Top 180 Indian Girl Names and Their Meanings

India has a huge variety of names to offer due to its numerous inhabitants, diverse languages and centuries-long culture and history. The most popular, unique, beautiful, cute and modern Indian and Hindu girl names are available for you to select from, so whether you want to celebrate your ancestry or are searching for a name with a deep and meaningful signifinace, we have it here for you.

Selecting Indian Girl Names

You might find it interesting to read more about Indian naming customs and associated traditions if you're thinking of giving your child an Indian name. India has a sizable and diverse population, and the numerous regions and faiths there may have an impact on the baby names you choose.

India’s Regions and Languages

Here are some of the main languages and regions in India that may guide the names you choose:

  • Hindi. This Indo-Aryan language is the main language in India and the fourth most frequently spoken language in the world. It’s spoken mainly in the Hindi Belt region, which encompasses parts of northern, eastern, central and western India.

  • Urdu. Spoken mostly in South Asia, this Indo-Aryan language is the national language of Pakistan. Most Urdu speakers are Muslim from the Urdu belt of northern India, or the Deccan plateau in south-central India.

  • Telugu. Part of the classical Dravidian language family, Telugu is mostly spoken by people in south-eastern India.

  • Marathi. This language is mostly spoken in the Indian state of Maharashtra in West India.

  • Kannada. Part of the classical Dravidian language family, it’s mostly spoken by the Karnataka people in southwestern India.

  • Gujarati. Native to the state of Gujarat on the Western coast of India, Gujarati is the fourth most spoken language in London.

  • Tamil. Part of the classical Dravidian language family, Tamil is mostly spoken in southern India and Sri Lanka.

  • Punjabi. This language is used in the Punjab region of eastern Pakistan and northwest India.

  • Bengali. This language is mostly spoken in Bangladesh and eastern India.

India’s Religions

When searching for Indian girl names, you may discover that many are influenced by certain religions within the country. Two of these include Hinduism and Sikhism.

  • Hinduism. This is the world’s oldest and third-largest religion. Ninety-five percent of the world’s Hindus live in India. Many of their name choices stem from Hindu mythology, astrology, philosophy and cosmology.

  • Sikhism. This is a monotheistic religion and the fourth-largest religion in India. It is traditional for male Sikhs to use the name Singh, meaning ‘lion’ as a middle or last name, and for females to use Kaur, meaning ‘princess’.

  • Islam. India’s second most followed religion is Islam, which has a strong presence in Indian society and culture. Muslims in northern India often follow Islamic naming conventions.

  • Jainism. This is one of the world’s oldest religions. It’s common for Jains to use Jain, Shah, Firodia, Singhal, or Gupta as their last name.

Naming Conventions

Depending on the location and religion, there are different naming customs for children in India, but the significance of a given name is always the main factor. Here are a few of India's many name practices.

  • In northern India, it's customary to have a given name followed by a surname.

  • In southern India, a surname is uncommon and is usually adopted by a person when they migrate.

  • Hindu parents commonly consult an astrologer to help them choose a given name for their child based on their horoscope. The astrologer will give the parents a beginning sound for the name, and the parents will then pick a name based on that.

Popular Indian Girl Names

There are many British people born of Indian descent, adding to a rise in the popularity of beautiful Anglo-Indian girl names in the United Kingdom. If you love staying on trend with the most popular girl names, here are some great Indian baby girl names that have topped the charts in 2022 and recent years.

