unisex Baby Names

Looking for more inspiration for one-of-a-kind names for your baby? Check out the following suggestions.


21.AdairOld EnglishWealth, fortune
22.AverillOld EnglishBattle
23.BlytheOld EnglishCheerful
24.BronteGaelicBestower, thunder
26.ChandlerOld FrenchCandle seller
27.KelceyOld EnglishIsland
29.PeytonOld EnglishUnknown meaning
30.SinclairNorman FrenchClear, bright, famous



Cute Unisex Baby Names

Your baby is undoubtedly the apple of your eye. Why not highlight their adorable nature with a cute gender-neutral name to match? 31. Alexis. Adopted from the Old French Adelais, a version of the Germanic Adelheidis. Alexis means ‘noble and light’. It could be a great option if you’re looking for a French name for your baby girl or baby boy. 32. Angel. From the medieval Latin name Angelus and the Greek name Angelos, both meaning ‘messenger’. A popular traditionally masculine name in the Latino community, Angel is growing in popularity as a girl’s name. 33. Briar. This name comes from the English word for a thorny plant, like a rose. Briar is a modern name that emerged in the 2010s and has been unisex since its origin. 34. Kirby. Derived from an English surname that was originally a place name meaning ‘church settlement’ in Old Norse. Fun fact: John Wayne played five characters with the first or second name of Kirby. 35. Madhu. Meaning ‘sweet, honey’ in Sanskrit, could there be a more perfect name for your adorable baby? It is another word for Chaitra, the first month of the Hindu year, which occurs in March and April. 36. Marley. From the Old English for ‘pleasant seaside meadow’, the name Marley has risen to popularity as a unisex name in recent years. You may be familiar with Marley as the surname of Reggae master Bob Marley. Other spellings include Marlee and Marely. 37. Morgan. Meaning ‘sea circle’ in Old Welsh, Morgan started out as a masculine name. It has gained in popularity as a unisex name in recent decades, and is now more commonly used for girls than boys. 38. River. Although River is a name often given to boys, it has jumped up the rankings as a girl's name in the past couple of years, so there are a few little ladies called River running around. Maybe you imagine your little one growing up to become a free spirit, River is a good name for someone who'll go with the flow. 39. Skyler. This cute gender-neutral name is a variant of the Dutch surname Schuyler, meaning ‘scholar’. If you think your baby may just be the next Einstein, perhaps this could be a great option! 40. Taylor. From an English surname originally used to denote someone who was a tailor, in modern times Taylor is used for both girls and boys. In England and Wales, Taylor remains a slightly more popular choice for boys than girls.

More Cute Unisex Baby Names

If you’re looking for a little more cuteness, we’ve got you covered with even more adorable baby names.


41.AddisonEnglishFrom Adam, man
42.ArlieEnglishUnknown meaning
43.BillieGermanicDesire, protection
44.CatGreekPure, cat
45.    EmeryGermanicUniversal ruler
46.IndigoGreekPurple-blue colour, from India
47.JewellOld FrenchGenerous
48.PresleyOld EnglishPriest, clearing
49.RaleighOld EnglishRoe deer clearing
50.RickiGermanicBrave ruler


