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Old-Fashioned Baby Names You’ll Love

Deciding on the right name for your baby girl or boy is a daunting task. You know you want a name that’s unique and original, but there so many good options to choose from! To help you narrow the field, we’ve put together lists of great unique and rare baby names for boys and girls, as well as some unisex names.

20 Unique Girl Names for Your Baby

If you’re looking for an original name for your one-of-a-kind baby, here are some lovely unique baby girl names to consider:

  1. Aminah. This Arabic girl’s name means ‘feel safe’. It was the name of the prophet Muhammad’s mother. Still not unique enough? You could opt for an alternative spelling such as Aamina, Aaminah or Amina.

  2. Belinda. Although the meaning behind this name is uncertain, it may stem from the Italian word bella, which means beautiful, and the German word lind, meaning tender, supple or soft. This name has a twist in the tail, too: other sources attribute it to the Old German betlindis, meaning ‘serpent’. The name was popularized in the 18th century by the poet Alexander Pope.

  3. Cadie. This cute girl’s name may originate from Ireland and means a ‘rhythmic flow of sounds’.

  4. Chantria. In the Khmer language, this girl’s name means ‘moonlight’. What a magical choice for your unique baby daughter.

  5. Cinzia. The Italian form of Cynthia has a unique ring to it, especially since it’s pronounced with a ch sound. Cynthia comes from the ancient Greek word, meaning ‘woman from Kynthos’. It was also another name for Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon.

  6. Demetria. The mythical goddess of the harvest and corn. Could Demetria be the pick of the crop for your unique little girl?

  7. Haruko. In Japanese, this name means ‘spring child’, making it a great choice if your daughter is born in springtime. The name can be shortened to Yoko or Youko.

  8. Houda. In Arabic, this name means ‘guidance’. It can also be spelled Huda or Hooda.

  9. Imani. Of Arabic origin, this Swahili name simply means ‘faith’.

  10. Inez. This name of Portuguese or Spanish origin means ‘pure’ or ‘holy’. If you like the sound of it but would like an even more unique spelling, there are plenty to choose from. For example, Ines, Ynes or Ynez.

  11. Jacinta. This is the Spanish and Portuguese form of the name Hyacinthus, which has Greek origins and is similar to the name of a fragrant spring flower. It’s a lovely name for a little girl. If you like this one, check out some more irresistible flower baby girl names.

  12. Kensa. Meaning ‘first’, this name has a powerful ring to it and might be perfect for your firstborn daughter.

  13. Luella. This very modern name is a contraction of the names Lou and Ella. In fact, a variant spelling is Louella.

  14. Maura. This gentle-sounding name is the anglicised form of Máire, which in turn is the Irish-Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic version of Mary.

  15. Nadine. The French diminutive form of Nadia, which comes from the Slavic name Nadezhda, meaning ‘hope’.

  16. Odilia. This name is thought to have Germanic roots that mean ‘wealth’ or ‘fortune’. It’s also the name of the patron saint of Alsace. Saint Odilia was said to have been born blind but received the gift of sight after her baptism. If you’re having twins, you might like to pair this name with Ophelia or Olivia for a perfect and unique set of rhyming twin names.

  17. Petal. Referring to the fragrant petals of a flower, what name could be better suited to your own little blossom?

  18. Rosalind. Derived from Germanic roots associated with horses and softness, the name was brought to England by the Normans. The name may take its modern form from the Latin expression rosa linda, which means beautiful rose. Edmund Spenser and William Shakespeare both used the name in their writings.

  19. Tien. This Vietnamese girl’s name means ‘immortal’, ‘transcendent’, ‘celestial being’ or ‘fairy’ – what a magical name for your little angel.

  20. Timea. This name has its origins in 19th-century Hungarian literature and is thought to be derived from the Greek name Euthymia, which means ‘happy’ or ‘generous’.

Need a little more inspiration?

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20 Unique Boy Names for Your Baby

Choose a different and original name for your baby boy. Here are some unique baby boy names to inspire you:

  1. Axel. The medieval Danish form of Absalom, which means ‘my father is peace’ in Hebrew. Axel can also be spelled Aksel, another unique variation.

  2. Bertram. From the Germanic for ‘bright raven’, this name was introduced to the English-speaking world by the Normans. It also features in Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well.

  3. Callen. This elegant name of Gaelic origin means ‘rock’ or ‘powerful in battle’. Although it might sometimes seem a little too appropriate during the ‘terrible twos’ phase of toddlerhood, this is a name to make you feel proud when you call out to your little boy at the playground or school gate.

  4. Deacon. Originally a surname, as well as the term for a clerical position in the church, Deacon also makes a great first name that connotes strength and wholesomeness.

  5. Egon. German in origin, Egon means “edge of a sword” – a unique name for your baby boy that exudes bravery.

  6. Farley. Originally a surname, Farley means ‘a clearing covered in ferns’ in Old English. Nature lovers will appreciate this unique name.

  7. Gustav. Popular in Sweden and Germany, it’s thought that this name originally means ‘royal staff’, although it may also have evolved from the Slavic name Gostislav.

  8. Homer. Ancient Greek literature buffs will know that Homer refers to the epic poet who is thought to have written the Iliad and the Odyssey. Fans of pop culture are also likely to associate this name with a well-known cartoon character. Whatever your reason for choosing this name, it’ll definitely be a unique name for your boy.

  9. Iskander. This is the Malay, Indonesian and Arabic form of Alexander, which means ‘defender of people’ in Greek. A noble and upstanding name for a strong-willed boy.

