Helping Make Babies’ World Better

In a world full of new challenges and greater uncertainty, parents continue to feel a deep sense of responsibility and desire to make their baby’s world better.

At Pampers, we believe in the power of working together - with parents, experts and our valued partners - to make babies’ world better, today and in the future. To demonstrate that pledge, we are proud to launch ‘Together we make babies’ world better’.

Our Promise

Support for local products and local charities has built a real sense of togetherness among communities over the last year. However, over two-thirds of parents struggled to find the baby brands or products they needed last year.

Pampers pledges to support all babies, and those who care for them, to help make their world better by always being there for them!

By manufacturing our trusted Pampers nappies locally from our factory in Manchester, it means we can be available whenever you need them. And since we own and control every single step of the nappy production process, we’re able to bring you high quality nappies that are checked by state of the art sensors and safely used by babies every day.

We want to help build a better world for babies of today and tomorrow, that’s why we also donate our nappies to charitable initiatives that support families in your local community across the UK.

Babies are at the heart of everything we do which is why for 60 years, parents and carers have trusted Pampers to care for babies’ happy, healthy development and we will continue to support their parenting journey in every way possible.

Together, we can make babies’ world better.

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