Top 170 Greek Girl Names and Their Meanings

Greek girl names are typically derived from Greek mythology and history, with many names being associated with goddesses or famous women, but there are also plenty of modern equivalents to choose from. If you have Greek heritage or you simply love the culture with its rich history, art, philosophy and architecture, take a look at our list of popular, unique, pretty and ancient Greek girl names and their meanings, as well as those from Greek mythology.

Popular Greek Girl Names

If you’re interested in the most popular girl names in Greece, we’ve listed the top 10. From traditional to unique, these popular Greek girl names offer something for everyone – and you may even recognise a few of them!

1. Maria. Originally a Hebrew girls’ name, Maria is the Latin version of the biblical name, Mary. It’s the more common spelling in many European languages, whereas Mary continues to be more commonly used in English-speaking nations. 2. Eleni. Greek for Helen, Eleni means ‘torch’ or ‘corposant’ (a ball of light) in Greek. The girls’ name comes straight out of Greek mythology: Helen’s kidnapping by Paris led to the Trojan War. 3. Aikaterini. This is the Greek version of the girls’ name Katherine or Catherine. In Greek, it possibly means ‘each of the two’. In early Christendom, the name became associated with the Greek word katharos, which means ‘pure’. You can also choose to spell it Aikaterine. 4. Vasiliki. This is the female form of the male name Basil, which means ‘king’ in Greek. A cute nickname for Vasiliki is Vasia. 5. Sofia. Meaning ‘wisdom’ in Greek, this girls’ name belonged to an early, mythical saint. Sophia has also been in the top 100 girl names list in the United Kingdom since the 90s – and it’s no wonder, with its sophisticated yet cute vibe and strong meaning. 6. Anastasia. Here we have the female form of the Greek name Anastasios, which means ‘resurrection’, borne by a fourth-century Dalmatian saint. The most famous bearer of this Greek girls’ name was the Russian princess rumoured to have escaped the execution of her family during the Russian Revolution. A cute Greek nickname is Natasa. 7. Georgia. This Greek name for girls is derived from the male option Georgios, or George in English. It’s a grounded name that means ‘farmer’ or ‘earth worker’. 8. Evangelia. This girls’ name stems from the Greek male name Evangelos, which means ‘bringing good news’. The name also denotes angels, who were often depicted as messengers in the Bible. 9. Eirini. If you want a beautiful Greek goddess name for your baby girl, Erini was the name given to the goddess of peace. Therefore, this Greek version of Irene means ‘peace’. 10. Anna. This sweet and popular girls’ name comes from the biblical name Channah, which is used in both the Greek and Latin versions of the Old Testament. It’s a common girls’ name that is originally Hebrew and means ‘favour’ or ‘grace’.


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Unique Greek Girl Names

If you’re looking for a unique baby name for your daughter, keep reading to discover some Greek girl names that make unique and rare choices for your little trendsetter. 11. Alkmini. In Greek this girls’ name means ‘strength’ combined with the meaning ‘moon’ or ‘wrath’. In Greek mythology, Alcmene (the Latin form of the girls’ name) was the mother of Herakles. 12. Domna. This Greek name for girls comes from the Late Roman name Domnus, which is Latin and means ‘lord’ or ‘master’. It may be a good option for your little girl who will surely rule your world. 13. Foteini. This Greek girls’ name is derived from the word for ‘light’ and appears in the New Testament. 14. Haris. Haris is the unisex version of the male name Chares, which in Greek means ‘grace’ or ‘kindness’. You might like this gender-neutral name for your child. 15. Irida. Here we have the Greek variant of the girls’ name Iris, which means ‘rainbow’. Iris was also the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow, which is such a bright and positive meaning for any little girl. 16. Ismini. Also spelt Ismene, this girls’ name means ‘knowledge’ in Greek, and is also found in mythology as the daughter of Jocasta and Oedipus. 17. Kyveli. Although the meaning of this Greek girls’ name isn’t wholly known, it likely means ‘stone’ or ‘hair’. The Latinized spelling of Cybele is more commonly known. Cybele was a Phrygian (modern-day Turkey) goddess of fertility and nature. 18. Nomiki. Meaning ‘relating to the law’, this Greek girls’ name could be a good option if you come from a family with a background in law. 19. Polyxeni. Also spelt Polyxena, this Greek girls’ name means ‘hospitable’. And if you like girl names from Greek mythology, Polyxena was the daughter of Priam and Hecuba and a lover of Achilles. 20. Thekla. This ancient Greek girls’ name means ‘glory of God’. A first-century saint bore this name, and she swore a vow of chastity after hearing Saint Paul speak.

