Baby Girl Names That Start With B

Choosing a name for your little one is rarely easy, especially with all the available options. There’s a seemingly endless list of names to sift through. To help you find some inspiration, we’ve compiled some of our favourite choices for girl names that start with B. Whether you’re sticking to a theme or simply love the letter B, check out the list below and you may find the perfect name for your little girl!

Popular B Names for Girls

Choosing a popular name for your baby girl is a great way to ensure she is in keeping with the times and fits in well. On top of that, some of them are simply adorable! Here are some of the most popular girl names that start with B in the United Kingdom in recent years.

1. Bella. Meaning ‘beautiful’ in Italian, Bella is a very popular B name for girls. The shortened form of Isabella, Bella is the perfect choice for your beautiful little girl.

2. Bonnie. From the Scottish word for ‘pretty’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘cheerful’, encapsulate your bonnie lass’ wee personality with Bonnie.

3. Beatrice. If your girl likes nothing more than a good adventure, Beatrice could be a great name for her. It means ‘voyager’ in Latin.

4. Brooke. This popular baby girl’s name starts with B and is simply a variant of Brook. Originally from Old English and Old German, it means ‘water’ and ‘small stream’.

5. Bilie. A great unisex choice and fun take on Billie and Billy, Bilie is a name of English origin meaning ‘resolute protection’.

6. Bethany. If you’re looking for a classic girl’s name starting with B, Bethany could be the name for you. It also has a biblical touch, as it refers to a location that appears in the Bible called te’ena, meaning ‘house of figs’.

7. Belle. Similarly to Bella, Belle is the short form of Isabelle, or Anabelle, and means ‘beautiful’ in French.

8. Blossom. If your baby is born in the spring – or really any time of the year – naming them Blossom is a great way to commemorate their birth. If you’re a fan of floral names, be sure to check out our list of floral names for girls.


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Cute Girl Names That Start With B

The options for cute and adorable girl names that start with B are practically endless. If you’re struggling to narrow it down, check out the following list and perhaps you’ll find one or two you love!

9. Babs. From the Ancient Greek barbarus and an old-fashioned nickname for Barbara, Babs means ‘foreign’ and ‘strange’. If your little one likes to stand out from the crowd, Babs may be the perfect fit!

10. Bambi. Popularised in the 40s with the release of Bambi by Walt Disney, Bambi is an adorable girl name that starts with B. Taken from the Italian world bambina, this name means ‘young girl’.

11. Bess. If you’re looking for a nickname starting with B, Bess could be a great option. It’s short for Elizabeth, which means ‘my God is my oath’ in Hebrew.

12. Biddy. Short for Bridget, an Irish name meaning ‘exalted one’, in Irish mythology, Brighid was the goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom.

13. Birdie. An undeniably adorable girls name starting with B, Birdie is short for both Bernice and Bertha, meaning ‘bringing victory’ and ‘bright, famous’ respectively.

14. Bree. This is the English form of the Irish name Brígh, which means ‘power’. Bree can also be the nickname for Brianna or Gabriella. If you hope your daughter grows up to be a powerful woman, consider going with Bree.

15. Britt. Whilst you may think that Britt is short for Britney, it actually comes from the Scandinavian name Birgitta, which originates from Bridget. Fun fact: Bridget of Sweden was the patron saint of Europe.

16. Buffy. A unique girls name starting with B, Buffy is another nickname for Elizabeth meaning ‘God is my Oath’. You may also recognise it from the sci-fi series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

17. Bunny. Another nickname derived from Bernice and Bertha, is there anything cuter than a little bunny? Bunny is an adorable choice for your little one!

Old-Fashioned B Names for Girls

Whilst there may be some old-fashioned names dotted around the other categories on this list, here are our 10 favourites. Old-fashioned names offer a great option if you’d like to name your baby after a family member, and they’re always swinging back into popularity.

18. Beryl. This unique girl’s name refers to the gemstone that’s more commonly known as the emerald. It supposedly derives from a Sanskrit word. This name rose to popularity in the UK in the 1930s when it reached number 22 in the list of top female names. If your daughter is born in May, consider naming her Beryl since the emerald is the birthstone for that month.

19. Beverly. In Old English, this beautiful name means ‘beaver stream’ and was originally the name of a city. This was a masculine name before becoming popular as a girl’s name in the early twentieth century.

20. Beatrix. From Viatrix, a feminine form of Viator, meaning ‘voyager, traveller’. This beautiful old-fashioned girl name was revived in the nineteenth century. The famous author and illustrator Beatrix Potter brings magic to this name, as the creator of the beloved character, Peter Rabbit.

21. Bernadette. As the French female form of Bernard, Bernadette means ‘bear’ and ‘brave’ or ‘strong’. It’s a great name starting with B for your brave little one!

22. Blanche. This name was originally a French nickname meaning ‘fair’ or ‘white’. The name originated in Spain as Blanca before spreading to France when a Spanish princess with the name married a French king. It’s also the name of one of the main characters in the play A Streetcar Named Desire.

23. Blythe. Meaning ‘cheerful’ in Old English, Blythe is a rare yet unique name starting with B for both boys and girls.

24. Bridget. This name has Irish origins and means ‘exalted one’. In Irish mythology, Brighid was the goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom. The name can also be spelled Brigid. What a fierce baby name!

25. Britannia. Derived from the Latin word for the British Isles, Britannia was first used as a given name in the eighteenth century. It’s a great choice if you’re particularly patriotic!

26. Bronte. From the Greek word Bronte meaning ‘thunder’ or the Gaelic meaning ‘bestower’, Bronte is a unique name that starts with B. You may also recognise it from the Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Anne and Emily.

Unique Girl Names That Start With B

Are you looking for something that stands out from the crowd for your little girl? Peruse the following list of unique baby girl names starting with B to see if you find the perfect fit.

27. Brigitta. This name is best known as the Scandinavian, German and Dutch variant of Bridget, and this more exotic form of a popular girls’ name certainly has a feminine ring to it. Interestingly, the name actually dates back to the ancient Celts of Ireland and originally meant ‘high goddess’.

28. Berenice. The Latinisation of a Greek name that means bringing victory, Berenice also appears in the New Testament as Bernice. The name is powerful as well as feminine.

29. Bea. Short for Beatrix and Beáta, meaning ‘voyager, traveller’ and ‘blessed’ respectively, Bea is a popular name throughout Europe. It would also make a great middle name for girls starting with B.

30. Bee. A short form of Beatrix. In the nineteenth century, the spelling shifted to Beatrice, although Beatrix Potter (the creator of Peter Rabbit) and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands both kept the original spelling.

31. Bellamy. As a literal combination of the French words bel and ami, this name means ‘beautiful friend’. This unisex name fits perfectly into the unique girl names that start with B theme.

32. Blessing. What better way to commemorate your little girl than calling her Blessing? Derived from Old English – meaning ‘blessing’, as you might expect – the name is far more common in Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

33. Briony. Briony is a rare English name that had a small peak in popularity in the 1990s in England and Wales. It’s a variant of Bryony, the name for a vine used as medicine. It comes from the Greek word bryo, meaning ‘to swell’.

34. Bristol. This name comes directly from the city of Bristol in southwest England. It means ‘the site of the bridge’.

35. Burgundy. Another place name, Burgundy comes from the region in France famous for its red wine.

Biblical B Letter Names for Girls

Biblical names are often some of the most enduring out there. Whether you’re looking for a religious name, or simply appreciate the classics, the following list of biblical names should offer some great inspiration!

36. Bashemath. An ancient Hebrew name meaning ‘fragrance’ and pronounced BASH-a-meth, Bashemath is one of the wives of Esau in the Old Testament.

37. Bathsheba. Meaning ‘daughter of the oath’ in Hebrew, Bathsheba was the mother of Solomon. The name is pronounced bath-SHEE-ba.

38. Beulah. Pronounced BYOO-leh, this name means ‘married’ in Hebrew. It’s used in the Old Testament to refer to the land of Israel.

39. Bilhah. Another ancient Hebrew name, Bilhah is pronounced BILL-ha and means ‘bashful’. In the Old Testament, Bilhah is the handmaid of Jacob and Rachel and the mother of Dan and Naphtali.

40. Bithiah. Bithiah means ‘daughter of Yahweh’, the Hebrew God, and is pronounced BITH-ee-a. In the Old Testament, Bithiah is the daughter of Pharaoh who drew Moses from the Nile.

Classic Baby Girl Names That Start With B

A truly classic name never goes out of the style, staying en vogue throughout the ages and generations. Take inspiration from the list below to find an enduring name for your little girl.

41. Barbara. Derived from the Greek name barbaros meaning ‘foreign’, chances are you know already know a Barbara. You can also opt for one of the many variants of Barbara, such as Babs, for a new twist on a long-loved classic.

42. Becca. Short for the name Rebecca, which likely comes from the Hebrew meaning ‘captivating’ or ‘tied’. If you can’t stop staring into your little one’s eyes, this may be a fitting girls name starting with B!

43. Betsy. Another short variant of Elizabeth. Betsy is quite old-fashioned and has withstood the test of time. Meaning ‘daughter’, it couldn’t be more fitting for your little one!

44. Betty. Without wanting to risk sounding like a broken record, you guessed it, Betty is another variant of Elizabeth. It rose to popularity in eighteenth-century England and has remained a popular choice ever since.

45. Beverly. From the Old English for ‘beaver’ and ‘stream’, Beverly was first used as a boy’s name in the late nineteenth century before transforming into a true classic for girls.

46. Brenda. Meaning ‘sword’ in Old Nordic, Brenda is a great choice if your daughter likes to exhibit her feisty, warrior side.

47. Britney. Derived from the English name for the French region of Bretagne, ‘Brittany’, Britney has experienced a growth in popularity following the emergence of the singer Britney Spears in the late 90s.


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Non-English B Letter Names for Girls

Are you looking for something slightly more exotic for your little one? We’ve compiled names from languages around the globe to give you some more inspiration on the hunt for the perfect baby girl name starting with B.

48. Bahija. Pronounced ba-HEE-jah, this Arabic name means ‘happy’. We can’t think of anything better to capture your little one’s delightful personality.

49. Bala. Meaning ‘young’ in Sanskrit, this name is the perfect choice for a newborn. Bala was also a Hindu goddess.

50. Baran. If your little one is a fan of downpours and splashing in puddles, look no further. The popular girl’s name in Persia means ‘rain’.

51. Beata. The name Beata is common throughout Europe, most prominently in Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Denmark. It’s pronounced bay-AH-ta and comes from the Latin word beatus, meaning ‘blessed’. You could also opt for Bea, a common nickname for the Hungarian version, Beáta.

52. Beileag. Pronounced BYE-lee, Beilaeg is the Scottish form of Isabel, which is – drumroll please – another variant of Elizabeth! You’ll find many important Isabels throughout history, including two Spanish queens. Isabel is more common than Elizabeth in Spain, Portugal, and France.

53. Belén. This old-fashioned name is the Spanish word for Bethlehem, the town where King David and Jesus were born. It’s pronounced bell-EHN and means ‘house of bread’ in Hebrew.

54. Benoîte. Pronounced ben-OYNT, this old-fashioned French name is the female version of Benedict, which means ‘blessed’.

55. Bianca. If you’re a fan of Blanche for girl names that start with B but want something a little more modern, Bianca could be the name for you! It’s the Italian and Romanian version of Blanche and can be found throughout Europe. Shakespeare used the name Bianca in two of his plays, and it means ‘fair’ and ‘white’.

56. Bibiana. Pronounced BEE-bya-na, this Spanish/Italian name is steeped in tradition. It comes from the Late Roman name Vivianus, derived from the Latin vivus meaning ‘alive’. Saint Bibiana (also known as Viviana) was a fourth-century martyr.

57. Bluma. The meaning of this Yiddish name (pronounced BLOO-mah) isn’t too hard to figure out. That’s right—it means ‘flower’, as in a blooming flower.

58. Bo. In Wu Chinese, the name Bo (波) is pronounced like the ‘bow’ of a ship and means ‘wave’.

59. Boglárka. The Hungarian name Boglárka has one of the cutest nicknames for girls—Bogi (pronounced BO-gee). Not only does it sound adorable, but it also has the really sweet meaning of ‘buttercup flower’. What’s not to love?

60. Bonolo. If your little girl has a calm, chilled demeanour, try the South African name Bonolo, which means ‘ease’ in Sotho. It’s pronounced BAHN-oh-lo.

61. Bora. This girl name that starts with B comes from two places. In Albania, it means ‘snow’, whereas in Korea the name Bora (보라) means ‘purple’.

62. Briallen. This adorable Welsh name meaning ‘primrose’ can be said in several ways. You can pronounce Briallen as bree-A-lin, BRAY-lin, or the more traditional way, bree-A-shehn.

63. Brígh. With the same meaning as Bree, is simply the traditional Irish variant. It means ‘high power’.

The Bottom Line

We hope our list of girl names starting with B has provided you with some inspiration. You may feel like you’re sifting through an endless stream of names, never quite finding the right one. Don’t lose hope – the perfect name is out there! If you need more inspiration, check out our list of unique baby girl names, girl names beginning with A and flower-inspired girl names.

If you want to get the ball rolling and find the dream name for your daughter, you can also check out our Baby Name Generator. All you need to do is select some filters and you’ll get the results you’re looking for!

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