1. Anika. This Hindi name is the feminine form of Anik, meaning ‘army’, or ‘splendour’ in Sanskrit. It has been on the list of top 1000 girl names in the United Kingdom for many years. 2. Arya. You may recognise this Indian girls’ name from the popular fantasy series Game of Thrones, but you may be surprised to learn that it actually stems from an old Indo-Iranian word meaning ‘noble’. This popular name is sure to suit your strong and noble little lady. 3. Fatima. In recent years, this Urdu and Arabic name has grown in popularity in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. Meaning ‘to abstain’, this name was used for the daughter of the prophet Muhammad. 4. Ila. This short and sweet Hindi name is a great choice for earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) due to its simple meaning, ‘earth’. Your little one is sure to stay grounded with this beautifully simple Indian girl’s name. 5. Inaya. The name Inaya is a Bengali and Urdu name meaning ‘care’. It’s a sweet name that’s popular in the United Kingdom, France and Belgium. 6. Kiara. Kiara is a trendy and fun name and variant of the Irish girls’ name Ciara which means ‘black’. It’s perfect for a dark-haired little lady and for those looking for interesting Anglo-Indian girl names. 7. Laila. Another popular Indian girls’ name in the United Kingdom is the sweet and playful Laila. It’s an Urdu variant of Layla, meaning ‘night’ in Arabic. So, if you’re a fan of the night sky, perhaps this name could be a pretty choice. 8. Maryam. This Urdu form of Miryam has the same meaning as the popular biblical name Mary; ‘drop of the sea’, ‘wished for child’, or ‘beloved’. 9. Maya. Popular globally, this cute Indian girls’ name means ‘illusion’ in Sanskrit. It’s a name used in Hinduism, Hindi and Marathi. Maya is the name of the Buddha’s mother in the Buddhist tradition, as well as another name for the Hindu goddess Durga. If you also enjoy Japanese girl names, you could consider Mayako, which combines Maya with ko, meaning ‘child’. 10. Samira. Used by Marathi, Hindi and Telugu speakers, Samira is the feminine form of Samir meaning ‘wind’ and ‘air’ in Sanskrit. Perhaps it could be a lovely Indian girls’ name for an air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) baby or if you’re looking for a pretty name starting with S.


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Unique Indian Girl Names

Try one of these unique baby girl names if you want your child to stand out from the pack and forge their own path.

11. Abhilasha. Used by Hindi people, this unique name is the feminine version of Abhilash, meaning ‘desire’ and ‘wish’. This could be a lovely choice if your little one was a long-time wish for you and your family. 12. Akanksha. This unique Indian baby girl name has the same meaning as the previous name, ‘wish’ and ‘desire’. It’s also used by speakers of the Hindi language. 13. Anima. In Sanskrit Anima means ‘minuteness’. It’s a cute and fun name for your little one, who may be tiny right now, but pretty soon, she may have a larger-than-life personality. 14. Chanda. Used in Hinduism and by Hindi speakers, this name means ‘fierce’ and ‘passionate’ in Sanskrit – perfect for your strong-minded little woman. If you like Asian names with the Chan sound, Chanda is similar to the popular Chinese girl’s name Chang, meaning ‘free’. 15. Gul. With its pretty meaning of ‘flower’ in Urdu, Gul is a unique Indian girls’ name that could be perfect for your blossoming springtime baby. 16. Harinder. Harinder is an Indian name used by the Sikhs. It’s a variant of Harendra, which is a combination of Hari and Indra, two Hindu gods. 17. Jaswinder. Used by the Sikhs, this unique name also contains the name of the Hindu god Indra. Its meanings of ‘fame’, ‘praise’ and ‘glory’ might be apt for your little star. 18. Kshitija. This beautifully unusual Hindi and Marathi name means ‘born of the earth’ and ‘horizon’. 19. Lilavati. It’s difficult not to be won over by this rare and pretty Indian and Hindi name for girls, especially with its meaning of ‘charming’ and ‘graceful’. Adding to the grace of this Indian girls’ name is its thirteenth-century namesake, the queen of Sri Lanka – perfect if you love royal names. 20. Nithya. From southern India and used by Tamil, Kannada and Telugu speakers, Nithya means ‘eternal’ in Sanskrit, symbolising the eternal love between you and your baby girl.

More Unique Indian Girl Names

Here are some more of the most intriguing and unique Indian girls’ names for you to appreciate if you can't get enough of them:


22.AmritaHindi, Punjabi, BengaliImmortal
23.DeeptiHindi, Marathi, KannadaBrightness
25.GauriHindi, MarathiWhite
26.HemaHindi, Marathi, Tamil, KannadaGolden
27.InderpalHindiProtector of Indra
28.InduHindiBright drop
29.PushpaHindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, TeluguFlower
30.RitikaHindiMovement, stream


Beautiful and Pretty Indian Girl Names

Your baby girl might be the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen, and as such, she needs a name that reflects that beauty. Here are some beautiful Indian names for girls that not only sound pretty but also have delightful meanings.