More Unique Greek Girl Names

Did you enjoy those unique Greek girl names? If so, get ready to be inspired by even more:


22.DareiaPossessing goodness
23.EvdokiaTo be well pleased, to be satisfied
25.KallirroiBeautiful flowing
28.ParaskeviPreparation, Friday
29.VenetiaKinfolk, friendly
30.XanthiYellow, fair hair


Ancient Greek Girl Names

Are you a history buff or looking for a meaningful name from Ancient Greece? If you want a beautiful name from Greek mythology for your baby girl or one that belonged to a Greek goddess, then you might enjoy this list of Ancient Greek girl names. 31. Athina. This is the Greek spelling of the girls’ name Athena, who was the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare and the patron of Athens, the capital city of Greece. She was born fully grown by springing out of the head of her father, Zeus. Although the meaning of her name is unknown, certain symbols surround Athena, such as the olive tree and the owl. If you like these symbols of peace and wisdom, you might like Athina, or the more common spelling Athena, for your little goddess. 32. Dafni. The Greek form of Daphne, Dafni simply means ‘laurel’. In Greek mythology, this girls’ name belonged to a nymph who is turned into a laurel tree by her father so that she can be saved from the advances of Apollo. 33. Dimitra. This Greek version of the name Demeter means ‘earth mother’. If you want a Greek goddess name for your little girl, Demeter was the goddess of agriculture. So, you might like this name if you’re a nature-loving family. A nickname option could be Dimi. 34. Kassandra. In Greek mythology, Cassandra was a princess of Troy. The god Apollo gave her the gift of prophecy, but then later cursed her. In Greek, this name is spelt with a K, but feel free to choose the spelling you prefer for your daughter. 35. Kore. Also spelt Cora, this was an epithet used for the Greek goddess Persephone, who later became queen of the underworld. This adorable girls’ name means ‘maiden’ in Greek. 36. Persefoni. You may recognise this name as Persephone, meaning ‘to destroy’ and ‘murder’. Although this name’s meaning isn’t so wholesome, you’ll understand why once you learn that Persephone was the queen of the underworld, having been abducted by Hades, the king of the underworld. 37. Phoibe. Spelt Phoebe outside of Greece, this girls’ name can be found in Greek mythology and means ‘bright’ or ‘pure’. The mythological tale tells of Phoebe, a Titan associated with the moon and her granddaughter who was the moon goddess Artemis. 38. Pinelopi. Here is the Greek spelling of the name Penelope. This sweet Greek girls’ name derives from a type of duck. In mythology, Penelope is the wife of Odysseus. 39. Rhea. Although the meaning isn’t wholly known, this Greek girls’ name likely means ‘to flow’ from the word rheo and ‘ground’ from the word era. Rhea was the name of a Titan and mother of the major Greek gods, including Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades – making this name a powerful choice for your strong little girl. 40. Thaleia. Meaning ‘to blossom’, this girls’ name is the Greek version of Thalia. If you want a delightful baby girls’ name from Greek mythology, Thalia was the Muse of comedy and pastoral poetry, as well as the name of one of the three Graces.

More Ancient Greek Girl Names

From powerful Greek goddesses to magical mythology, keep reading for even more Ancient Greek girl names and their meanings:


42.AglaiaSplendour, beauty
43.ArtemisSafe, butcher
44.AspasiaWelcome, embrace
47.KalliopiBeautiful voice


Traditional Greek Girl Names

If you’re a fan of all things traditional, these Greek names for girls offer classic vintage vibes. You’ll even notice some Greek versions of familiar old-fashioned baby names.

