90 Pretty, Unique and Cute Middle Names for Girls

It can be quite handy having a first name and a middle name – for example, you have two options to choose from as an adult. And as a parent, giving your baby a second name means you don’t have to pick between two favourites. Whether it’s a classy, unique, cute, short or popular middle name you’re looking for, take inspiration from this list of 90 middle names for girls.

How to Choose a Middle Name for Your Baby Girl

You might be wondering how the custom of giving middle names came about. Well, there are a number of reasons middle names have become an accepted and popular practice in many cultures today. Back in the Middle Ages, European families often adopted middle names as a way to give their children both a given name and a saint’s name. Later, the tradition changed and evolved in different ways. At one time, middle names were often the mother’s maiden name. If you were from an aristocratic family, for example, you may have been given multiple middle names to show your high place in society. In certain cultures, the concept of a middle name is uncommon or unheard of. Middle names aren’t used in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. In Spanish-speaking nations, it’s common to give children a compound first name like Maria Dolores. In Africa, a child will receive many first names, each with a specific meaning or purpose, such as conveying the child’s birth order and even the day on which the child was born. With this in mind, feel free to create, follow, or ignore any tradition you like. You can choose one middle name, or several. You can select one that somehow rhymes or matches the first name, or you can pick a middle name that is completely different from the first. A good middle name for your baby girl is one that is meaningful to you and that sounds good when you say it out loud. That’s the real sign that you’ve found the perfect name! Giving your daughter a middle name can also be a great opportunity to

  • honour a beloved family member

  • do something unique and different

  • create a great sounding first name–middle name pairing

  • give more of your favourite names, so you don’t miss out on using one of your top names

  • pick a middle name that’s classy, cute, or pretty.


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Pretty and Cute Middle Names for Girls

If you’re looking for a middle name that’s as cute and pretty as your newborn baby girl will be, choose one of these. And if you need more ideas, check out our list of cute baby names.

  1. Akiko. Depending on the characters (kanji) used, this Japanese girl’s name can mean ‘clear’, ‘crystal’, ‘bright’, ‘autumn’, or ‘child’. So it’s up to you to choose the meaning that suits your little girl the best.

  2. Anika. This Hindi and Bengali name is the feminine form of the male name Anik, which means ‘splendour’ or ‘army’ in Sanskrit. It would make a really cute middle name for your wondrous little girl who’ll surely be a force to be reckoned with.

  3. Cora. The Latin form for the Greek name Kore, which was an epithet for the Greek goddess Persephone. If you like the sound of that, check out some more baby names from Greek mythology. The name didn’t become a given name until it was used in 1826 for a character in James Fenimore Cooper's novel The Last of the Mohicans. A more recent fictional character is Downton Abbey's Cora Crawley, the Countess of Grantham.

  4. Devika. This Hindi name means ‘little goddess’ in Sanskrit. Could there be a more perfect middle name for your baby girl?

  5. Dora. This is the short form for the name Dorothy, Theodora, or Isidora, but it’s a sweet choice as a name in its own right too.

  6. Elsa. The short form of the German and Dutch name Elisabeth. Fans of a certain animated film may really love this option.

  7. Gina. It’s the short version for the girls’ names Georgina, Regina, Luigina, Virginia and Eugenia. You might like the short form best for a middle name, especially if you’ve chosen a longer first name.

  8. Keri. This is the feminine form of the name Kerry, which is the name of an Irish county. This unique spelling is appealing.

  9. Lulu. This name is a diminutive for names that begin with Lu, such as Luisa. As a Middle Eastern name, Lulu means ‘pearls’ in Arabic. It’s the perfect middle name for a baby girl who will be as precious as a pearl.

  10. Macy. This name is based on an English surname that originated from a French town named Massy. The name itself sounds very pretty and feminine.

  11. Molly. This name used to be a diminutive of Mary, but it’s now a common name in its own right. If you’re a fan of literature, think of Molly Bloom in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses.

  12. Nina. This name is the short form for names that end in nina, such as Janina or Antonina. The name also has Russian origins. And in Spanish it means ‘little girl’ – what a perfect middle name!

  13. Rina. This Japanese girl’s name has different meanings depending on the kanji. It can mean ‘white jasmine’, ‘village’ or ‘vegetables’. We recommend the first meaning!

  14. Thea. Short for Dorothea or Theodora, Thea would make a unique middle name that stands out from the pack.

  15. Zinnia. This flower name would make a pretty middle name for a little girl, especially if you’re a nature lover.

Unique Middle Names for Girls

If you’ve chosen a classic first name for your daughter, you may decide on a unique middle name that’s edgy, unusual, or melodic. Read on for some great options, and if you need some more inspiration, see our separate list of 69 unique baby girl names.