31. Arushi. There’s nothing more beautiful than mythological baby names. Arushi appears in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, as well as in the Rigveda, to describe Agni’s red horses. Its meanings of ‘red’ and ‘dawn’ add passion and awakening to the name. 32. Devika. Here's a fitting name for your baby girl – it means ‘little goddess’. This is commonly used by Hindi communities. 33. Drishti. If you’re no stranger to yoga, you may recognise this word as the focused gaze used in the practice. In Sanskrit, it means ‘sight’, making it a beautiful and almost meditative Indian girls’ name for your little one. 34. Esha. With its soft sound, Esha is a gentle and beautiful Indian girls’ name meaning ‘desire’ in Sanskrit. This name is used primarily by Hindi speakers but could be a lovely choice for any little girl. 35. Ezhil. In the Tamil language, this simple and pretty Indian girls’ name means ‘beauty’. 36. Indira. Here’s another name meaning ‘beauty’ for your gorgeous baby girl. Indira was also the name of India’s first female prime minister, Indira Gandhi, giving your little one a strong female namesake to aspire to. 37. Kalyani. Literally meaning ‘beautiful’ and ‘lovely’, this melodic Indian name for girls is found in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. It’s the name of one of the star clusters known as the Krittikas or Pleiades. 38. Karishma. Your little one is truly a miracle, so why not choose a name that reflects that? Meaning ‘miracle’ in Hindi, Karishma is a pretty Indian name for your baby girl. 39. Kaur. In the Sikh culture, it’s common for females to take Kaur, meaning ‘princess’, as a surname or middle name. Whether you adhere to Sikhism or not, this royal Indian girls’ name is a beautiful option for your own little princess. 40. Roshni. The name Roshni is a Hindi and Marathi name, with the lovely meaning ‘brightness’. It sounds quite similar to the beautiful Irish girls’ name Rosheen (Róisín) and may be a great choice if your baby is of Indian and Irish descent.

More Beautiful and Pretty Indian Girl Names

Below are some more pretty Indian names for your beautiful little lady:


41.AnishaHindiNightless, sleepless
42.AnjaliHindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, MalayalamSalutation
43.ArchanaHindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, TamilPraising
44.DarshanaHindi, Marathi, Gujarati, KannadaSeeing, observing, understanding
45.KantiHindi, BengaliBeauty
46.LalitaHindi, Marathi, ThaiPlayful, charming
47.LavanyaHindi, Telugu, TamilBeauty, grace
48.ReshmiHindi, BengaliSilky
49.RupinderPunjabiGreatest beauty


Modern Indian Girl Names

If you’re swaying towards trendy names with modern twists rather than the old-fashioned girl names, check out some of these modern Indian baby girl names for your little trendsetter. 51. Aadrika. With its trendy double A and powerful meanings of ‘mountain’ and ‘celestial’ in Sanskrit, Aadrika is a great choice among top modern Indian girl names. 52. Aarna. If you’re a lover of water and searching for Indian girl names meaning ‘ocean’, look no further than this modern name. It’s one of the names given to the goddess Lakshmi, daughter of the king of the milky ocean. 53. Ahana. If your daughter is born at the break of day, or you enjoy the symbolism of a new day, you could select Ahana, which means ‘dawn’ in Sanskrit. It has a short and trendy sound, with the options of Hana and Ana as nicknames. The sweet nickname Hana is also a Korean girl’s name meaning ‘one’. 54. Disha. Used in the Hindi and Marathi languages, this simple Indian girl’s name means ‘direction’. 55. Kashvi. This bright and modern Indian girls’ name means ‘shining’ in the Hindi and Urdu languages. If you want a cool twist for your little star, you could even use Kash or Vi as a nickname. 56. Kaveri. Naming your little one after a beloved body of water, such as a river, is both meaningful and trendy. Kaveri is a sacred river that flows through southern India, so if you have an affinity for the Kaveri River or your baby girl is a water sign, why not give this name a go? 57. Lasya. If you hail from a family of dancers, think about Lasya as your daughter's name, as it’s the name of the graceful and joyful dance performed by the goddess Parvati. This enchanting dance is known as the dance of women and may delight both you and your own little dancer. 58. Mahika. This beautiful and modern Indian name for girls means ‘mist’ and ‘dew’ in Sanskrit and is used in Hindi. 59. Nakshatra. A girls’ name that might appeal to fans of astrology, Nakshatra is a term used in Hindu astrology and Indian astronomy and means ‘star’ in Sanskrit. 60. Priya. Meaning ‘beloved’ in Sanskrit, Priya is a name traditionally given to girls born in August. In Hindu mythology, this is the name of King Daksha’s daughter. Another similar name is Priyanka, with the sweet meaning of ‘amiable’.


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More Modern Indian Girl Names

For even more of the best modern Indian girls’ names, keep reading.