51. Alexandra. This girls’ name is the female form of the name Alexander and is found in Greek mythology as a Mycenaean epithet used for the Greek goddess Hera, wife of Zeus. The name also served as an epithet of Cassandra. It means ‘defending men’. 52. Angela. You’ll find this girls’ name in many languages, not just Greek. It literally means ‘angel’ and derives from the Latin word angelus. Other variants include Angeliki or Angelina. What better name for your little angelic girl? 53. Elisavet. This is how Elizabeth is spelt in Greek. The girls’ name is originally of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘my God is an oath’. 54. Evgenia. The female form of Eugene, which was derived from a Greek word meaning ‘well born’, is a girls’ name that was borne by a third-century saint who escaped persecution by dressing herself as a man. 55. Martha. This girls’ name appears not only in Greek but also in many other languages. It comes from Aramaic and means ‘lady’ or ‘mistress’. 56. Michaela. You guessed it! Michaela is the female version of Michael. It means ‘Who is like God?’, a rhetorical question that implies no one person can be like God. 57. Olympia. Olympia is a strong Greek girls’ name that’s derived from the name of the highest mountain in Greece. According to Greek mythology, Olympus was the home of the gods. 58. Petroula. As the Greek female version of Peter, meaning ‘stone’ in Aramaic, Petroula might be a good traditional option for your little girl. 59. Sara. This girls’ name is not only Greek, but can also be found all around the world. Of Hebrew origin, it means ‘lady’, ‘princess’ or ‘noblewoman’, making it a popular and royal baby name. Sarah is the more traditional spelling, and the biblical Sarah’s name was originally spelt Sarai. 60. Viktoria. This spelling of Victoria is common in Germany, Greece, and Scandinavian countries. It means ‘victory’ in Latin, and is another regal name thanks to Great Britain’s Queen Victoria.


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More Traditional Greek Girl Names

If you enjoyed rolling back the years with those traditional Greek girl names, here are more to help inspire you:


61.AmaliaUnceasing, vigorous, brave
62.AndrianaManly, masculine
63.CharaHappiness, joy
65LouizaFamous in battle
66.MagdaliniOf Magdala
67.OlgaHoly, blessed
68.PavlinaSmall, humble
69.NicoletaVictory of the people


Cool and Modern Greek Girl Names

What about something cool and current for your little girl? These Greek names are trendy, and many are modern versions of traditional and Ancient Greek girl names. They’re great options for cool first names or even middle names for girls!

71. Areti. Also spelt Arete, this Greek name for girls means ‘virtue’, the perfect meaning for your little lady. 72. Avra. This cool girls’ name is the Greek form of the name Aura, which means ‘breeze’ in Latin and Greek. It also connotes the illumination that each person emanates. 73. Charikleia. This option stems from another Greek girls’ name on this list, Charis or Haris. All these names mean ‘grace’ or ‘kindness’ and ‘glory’, which are all wonderful attributes to think about when naming your new little girl. 74. Evridiki. Evridiki is the Greek spelling of Eurydice, meaning ‘wide justice’. In Greek mythology, this girls’ name belongs to Eurydice, the wife of Orpheus. 75. Filippa. You might like this Greek baby girls’ name if your family has equestrian ties. Filippa is the female form of the name Philip, meaning ‘friend of horses’. 76. Irini. A modern Greek spelling of the girls’ name Irene, meaning ‘peace’. The name is originally spelt Eirene or Eirini in Greek. 77. Melpomeni. A variant spelling of the girls’ name Melpomene, this name means ‘to sing’ or ‘celebrate with song’. This was the name of the Greek Muse of tragedy. 78. Theofania. This Greek girls’ name literally translates to ‘manifestation of God’. It can also be spelt Theophania. 79. Xenia. Xenia means ‘hospitality’ in Greek and was first borne by a fifth-century saint. 80. Zoi. A more modern Greek spelling of the name Zoe, which means ‘life’ in Greek, Zoi has cute connotations and celebrates your baby girl entering the world. Historically, the name was used by Greek Jews as a translation of the biblical name Eve.

More Cool and Modern Greek Girl Names

There are so many cool Greek names for girls to choose from that we had to add even more:



82.CharisGrace, kindness, glory
84.EleniTorch, corposant
85.FevroniaPurging, purification
90.ZinoviaLife of Zeus


Beautiful and Powerful Greek Girl Names

If you want your baby girl to embody strength and beauty, these Greek names with powerful meanings and beautiful pronunciations may be just what you’re looking for.