  1. Afua. Following the African tradition of naming children after the day they were born, this girl’s name literally means ‘born on Friday’ in the Akan language used in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. It would make a unique middle name, especially if your daughter happens to be born on Friday.

  2. Alma. Derived from the Latin word for ‘nourishing’, the name Alma also means ‘soul’ in Spanish or young woman in Hebrew. It would make a very pretty middle name for a baby girl.

  3. Beverly. Originally a surname derived from the Yorkshire town of Beverley, the name came into use as a male name in the 19th century but is now considered a unisex name.

  4. Blanca. This girl’s name is the Spanish and Catalan form of Blanche, which in French means white or fair. What a sweet middle name for your fair little maiden!

  5. Bronwyn. This name is a variant of the Welsh name Bronwen, which means ‘fair’ and ‘blessed’. Choose this and your daughter will be blessed with a classic and refined middle name.

  6. Calla. The name of a popular lily, the name Calla is of both Latin and Greek origin. In Greek it means ‘beauty’. Enough said!

  7. Chanda. In Hindi, this name means ‘fiery’ and ‘passionate’. What a perfect name for a determined little girl! The name is often given to boys and girls. It’s an epithet of the Hindu goddess Durga.

  8. Damaris. In Greek, the name means ‘calf’. The name also appears in the New Testament. Even if the meaning is not that interesting, the melodic sound of the name could make it a great choice.

  9. Elaina. A variant of Elaine, which originates from Old French form of Helen, Elaine also features in the legend of King Arthur.

  10. Felicia. It’s the feminine form of Felix and has Latin origins. Felicia may mean ‘lucky’ or ‘successful’ in Latin. If you like the meaning, another option is the name Felicity.

  11. Frida. Derived from a German word that means ‘peace’, this name also has Scandinavian origins. It can also be spelled Freida. The renowned Mexican painter Frida Kahlo bore this name.

  12. Georgia. A feminine form of George, you may also know it as the name of the US state Georgia, which was named after King George II. Another option if you like the sound of this name is Georgina.

  13. Ivanna. The feminine form of Ivan, the name Ivanna is of Slavic origin and is derived from the Greek Ioannes, a form of John. Other options are Yvonna or Yvonne.

  14. Sekai. For the Shona people from Zimbabwe, this girl’s name means ‘laugh’. Choose this joyful name for a little girl who’ll always be giggling.

  15. Tokunbo. A name used by the Yoruba people of Nigeria, it means ‘returned from abroad’. It’s a unisex name often given to children who are born outside of their home nation, who then return home. It would make a unique middle name if that was the case with your daughter.

  16. Yadira. This Latin American name became popular in Mexico in the 1940s after Colombian actress Yadira Jiménez, who starred in many Mexican films. The meaning of the name is a mystery, but many believe it has Arabic roots.

Short One Syllable Middle Names for Girls

If you’ve decided to give your daughter a longer, more traditional first name, you may want to opt for a short middle name that sounds nice together with her first name. Read on for some great one syllable middle name ideas:

  1. Anne. As the French form of Anna, it became popular in the 16th century and has remained a firm favourite ever since. Variant spellings include Ann, if you’d like to make it even shorter.

  2. Blaire. This name is an alternative form of Blair, which is from a Scottish surname that is derived from the Gaelic word for ‘field’.

  3. Bree. This is the English form of the Irish name Brígh, which means ‘power’. Bree can also be the nickname for Brianna or Gabriella. If you hope your daughter grows up to be a powerful woman, consider going with Bree.

  4. Brooke. A variant of the name Brook, which was used as an English surname by those who lived near a brook. Famous bearers of this name include the American actress Brooke Shields.

  5. Claire. Originating from the name Clara, which means ‘clear’ or ‘bright’, Claire would make a nice middle name. The name was originally spelled Clare, so it’s up to you which spelling you go with.

  6. Dawn. The name Dawn comes from the Old English word dagung. It’s a great middle name for a girl that marks the beginning of twilight, just before sunrise. Dawn connotes new beginnings and the possibility that the day ahead promises. What a lovely sentiment to add to your baby’s name.

  7. Eve. From the Hebrew word that means either ‘to breathe’ or ‘to live’, Eve was the name of the first woman mentioned in the Old Testament. A more common variant of the name is Eva. Both variants became popular in the 19th century.

  8. Faith. Literally meaning ‘to trust’, the name Faith became popular during Puritan times since this was considered one of the most important virtues of that period.

  9. Grace. From the Latin word gratia, this name was widely used in Puritan times. It also has a Hollywood connection – just think of the actress Grace Kelly.

  10. Hope. Another name that became popular in Puritan times. Hope is a pretty middle name for a girl who will be filling your world with hope and joy.

  11. Jun. This Japanese girl’s name (with a pronunciation similar to June) can mean ‘pure’ or ‘clean’. It would make a unique and very short middle name for your daughter.