  10. Jameel. This name means ‘beautiful’ or ‘handsome’ in Arabic — what a perfect name for your handsome little boy.

  11. Kahlil. Another name with Arabic roots, Kahlil means ‘friend’.

  12. Keoni. The Hawaiian form of John. Keoni has a unique yet familiar sound, making it a stylish and individual choice of name for your new arrival.

  13. Rafe. This commanding name of Old English origin comes from the Mediaeval form of Ralph and means ‘council of the wolves’. With this name, your little boy will certainly stand out from the pack!

  14. Rakesh. In Sanskrit, this boy’s name translates to ‘lord of the full moon’. Its celestial meaning evokes a hint of mysticism.

  15. Stewart. Hailing from Scotland, this name is derived from ‘steward’, the mediaeval word for a person with the job of looking after a castle or estate.

  16. Stone. This English name could have originated as the name of someone who lived near a prominent rock or worked with stone. It certainly invokes an air of strength and stability.

  17. Tariq. This name means ‘he who knocks at the door’. It’s also the Arabic name for the morning star. Either definition is unique, and the name could bring a smile to your face when your little boy is a little older and jumps up on your bed to wake you up in the morning!

  18. Yoshi. This Japanese name means ‘righteous’ and ‘respectable’, making it a great name for a boy who means everything to you.

  19. Yves. A medieval French name, Yves also has a nice modern ring to it, despite it dating back many thousands of years. You might know it from the French fashion designer and brand.

  20. Zeke. As the short form of Ezekiel, which means ‘God strengthens’ in Hebrew, Zeke feels more playful. It could be ideal as a unique name for a boy with a big personality.

Not enough yet?

There are plenty more where those came from! Have a look at these unique baby boy names you will love as well.

20 Unique Unisex Names for your Baby

Would you prefer a gender-neutral name for your baby? See if one of these unique unisex baby names is the right one.

  1. Akira. This unisex name is Japanese in origin can mean ‘bright’ or ‘clear’. What a beautiful choice of name for your bright-eyed baby!

  2. Averill. This was originally a surname derived from the Old English name Eoforhild, which translates to ‘boar’ and ‘battle’. Regardless of its ancient meaning, though, the name has an elegant ring to it for either a boy or girl.

  3. Brooklyn. This name from America means ‘pretty brook’ and it could be just the ticket for your pretty child.

  4. Drew. Although this name is sometimes said to be derived from the Greek for ‘strong’ and ‘manly’, it works fine for either gender.

  5. Dell. A nature-inspired name meaning ‘meadow’ or ‘valley’, Dell makes for a short and sweet gender-neutral baby name.

  6. Gio. Short for the Italian names Giovanni and Giovanna, the masculine and feminine forms of John, Gio sounds fresh and staccato.

  7. Kamala. This eloquent name means lotus or pale red in Sanskrit. The name also appears in the Hindu epic Mahabharata and is another name for the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.

  8. Leith. The word for a ‘broad river’ in Scottish Gaelic, it’s also the name of the river that flows through Edinburgh as well as a district of the city itself. Though Leith was originally used as a surname, it makes a distinctive first name for a girl or boy.

  9. Makena. This name means ‘happy one’ in Kikuyu, the language of the largest ethnic group in Kenya. A prize-winning Kenyan author bears this name as does an area on the Hawaiian island of Maui. What an exotic-sounding name for your happy little girl or boy!

  10. Ofir. Also spelled Ophir, this is the name of person and a place in the Bible. Its meaning is not wholly known, and it has an air of mystery.

  11. Parris. Originally this was used as a surname that meant a person who came from Paris, France. Whether you spell it Paris or Parris, it’s a sophisticated and unique name for boys and girls alike.

  12. Peta. This is the Czech diminutive of Petra and Petr, both based on the name Peter, which has Greek origins and means stone. But in the form of Peta it can be used for either boys or girls. It’s also known as a Native American name meaning Golden Eagle.

  13. Raven. A very stylish and mysterious name rooted in the Old English word ‘hraefn’. The raven is a large black bird revered by many cultures. The bird is associated with the Norse god Odin. This may be the perfect name if you’re into mythological names.

  14. Roshan. In Persian, this name means ‘bright light’. Full of eastern promise, this name could be perfect for the light of your life.

  15. Sky. Beyond the modern literal meaning for this name, in Old Norse the name Sky also means cloud. If you hope your little dreamer will always have limitless horizons, you might have just found the name you’re looking for.

  16. Thando. In the Xhosa, Zulu and Ndebele languages, this name means ‘to love’.

  17. Tinashe. In Bantu, the language of the Shona people of Zimbabwe, this name means ‘we are with God.’ This dashingly beautiful name has a divine resonance.

  18. Yannick. This name derives from the French or Breton Yann or Yanna, both of which come from the name John. Although it’s linked to a very common name, Yannick sounds unique and different.

  19. Yun. This Chinese name can mean ‘cloud’, a wonderful reminder that your newborn is ‘heaven-sent’.

  20. Zorion. Also spelled Zorione, this name means ‘happiness’ in Basque, the language of the Basque people in Spain and France.

Still haven’t found ‘the one’?

It can take time to discover the best unisex name for your baby, but you’ll get there in the end.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a unique name for your baby girl or boy can be bewildering at times – the possibilities are nearly endless. But it’s also fun to explore different cultures and languages for inspiration or look back in history for unique names from the past. Many of these unique names have multiple meanings, so when you tell your child why you picked his or her name you can often pick and choose the one that resonates most with why you chose it. If you’re struggling to find the best unique name for your little boy or girl, why not get your family and friends involved by throwing a baby naming party?

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