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Whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl, gender neutral baby names have become increasingly popular over the past decade. Perhaps you don’t know the sex of the baby yet, but you still want to think about names, or you may want to find a creative name that lies outside the gender box. From the classics to trending names, read on to find out all about gender neutral baby names and their meanings to get inspired. You can also play around a little with our Baby Name Generator to find even more names for your little one.

Classic Gender Neutral Baby Names That Stand the Test of Time

Some names never go out of style, so you can't go wrong with these classic names. You'll find that many gender neutral names come from the diminutive male and female names, which have now evolved into names in their own right.

  • Alex. This name with its origins in Greece comes from the male name Alexander, meaning ‘defending men', but along with the female equivalent Alexandra, when shortened, Alex can be for both boys and girls. Even though it began as a nickname, it's become a standalone name used all over the globe from the UK to Russia and France. You can't go wrong with this timeless name for your baby.

  • Max. This shortened version of Maximillian for boys, and Maxine for girls, is ever popular. Although it comes from Latin male name Maximus, meaning ‘the greatest', the feminine form of the name became popular since the beginning of the 20th century.

  • Charlie. Like other classic gender neutral names, Charlie comes from Charles, a male name from the German Karl, meaning ‘warrior' or ‘man'. Although traditionally a masculine name, it's become a popular nickname for Charlotte or Charlene, but it's become a name in its own right you'll commonly find for both boys and girls.

  • Andy. The diminutive for Andrew, coming from the Greek word for ‘manly', and its feminine equivalent Andrea. Despite meaning ‘manly', Andy is still a popular name for both boys and girls.


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Get Inspired by Unusual Unisex Baby Names

If you want your little one to stand out from the crowd, perhaps you may be interested in a more unusual gender neutral name. Have a look through these names to help you get some ideas.

  • Arden. Many gender neutral names actually come from surnames, which eventually became first names. However, Arden is also often found as a place name, which has Celtic roots, meaning ‘high'.

  • Camden. Traditionally Camden was used as a boy's name, but recently you'll also find girls with this name that means ‘enclosed valley' in Old English.

  • Rusty. Sometimes used as a nickname for someone with red, reddish-brown hair, this colourful name is a creative choice for both boys and girls. Maybe your little one is born with a mane of red hair or you simply love autumnal, rusty colours.

  • Sage. This gender neutral name has botanical connotations, thanks to the herbal plant of the same name, but it can also refer to a wise person. Maybe your baby will grow up to love plants or be that sage person friends turn to for wisdom?

  • Wren. Meaning a ‘small song bird' in Old English, Wren was once more common as a girl's name, but you'll find more boys with this avian name.

Trending Gender Neutral Names

Do you want to know which gender neutral names are currently trending in 2018 according to baby name portal Nameberry? Then check out five popular names you can use for both boys and girls.

  • Quincy. Like many gender neutral names, Quincy is a surname that comes from a place name. It became a first name used for boys before trending as a gender neutral name.

  • Remi. Once a French boy's name meaning a person who is an oarsmen, Remi has gained popularity as a girl's.

  • Winter. The meaning for this seasonal word is still used in every language, but like other names for the seasons, like Summer and Autumn, it's also a nice name for your baby. However, unlike Summer and Autumn, Winter is popular for both boys and girls. Maybe you're expecting your baby in the winter months – could be a fun idea to name your boy or girl after the season he or she was born in.

  • Ellis. This name has two origins: one from English and one from Welsh. The English name was a surname deriving from the Biblical name Elijah, whereas the Welsh version is an Anglicised form for Elisedd, an ancient Celtic word meaning ‘kind'.

  • Briar. This name comes from the English word for a thorny plant, like a rose.

Vintage Unisex Baby Names Capturing an Old World

Are you looking for a classic, old-school name that is making a come-back with its vintage charm? Then see this list of gender neutral names with an old world appeal.

  • Evelyn. When this name was used as a first name in the 17th century, it was actually a boy’s name. Today it’s more common for girls to sport the name Evelyn, making it the classic gender neutral name with a vintage appeal.

  • Kelsey. This name digs its roots into Lincolnshire, first as a place name, then as a surname and finally a name which now is used for both boys and girls. It comes from the Old English word ‘Cenel’s Island’, meaning ‘fierce island’.

  • Raleigh. This name means ‘red clearing’ or ‘roe deer clearing’ in Old English.

  • Whitney. This name, which has become a popular girl’s name, but can be used for boys too, means ‘white island’ in Old English.

  • Meredith. Coming from the Welsh name Maredudd or Meredydd, which means ‘great lord’ or ‘sea lord’. Despite its masculine origins, since the 1920s it’s been used as a girl’s name in English speaking countries, but it’s still a common name for boys in Wales. Perhaps your family has Welsh roots and you want to pay homage to that, or you just like the name.

Try These Cool Unisex Baby Names

You may be looking for a name that is not only gender fluid, but has a cool twist to it. In that case check out these cool gender neutral baby names.

  • Bailey. This name means bailiff in Middle English, and was actually a surname used for people who worked in the trade. Today, it's a cool name that is used for both boys and girls.

  • Jules. This diminutive form for Julian and Julia has gained a cool reputation over the past few years, and has become a name in its own right. It's also a French boy's name that comes from Julius.

  • Micah. Although Micah is traditionally a male name, from one of the 12 minor prophets of the Old Testament of the Bible, it's used as a girl's, probably with origins as a nickname for Michaela.

  • Kyle. Coming from the Gaelic word ‘caol', meaning ‘strait', Kyle may traditionally be a boy's name, but it's on the rise as a girl's name.

  • River. Although this is a name often given to boys, River has jumped up the rankings as a girl's name in the past couple of years, so there are a few little ladies called River running around. Maybe you imagine your little one growing up to become a free spirit, River is a good name for someone who'll go with the flow.

Still looking for inspiration for names? Then check out our Baby Name Generator, whether you’re looking for a name for a boy or girl. Have a browse through names from various origins and themes.

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