  12. Lynn. Derived from an English surname that came from the Welsh word for lake, Lynn was once mainly a boy’s name, but it’s now more common for girls. It can also be the nickname for Linda.

  13. Luz. In Spanish this girl’s name means ‘light’. It’s the perfect name for a baby girl who brings light into your life.

  14. Paige. This name, originally a surname meaning ‘servant’ or ‘page’ in Middle English is derived from the Greek for ‘little boy’. These days, however, it’s often used for girls. The name itself is short, cute, and sweet.

  15. Pearl. The term for the gemstone that forms inside the shell of an oyster, this name comes from the Latin word perla. It’s been used as a given name since the 19th century. It’s also interesting to know that pearl is the birthstone for June, in case that’s when your baby is due. Pearls supposedly impart health and wealth, so having it as part of your baby’s name can be considered a plus!

  16. Rose. Before this name became associated with the flower, it was a Norman and Germanic name that meant ‘famous type’. If you hope your daughter will be famous one day and as pretty as a rose, this could be a great choice of middle name for your baby girl.

  17. Ruth. In Hebrew this name means ‘friend’. The name can also be found in the Old Testament. Ruth was an ancestor of King David. If you’re looking for a kind and friendly name with a biblical background, Ruth could be a good choice.

  18. Sloane. Originally an Irish surname that was itself derived from the given name Sluaghadhan, which means raid, the name Sloane has a very classy ring to it despite its militant meaning.

  19. Starr. A variation on the name Star, Starr is derived from the Old English steorra and invokes the beauty of the celestial bodies burning brightly in the night sky. It’s a beautiful name just for its meaning. You could also choose the variant Starla or the Latin form Stella.

  20. Zhen. Depending on the Chinese characters, this girl’s name can mean ‘precious’, ‘genuine’ or ‘virtuous’ – all of which are great meanings for your little angel.

Most Common and Popular Middle Names for Girls

If you’re looking for common and popular names for girls, all the names in this section were among the top 100 girl baby names in England and Wales in 2021. Any of these would make a good middle name, especially if you’d like to offer your daughter the option of a popular middle name that she might like to use instead of her less common first name when she grows up.

  1. Abigail. From the Hebrew for ‘father of joy’, Abigail was popular during the Reformation, and then went out of fashion before being revived in the 20th century.

  2. Amelia. A variant of Amalia, this name was popular in the 18th century, and has returned to popularity again.

  3. Aria. Opera fans, this one’s for you! In Italian, aria means ‘air’ but often refers to a solo song performed in operas. This name only gained popularity as an English name in the 20th century. The Persian variant, spelled Arya, means ‘noble’.

  4. Ava. In Persian, this name means ‘voice’ or ‘sound’. As an English name it’s a variant of Eve. This name came into fashion in the early 2000s and remains a popular choice today – in 2021 it was the 4th most popular name for new baby girls in England and Wales.

  5. Charlotte. The feminine form of Charles, this name became popular in the 19th century after the English author Charlotte Brontë. Certain royals also bear this name.

  6. Elizabeth. Derived from the Greek form of the Hebrew name that means my God is an oath. Both the Old and New Testaments feature Elizabeth. It spread throughout eastern Europe in the 12th century before becoming prominent in western Europe in the 16th century after Elizabeth I. It continues to be a popular royal name.

  7. Ella. Stemming from the German name Alia, which was derived from the German word alja, meaning ‘other’, Ella became popular in the 14th century, and again in the 19th century. The Singer Ella Fitzgerald also helped popularise it.

  8. Emily. This is the feminine form of Emil, which rose to prominence in the 18th century and then again in the 20th century. Famous bearers include author Emily Brontë and poet Emily Dickinson.

  9. Emma. Arriving in the English language from German, Emma became popular in England after the Normans. Jane Austen used the name for the central character in her novel Emma.

  10. Evelyn. Originally a boy’s name, Evelyn became an accepted choice for girls after the publication of Fanny Burney’s 18th century novel Evelina. It’s derived from the name Aveline, which is another unique option for you.

  11. Harper. Another unisex name, Harper stems from an English surname that refers to a harpist, either a player or maker of harps. To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee was a famous bearer of the name.

  12. Isabella. As the Latin version of Isabel, this name has been used by many royals. It has been in the top 100 baby girl names in England and Wales consistently since the turn of the Millennium.

  13. Luna. In Latin, the word luna means moon. Luna was also the Roman goddess of the moon, often depicted with a chariot in the sky. It’s a pretty cool celestial name.

  14. Mia. In Scandinavian, Dutch, and German languages, this name is a diminutive of the name Maria. In Italian the word mia happens to mean ‘mine’ – what an adorable middle name for a little girl you never want to let go of!

  15. Mila. Mila is a diminutive form of the Slavic names that contain the word milu, which means ‘gracious’. A really sweet meaning for a little girl.

