Baby Boy Names That Start With B

Struggling to find the perfect name for your baby boy? Deciding on a name for your newborn is never easy, particularly with the seemingly endless number of options. If you are yet to pinpoint the perfect name, take a look through our list of names that start with B. Whether you want to stick to a theme, or just love the letter B, you’ll find plenty of inspiration below. We’ve categorised the list into various themes to help you narrow down the search.

Popular Boy Names That Start With B

If you’re all about keeping up with the latest trends, a popular baby boy name could be a great choice for your son. Check out the 9 most recently popular names starting with B in the United Kingdom:

1. Benjamin. Meaning ‘from the south’ in Hebrew, numerous cultures have their version of Benjamin. You could also opt to shorten it to Ben, Benny, Benji or Benj. Benjamin has been one of the most popular names for boys in the UK since the 1990s!

2. Bobby. Short for Robert, Bobby is a great unisex option. Of Germanic and English origin, it means ‘bright fame’. A popular name since the Middle Ages, Bobby could be a nice ode to your baby’s gleaming personality.

3. Billy. A shortened form of William, which is derived from a German name meaning ‘desire’ and ‘protection’. If you’re a fan of the Wild West, you may recognise this name from the outlaw Billy the Kid.

4. Brody. Taken from the old Gaelic meaning ‘ditch’ or ‘mire’, Brody was originally used as a last name. It grew in popularity as a first name in the 1990s and 2000s and remains a favourite boy name beginning with B to this day.

5. Bodhi. While Bodhi may be considered a modern English name, it has Sanskrit roots and is a Buddhist term meaning ‘enlightenment’. If your baby seems wise beyond his years, perhaps this would be the perfect fit!

6. Barnaby. Meaning ‘son of consolation’, Barnaby is the English form of Barnabas. You could also opt to shorten it to Barney. It’s a fun and playful choice for your little one while remaining appropriate for every age.

7. Bertie. Another popular unisex option, Bertie is the shortened form of Bertram, meaning ‘bright raven’ in old German. As ravens are a sign of intelligence and wisdom, these characteristics may rub off on your baby.

8. Bailey. Bailey comes from the Middle English word baili, used to denote the job ‘bailiff’. If your son likes to rule the roost, Bailey could be a fitting choice. Bailey has been used as a name since the nineteenth century but made a major comeback in the 1980s and 1990s.

9. Bradley. From the Old English words brad and leah, meaning ‘broad wood’ or ‘broad meadow’. Bradley is very popular as a first name and place name throughout the north of England.


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Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With B

You can’t go wrong with a true classic! Old-fashioned names can often be both fun and sophisticated at the same time. Select an old-fashioned name starting with B to pay homage to the past, name your child after a family member, or to give your baby a unique, classic name.

10. Bartholomew. Meaning ‘son of Talmai’, a biblical Hebrew name meaning ‘furrowed, Bartholomew walks the line between cute and unique. It’s the English variant of the Greek name Bartholomaios and became popular in England in the Middle Ages.

11. Baxter. Derived from the Middle English bakstere, Bakster was originally the feminine form used to denote female bakers. Nowadays, Baxter is a pretty unique name. The name peaked in the late 1880s and is often associated with strength and sophistication.

12. Benedict. Meaning ‘blessed’, Benedict is the old-fashioned version of Bennet. If you’re looking for a name with a religious link, it doesn’t come much more biblical than Benedict, which has been the name of 16 popes.

13. Bernard. If your little one is a strong little fighter, Bernard may be the perfect fit for them. From the German word bern, Bernard means ‘brave’ and ‘hardy’. The name pops up in several languages and cultures.

14. Blaine. The anglicised version of the Scottish-Gaelic name Bláán, which means ‘yellow’ and was used as a nickname for blonde men. Blaine became more widely used as a first name outside of Scotland in the 19th century.

15. Blythe. Blythe (pronounced ‘Blīth’) is an old-fashioned name meaning ‘cheerful’ in Old English. It’s a rare and elegant choice for a baby with a happy disposition!

16. Boswell. Derived from the geographical location ‘de Bosville’ situated near Yvetot in Normandy, Boswell was originally a surname that arrived in the UK with the Norman invasion. Now it is used as a unique boy name starting with B.

17. Briscoe. An intriguing old-fashioned name, the meaning of Briscoe is subject to debate. According to certain sources, it is derived from the Old Norse word Bretaskógr, meaning ‘wood of the Britons’, whereas other sources claim it is derived from the Old Norse words birki and stógr, meaning ‘birch wood’. Either way, it’s a great choice for wood enthusiasts!

18. