NAPPY PANTS Pampers® Active Fit™ Nappy Pants

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Just one pull to put on.
Our softest nappy pants
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Easy changing
Just one pull to put on

All-around stretchy waistband

All-around stretchy waistband

They go on with just one pull, even when your baby is wriggling around

Easy Removal

Easy removal

Simply tear the sides and roll up the nappy pants!

Gentle Touch
Our gentlest touch on skin

Ultra Soft

Our softest nappy pants - crafted with ultra soft materials

All-around Fit

All-around Fit

Stretchy belt and leg cuffs that adapt to baby’s movements for a gentle fit

Pampers trusted dryness

3 Absorbing Channels

3 Absorbing channels

Help distribute wetness evenly throughout the nappy pants

Absorbent Micro Pearls™

Absorbent Micro Pearls™

Absorb and lock away wetness for up to 12 hours of dryness

Breathable Materials

Breathable Materials

Allow moisture to be released to help keep wetness away from your baby’s skin

Pampers® Active Fit™ Nappy Pants

Active Fit Nappy Pants

Active fit pants

"For Awesome wriggles baby that don't stop moving ! I have twins boys and theses are one the best products I have come across with pampers."

April 10,2017

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Pampers® Active Fit™ Nappy Pants

Overall Rating  based on 560 reviews

Very dry and light

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"Thsese nappies are very dry in the morning and are not heavy when full"

IveteApril 26,2018


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"These nappy are perfect who those who don’t want to sit still :)"

April 24,2018


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"these pants keep my little one dry and very comfortable to wear, it's so easy to put on / off that my little has learnt to put them on himself!!"

May 04,2018

Winning the wiggle wrestle

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"I was dubious about how good they would be but I am converted! Much easier to get on and they still provide the same fit and leak protection. Happy Mummy and happy baby :)"

May 11,2018

Wriggle wrestle winner

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"I have a very active 10-month old baby girl who just doesn’t sit still. With her new favourite game of crawling away from me whenever I approach to change her nappy, every nappy change was a constant battle. Pampers Nappy Pants have been absolutely amazing and I would definitely recommend them to other mums whose babies are on the move. They are super quick and easy to put on, they are soft and we haven’t had any leakage so far. The only challenge for me is if there is poo involved. I find cutting them at the sides woks best but this is probably not the safest method!"

OlenaMay 12,2018


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