Pampers® Premium Protection Nappy Pants

Pampers® Premium Protection Nappy Pants


  • British Skin Foundation
  • FSC

Our No.1 comfort and protection

With super soft and stretchy materials

360° Comfort Fit

Super soft and stretchy materials flex to your baby's shape to help prevent gaps and leaks

Easy on & off

Easy to put on, easy to take off, even on active babies

Easy on

Simply pull up to put on

Easy off

Tear the sides to take off

Easy disposal

Secure with the tape and roll up the nappy pants!

Up to 12hours all-around leakage protection

Stop & Protect pocket

To help prevent leaks at the back

Super powerful core

Absorbs liquid instantly and keeps it away from baby’s skin

Safety leg cuffs

To help prevent leaks around the legs

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Customer Reviews

Pampers® Premium Protection Nappy Pants









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By Lucy Angel - October 11, 2023

These are incredible as the title says again I swear by these nappies maybe a little expensive but defo worth it not only are they comfortable and easy to change and harder for baby to take off but the absorbency is phenomenal I will Always by these nappies the normal red pants and the night time because I’ve never found nappies that don’t leak with my child but these and the others I used don’t and so much more convenient for a baby that constantly wants to be on the go. If you’re a new parent/grand parent I recommend these or even if you’re a parent struggling to find nappies that don’t leak I recommend these

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By Rebecca - June 25, 2023

They are very good. I won’t use any other brand. They fit comfortably and are super absorbent. Definitely will be buying them again.

By Klaudia - May 23, 2023

Amazing nappy pants. They have been amazing for our boys long stretches of sleep, no leaks at all! So grateful we were selected for the squad to try the baby-dry nappy pants.The quality is amazing! It does feel more sturdy than other supermarket brands, no wonder why there are no leaks and my baby boy can wear them for long hours without a worry about the leaks. Also they look really nice and are very easy to put on and take off. I will never look back, my baby boy is happy having them them on, they are super stretchy and comfortable! Our must have from now on!

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What's in our nappy pants?

At Pampers, we care about your baby's health above all else. That's why we put lots of love into determining what materials we put in our products.

What's in Pampers® Premium Protection Nappy Pants

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