Cool and Vintage Unisex Baby Names

You may be looking for a name that is not only gender fluid, but has a cool twist to it. In that case check out these cool gender-neutral baby names. 51. Ariel. Meaning ‘lion of God’, Ariel is a great choice if you’re interest in biblical names. You may also recognise it as the name of the Little Mermaid if you’re a Disney fan! 52. Ashley. Originally a surname, Ashley means ‘ash tree clearing’ in Old English. Rising to peak popularity in the 1990s, Ashley remains a popular name for girls and boys. Variant spellings include Ashlee or Ashleigh. 53. Aubrey. The Norman French version of the name Alberich, which also appears on this list. Aubrey was a common boy’s name in the Middle Ages, but by the 1970s it became more popular for girls. However, it’s still considered a unisex name. If you’re having boy and girl twins, you could always opt for twin baby name pairings like Aubrey paired with Audrey for double the trouble. 54. Bryn. Meaning ‘hill or mound’ in Welsh, Bryn is a rare and unique unisex choice for your little one. While used almost exclusively as a masculine name in Wales, it’s a unisex name elsewhere in the English-speaking world. 55. Cameron. Derived from a Scottish surname meaning ‘crooked nose’ from the Gaelic cam ‘crooked’ and sròn ‘nose’. While mainly used as a given name for boys, Cameron experienced a peak in popularity as a girl’s name in the second half of the 1990s, likely due to actress Cameron Diaz. 56. Carey. From the Irish surname O Ciardha, meaning ‘descendant of Ciardha’. If you’re a fan of 1970s vintage, this unisex name is the perfect choice for you, as it was quite popular for both genders during this era. 57. Courtney. Meaning ‘courteous, from the court’, Courtney was originally an aristocratic English surname. Nowadays, this common unisex name has many variant spellings, including Cortney, Kortney and Kourtney. 58. Hunter. The name Hunter started out as an occupation-based surname for a hunter, based on the Old English word hunta. Although more commonly a boy’s name, Hunter is a gender-neutral option in modern times. 59. Jordan. From the Hebrew name meaning ‘flowing down’. The name was originally given to those baptised in holy water brought back by Crusaders from the River Jordan, making it a great option if you’re looking for an adorable baby name with a biblical meaning. 60. Whitney. This name, which has become a popular girl’s name, but can be used for boys too, means ‘white island’ in Old English. You may also recognise it as the name of singer Whitney Houston.

More Cool and Vintage Unisex Baby Names

A cool classic will never go out of fashion. Keep the cool and vintage vibes going with the following gender-neutral names:


61.BaileyMiddle EnglishBailiff
62.BrookEnglishLives near a brook
63.DarcyFrenchFrom the town of Arcy, France
64.GreerScottishWatchful, alert
65.HollisMiddle EnglishHolly trees
66.KendallEnglishValley on the River Kent (in England)
68.LondonEnglishThe city of London
69.MonroeScottishFrom the River Roe (in Northern Ireland)
70.TobyHebrewYahweh (God) is good


Pretty Unisex Baby Names

If you’re looking for a name that’s music to your ears, you may be a fan of some of the pretty gender-neutral baby names listed below. The names have either sound pretty or have a beautiful meaning (featuring some that have both). 71. Casey. Of Irish origin, Casey means ‘brave in battle’. This name also honours Casey Jones (1863-1900), a train engineer who sacrificed his life to save his passengers. It’s hard to find a more poignant backstory to a name. 72. Cassidy. From the Anglicised version of the Irish surname Ó Caiside. Cassidy was very rarely used as a first name before the 1970s, and rose to popularity during the 1990s. 73. Cedar. This name has strong roots in nature, and it's perfect for a boy or girl who you want to grow to be strong like a cedar tree. It originates from the Greek word kedros, which refers to the beautiful coniferous tree with its calming aroma. 74. Cheyenne. Derived from the Dakota Native American language, this gender-neutral name may mean ‘red speakers’ and is the name of another group of Native Americans. This name is also the capital city of the state of Wyoming. It’s been used as a given name since the 1950s. 75. Coby. If you’re a fan of the name Jacob but want a unisex version that sounds beautiful, Coby could be a wonderful choice. As a diminutive of Jacob, Coby also means ‘may God protect’. 76. Jaime. Of Spanish origin, Jaime is another version of Jamie that rose to popularity as a nickname in the 1970s. To add a sweet touch, you can also think of it as a variation of the French for ‘I love you’: J’aime. 77. Leslie. From Scottish origin meaning ‘garden of holly’, this Scottish place name and surname was primarily used by boys until the mid-1940s. In the UK, Leslie is predominantly the masculine spelling, whereas Lesley is widely used for girls. 78. Rory. If you’re looking for a unique cute name that’s also unisex, Rory is perfect. It’s the English form of Ruaidhrí, the Irish name meaning ‘red king’. Rory is more commonly a masculine name in the UK, making a unique choice for your little girl with a royal touch. 79. Shelby. Taken from the English surname Selby, Shelby started off as a rare boy’s name. Nowadays, while the name is used for both girls and boys, it’s most commonly associated with girls. 80. Sidney. Meaning ‘Saint Denis’ in French, Sidney is a lovely choice for your little one. Sidney is the more traditional form, primarily used as a girl’s name throughout history. Sydney is arguably the more fashionable form at present.