62.AmyraIndian (Muslim)Commander
64.DivaHindi, Nepali, MarathiDaytime
69.SaanviSanskritTo pursue the summit
70.SarikaHindi, MarathiA type of thrush or mynah bird


Hindu Girl Names

Hindu naming customs may incorporate astrology and astronomy, and Hindu names are frequently mythologically rich. Check out these names that are inspired by nature's wonder and beauty, then consider giving your little goddess a Hindu girl's name.

71. Aditi. In Hindu mythology, Aditi is the goddess of fertility and the sky. What better way to celebrate the creation of your baby girl than with this name! In Sanskrit, it means ‘boundless’ and ‘freedom’, adding to the ethereal vibe of this name. 72. Ananta. Meaning ‘infinite’ in Sanskrit, this beautiful Hindu girls’ name is an epithet of the goddess Parvati. 73. Aruna. This gender-neutral name belongs to the Hindu god who drives the sun god Surya across the sky in a chariot. 74. Bhumi. For a grounded Hindu name, why not try out Bhumi, meaning ‘earth’. It’s also the name of the Hindu earth goddess. It makes a wonderful choice for earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) or lovers of gardening and farming. 75. Chandra. This celestial name means ‘moon’ in Sanskrit, adding natural beauty and brightness to this Hindu name. 76. Devi. Your baby girl deserves a name that reflects her beauty, and Devi may be just that! With its meaning of ‘goddess’ and nod towards the Hindu mother goddess, Devi may lend strength and grace to your child. 77. Durga. If you’re looking for a powerful Hindu girl name, try Durga, the name of a warrior goddess who's usually depicted with 12 arms and 3 eyes. She adds a fierce and formidable vibe to this name, making it a perfect Indian name for a strong little female. 78. Gayatri. This name often refers to a song or hymn from the Vedic texts, which is personified by the Hindu goddess. So, if you come from a family of musicians, this name might be a melodic choice. 79. Kamakshi. With its meanings of ‘love’, ‘desire’ and ‘eye’, as well as being the name of a Hindu goddess of fertility, Kamakshi makes for a fruitful name choice. 80. Lakshmi. If you wish to bring extra luck to your baby girl, giving her this name could be ideal, as Lakshmi is a Hindu goddess of prosperity, luck and beauty. Lakshmi is also the wife of Vishnu and the lotus flower is her symbol, which adds a touch of purity, resilience and rebirth to this beautiful name. Here are some more beautiful flower names for girls.

More Hindu Girl Names

Still searching for the perfect name? Check out the selections below for more Hindu girl names.



82.PadmaHindi, Tamil, Kannada, TeluguLotus
83.PadmavatiHindiResembles lotuses
84.ParvatiHindiOf the mountains
85.RadhaTelugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, MarathiProsperity
86.SandhyaHindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, KannadaTwilight
90.ValliDravidianCreeping plant


Cute Indian Girl Names

Check out our collection of short and exceptionally cute Indian girl names for a name as adorable as your tiny baby girl.

91. Arti. Also spelt Aarti, this adorable little name is a Hindi and Marathi name. It actually comes from the name of a Hindu ritual in which light is offered up to the gods. So, not only is Arti extremely cute, but it also reflects the light that your baby girl brings to your life. 92. Asha. Meaning ‘wish’, ‘hope’ and ‘desire’ in Sanskrit, this cute and trendy-sounding Indian girl’s name may be all you’ve ever wished for. 93. Dipa. Another cute Indian girl name with a bright future is Dipa, meaning ‘light’ in Sanskrit. The short and simple spelling adds a trendy and modern vibe to this name used in Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayalam and Tamil languages. You could also consider the variant Deepa. 94. Gita. Meaning ‘song’ in Sanskrit, this cute moniker could be hard to resist as you think about naming your little songbird. 95. Hira. Your baby girl is the most precious thing in your life, and you might select a name that reflects that. In Sanskrit, Hira means ‘diamond’, and the name is commonly used in Urdu, Nepali, Punjabi, Gujarati and Hindi. Will your little one sparkle with this name? 96. Jaya. This cool and cute Indian girls’ name has the strong Sanskrit meaning of ‘victory’. In southern India, this name is used for males and females, whereas in the North, it’s typically a female name. 97. Kamini. The mini ending of this name makes it extra adorable and provides a sweet nickname option. Kamini means ‘desirable’ in Sanskrit and is often chosen by Hindi speakers. 98. Kasi. Kasi is commonly used by Telugu and Tamil speakers in southern India. It's a form of the name Hindi name, Kashi, which comes from the name of a holy city in India, now known as Varanashi. It has the beautiful meaning of ‘shining’. 99. Mira. Here’s another Indian girls’ name with the meaning ‘ocean’. If you’re inspired by nature names, Mira might be a sweet option. It’s also a popular name in the United Kingdom and many European countries. 100. Rashmi. What’s more apt for your little girl than a name meaning ‘ray of sunlight’! Rashmi is used by speakers of Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil and is a cute Indian girl’s name for your little sunshine.