91. Adamantia. In Greek, this beautiful-sounding girls’ name means ‘unconquerable’ and ‘unbreakable’ – what’s more powerful than those meanings? 92. Despoina. This Greek girls’ name belonged to the daughter of the goddess Demeter and god Poseidon. It means ‘mistress’ or ‘lady’, and an alternate spelling is Despina. 93. Freideriki. As the Greek female form of Frederick, this girls’ name means ‘peaceful ruler’ and is derived from an Old German moniker. 94. Giannoula. This Greek girls’ name is derived from another name, Ioanna, which happens to be next on this list. It’s the equivalent of Joanna or Johanna in English. 95. Ioanna. As mentioned above, Ioanna is the Greek equivalent of the girl names Johanna or Joanna, both drawn from the biblical male name John, which means ‘God is gracious’ in Hebrew. A cute nickname for this Greek girls’ name is Nana. 96. Ioulia. You may have guessed that this girls’ name is the Greek version of Julia. The name has Latin roots in the Roman family name Julius, which means ‘downy-bearded’ – not the ideal meaning for a little girl. Still, it’s a beautiful name and Julius was one of the most powerful Roman emperors! 97. Konstantina. The Greek female form of Constantine, this pretty girls’ name exudes power, especially when you think of Constantine the Great, who was the first Roman emperor to adopt Christianity as the empire’s religion. He also moved the capital from Rome to Byzantium, which he renamed Constantinople (present-day Istanbul). 98. Pelagia. This Greek name derives from the word pelagos, which means ‘the sea’. This could be a nice option for your little girl, especially if you’re from a family who loves the ocean. 99. Stella. A diminutive of the Greek girls’ name Styliani, which means ‘pillar’, Stella is also an Italian girls’ name meaning ‘star’. 100. Theano. This Greek girls’ name simply means ‘goddess’ – perfect for your little baby girl.

More Beautiful and Powerful Greek Girl Names

Your little warrior deserves a name as beautiful and powerful as she is, so we’ve got more inspiring Greek girl names for you:


102.EvanthiaBlooming, flowery
104.GiannaGod is gracious
105.IfigeneiaStrong, stout, born
106.KaterinaEach of the two
108.SevastiRespected, venerable
109.StefaniaCrown, wreath
110.TheodosiaGiving to God


Cute and Pretty Greek Girl Names

Do you like short and sweet names? The following Greek girl names are cute and playful for your pretty little lady.

111. Aleka. Looking for a cute diminutive of Alexandra? Aleka could be just the name for your little girl. 112. Demi. The short form of Demetria, this name was made popular by actress Demi Moore and singer Demi Lovato, whose first names are actually Demetria. The pretty girls’ name comes from the Greek goddess Demeter. 113. Evi. Here we have the Greek form of the biblical girls’ names Eve and Eva. Evi is a little more uncommon but with double the cute factor! 114. Korina. You may be more familiar with the Latin spelling of Corinna, but Korina is the Greek version of this pretty girls’ name and derived from the word kore, which means ‘maiden’. The name has been popularly used in literature as early as ancient times. 115. Kiki. This cute diminutive is used for many Greek girl names that begin with the letter K, such as Katarina, Kassandra, or Konstantina. It’s cute and fun for your energetic little one. 116. Lena. Here's a cute diminutive for Greek girl names ending in lena, such as Helena, Magdalena, and Yelena. 117. Liza. You guessed it – this Greek girls’ name is short for Elizabeth. A famous bearer is singer Liza Minnelli. 118. Marika. A diminutive of the name Maria, this pretty girls’ name is common in Greek, Eastern European languages, and Scandinavian languages. 119. Niki. The modern Greek spelling of the girls’ name Nike, Niki means ‘victory’. In Greek mythology, Nike was the goddess of victory. It can also be the short form of Nikol, the Greek spelling of the name Nicole. 120. Vasia. The Greek diminutive of Vasiliki, this pretty Greek girls’ name comes from the male name Basil, or Basileios in Greek, and means ‘king’. It’s a beautiful name with a powerful meaning!

More Cute and Pretty Greek Girl Names

Still searching for an adorable name? Consider these 10 additional pretty Greek girl names:


121.ElliUnknown meaning
123.KetiEach of two
125.LiaWeary, cow
126.MariettaSea of rebelliousness, wished-for child
130.XeniHospitality, foreigner, guest


Even More Greek Names for Baby Girls

And here are even more! Check out the following Greek names for girls:




FAQs at a Glance

There are so many pretty Greek girl names, and we offer 170 beautiful options for you to choose from in our list. Here are just a few pretty names:

  • Demi
  • Evi
  • Korina
  • Liza
  • Vasia
  • Xeni.

The Bottom Line

Did you find what you were looking for amongst our popular, pretty, unique, powerful and modern Greek names for girls? Or perhaps you were inspired by an ancient Greek or mythological girls’ name for your little goddess.

If you’re still deciding, perhaps you’d like to check out our lists of beautiful Indian girl names or some intriguing Korean girl names – the world is your baby name oyster!

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