More Pretty Unisex Baby Names

With so many beautiful names out there, it can be hard to come to a final decision on what to call your baby. Here are a few more pretty names to ponder.


81.BellamyOld FrenchBeautiful friend
82.BlessingOld EnglishBlessing
83.DarbyOld NorseDeer town
84.EmersonGermanicUniversal ruler
85.GarnetGermanicGuard, protect
86.HavenOld EnglishHaven, safe place
87.PurdieNorman FrenchBy God
88.RaineFrenchQueen, rain, reign
89.ShayeIrishEsteemed, majestic


Short Unisex Baby Names

Sometimes, short and sweet does the trick. Keep things to the point by selecting one of the following unisex names for your little one. 91. Beau. This name is French for ‘beautiful’ and has been used as a common given name since the middle of the twentieth century. Popular in many countries, it is rare in France. Although the form is masculine in French grammar, the name may also be used for girls. It’s the perfect name for a beautiful baby of either gender. 92. Brett. From the Old English name ‘breton’ or ‘bretagne’, someone from the French region of Brittany and the language spoken there. This short and snappy name is a top choice for a baby boy or girl name starting with B. 93. Bryce. From the Gaelic word meaning ‘speckled, freckled’, Bryce has recently rose in popularity as a unisex version of Bruce. 94. Dale. Meaning ‘valley’, this light and breezy nature name was consistently unisex until about the 1970s when it became less popular for girls. Today, it’s rarely used at all, so it’s both a unique and vintage option for a unisex baby name. 95. Gael. While the origin of this name is not entirely known, it is purported to be of Breton origin meaning ‘Gaelic’. In recent years, the spelling variant Gail has become less popular as a girl’s name, yet risen in popularity as a boy’s name. 96. Jody. Likely derived from Judy or Joseph, Jody became a popular unisex choice in the 1940s. If you’re a fan of everything vintage, Jody could be a sweet old-fashioned baby name for your girl or boy. 97. Kim. Kim was at the height of its popularity back in the 1960s, making it a cool vintage choice. Often used as a shortened form of the girl’s name Kimberley, Kim is a very common boy’s name in Vietnam, where it means ‘gold, metal’. 98. Lee. Meaning ‘pasture, meadow’, Lee is a unisex name of English origin. If you’re looking for a different spelling, Leigh could be another option for this short name. 99. Paige. Originally meaning ‘servant’ or ‘page’ in Middle English. Although traditionally used as a given name for girls, Paige is ultimately derived from the Greek word παιδίον, meaning ‘little boy’, making it a fitting choice for either a boy or a girl. 100. Quinn. Quinn can mean either ‘sense, reason’ or ‘head, chief’. If your little one demonstrates leadership qualities yet a strong sense of rationality, Quinn could be the way to go.

More Short Unisex Baby Names

If none of the above names quite took your fancy, take a look through the list below for more inspiration. Some of these short names would also be great nicknames.


101.DeeEnglishRiver Dee (in Scotland)
102.DellEnglishDell, valley
103.EsmeOld FrenchEsteemed, loved
105.JadeSpanishPrecious jade stone
106.JossGermanicThe Geats, a Germanic tribe
109.SageEnglishSage spice, wise person
110.SydOld EnglishWide island


The Bottom Line

Still looking for inspiration for names? Then check out our Baby Name Generator, whether you’re looking for a name for a boy or girl. Have a browse through names from various origins and themes.

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