More Cute Indian Girl Names

Won over by those adorable names? Treat yourself by checking out even more of our cute Indian girl names:


101.AmalaTamil, MalayalamPure
102.AvaniMarathi, GujaratiEarth
103.AzraUrdu, ArabicVirgin
104.DipaliHindi, MarathiRow of lamps
107.NilaTamil, HindiDark blue
108.PritiHindi, Marathi, GujaratiPleasure, love
109.RajaniTelugu, Kannada, Marathi, Hindi, NepaliThe dark one


Long Indian Names for Girls

Long baby names can be elegant and provide a plethora of nickname alternatives for your child. Take a look at these dignified and lengthy Indian girl names.

111. Aishwarya. In Sanskrit, this name means ‘prosperity’. If you wish to start your baby girl on the road to prosperity, this pretty Indian name might be a good start. The Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a famous bearer of this name. 112. Anoushka. Not only is this long name used by Hindi and Sinhalese people, but it’s also a Dutch name and is often a diminutive of Anna. 113. Arundhati. If you’re interested in celestial and nature names, consider Arundhati, which is the name of a star as well as a type of climbing plant. Arundhati appears as the wife of Vasishtha in Hindu mythology. 114. Chandrakanta. If you’re looking for long Indian girl names, this is one of the longest on our list. It has the whimsical Sanskrit meaning of ‘beloved by the moon’, making this name dreamy yet dignified. 115. Indumathi. If you loved the last celestial name, perhaps you’ll love another. Indumathi means ‘full moon’ in Sanskrit. If your baby girl is born on the night of a full moon, this Indian girls’ name might be an interesting option. 116. Jannatul Ferdous. Meaning ‘gardens of paradise’, this Bengali name comes from the Arabic phrase jannat al-firdaws. The meaning gives it a beautifully ethereal vibe. 117. Parminder. Your little one might achieve great things with this Indian name for girls, meaning ‘best’ in Sanskrit, as well as being combined with Indra, the name for the Hindu god. 118. Rajkumari. If royal Indian girl names are your thing, this Hindi name is perfect due to its meaning of ‘princess’ in Sanskrit. There’s something elegant and dignified about royal baby names. 119. Shakuntala. Meaning ‘bird’ in Sanskrit, this name can be found in Hindu legend. The story tells of a girl raised in a forest by birds before she marries King Dushyanta. This may be a beautiful and fantastical bedtime story for your little one. It’s also a great option if you’re looking for Indian girl names starting with S. 120. Vasundhara. This Hindi and Telugu name means ‘possessing wealth’ in Sanskrit.

More Long Indian Names for Girls

If you enjoyed those long Indian girl names, here are more for you:


121.AmandeepPunjabiPeace, light
122.GayathriTamil, Kannada, Malayalam, TeluguSong
123.HarshadaHindi, MarathiHappiness
124.InderjeetPunjabiConqueror of Indra
125.JasvinderPunjabiFame, glory
126.ManjushaMarathi, HindiSmall box
127.ManpreetPunjabiMind, joy
128.SaraswatiHindi, MarathiPossessing water
129.SukhwinderPunjabiPleasant, happy
130.VaishnaviTamil, Telugu, MarathiBelonging to Vishnu


Even More Indian Names for Girls

There are so many beautiful, cute, and modern Indian girl names to choose from, so we just had to add even more to our list:


50 More Indian Names for Girls



If unique baby girl names are your thing, you’re in luck with these beautiful and unusual Indian names:

  • Abhilasha
  • Anima
  • Deepti
  • Gul
  • Kshitija
  • Lilavati.

The Bottom Line

If you enjoyed delving into the richness of Indian culture with those beautiful Indian girl’s names, perhaps you’d like to expand your search with other cultures, such as Spanish girl names or French names for baby girls. And whilst you’re on your search for the perfect baby name, you might like to download the Pampers Club app to earn points for every nappy pack purchased, which you can collect to redeem for free nappies or coupons.

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