  16. Olivia. Used for a character in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the name Olivia has two origin stories and is either based on the female name Oliva or the male name Oliver. No matter the origin, it became very popular in the 20th century – it tops the list of girl names for new babies in England and Wales in 2021.

  17. Poppy. This flowery name has Old English origins. It would make an adorable and playful middle name for your daughter.

  18. Sophia. In Greek, this name means ‘wisdom’. It was a very common name among royals during the Middle Ages and became popular again in Britain in the 18th century when the German House of Hannover inherited the British throne. It’s a popular choice today too, and it could make a great middle name for your baby girl, either in this form or its alternative spelling, Sofia.


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Classy Middle Names for Girls

Old-fashioned names are timeless. Elegant and understated, they make a great choice for your baby girl’s middle name and can be paired with any first name. Check out these classy middle names:

  1. Alexandria. This is the feminine form of Alexander. The first Alexander was Alexander the Great, who renamed cities after himself, including Alexandria in Egypt. Maybe you’d like a middle name that exemplifies power for your daughter.

  2. Avery. Originally a surname, this name works well as a unisex name. It’s derived from the Norman French names Alberich or Alfred.

  3. Beatrice. As the Italian form of Beatrix, this name appears in Dante’s Divine Comedy and also in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. The short form Bea also makes a very cute middle name if you’re looking for a shorter one syllable version.

  4. Brigitte. This is the German and French form of Bridget, which means ‘exalted one’ in Irish. If you like ancient legends, you’ll love to know that Bridget was the goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom in Irish mythology.

  5. Camila 969. This spelling is the Spanish and Portuguese form of Camilla, a name of Roman origin. It’s the name of a warrior maiden in Virgil’s Aeneid. With this middle name, you could have a warrior princess in the making!

  6. Carmen. As the Spanish form of the name Carmel, this female name became popular after Georges Bizet’s opera Carmen about a lively gypsy girl.

  7. Caroline. This French feminine name has a long history. It comes from the Latin name Carolus, which comes from the English name Charles, which in turn is derived from the German name Karl. Phew!

  8. Catherine. This name is the French version of Katherine, a Greek name meaning ‘each of two’ or ‘torture’. Luckily, in Christian times, the name was believed to mean pure.

  9. Diana. Meaning ‘heavenly’ or ‘divine’, Diana was the name of a Roman goddess of the moon, hunting, forests, and childbirth. A very apt middle name option for your baby girl.

  10. Florence. The name of a city in Italy, this name derives from florens, which means ‘prosperous’ or ‘flourishing’. The most famous woman with this name is probably the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. It’s definitely a lovely name with a great history.

  11. Gloria. From the word glory, this name has Spanish and Portuguese origins. The name is shared with famous actresses, feminists and singers, so why not add your baby girl to that list by making Gloria her middle name?

  12. Inés. This is the Spanish form of the name Agnes, a Greek name that means ‘chaste’. St. Agnes was persecuted and martyred during Roman times. She’s often depicted with a lamb by her side, symbolising her innocence.

  13. Julia. The feminine form of the Roman name Julius, the name has appeared in the New Testament as well as Shakespeare’s Two Gentleman of Verona. Another option would be to go with Julie.

  14. Louisa. The feminine form of Louis, which was the name of many French kings and saints, Louisa definitely has a noble ring to it.

  15. Lydia. In Greek, the name Lydia meant someone from Lydia, which was a region in present-day Turkey named after King Lydos. Lydia is also the name of a woman in the New Testament who converts to Christianity.

  16. Maria. This name has both Greek and Hebrew origins and is often interchangeable with the female name Mary, which comes from the New Testament. The name was often given to royalty, including the Empress Maria Theresa.

  17. Madeline. The English form of Magdalene, derived from the village Magdala, which means tower in Hebrew.

  18. Rebecca. A Hebrew name that means ‘to join’, Rebecca appears in the Old Testament and was frequently used among the Puritans.

  19. Victoria. Meaning ‘victory’ in Latin, the name is also the feminine form of Victor. It gained prominence in England with Queen Victoria, who was of German descent. Many areas in the world were named after her and the name continues to be widely used.

  20. Vivian. Of Latin origin, this name derives from the word for ‘alive’. It began as a masculine name and then expanded to being a feminine name in modern times. It has a very elegant ring to it, and its meaning is perfect if you hope your daughter lives by the motto carpe diem – seize the day!

  21. Yesenia. This girl’s name is based on a variety of palm tree found in South America.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a middle name for your baby girl can be fun and exciting. You can start from scratch and choose something you love, or you could look for a name that matches your chosen first name. If you’re still searching for the best middle name, check out our list of 1,000 baby girl names. For a personalised way of browsing our database of names, use our customisable Baby Name Generator to search by gender, first letter or theme.

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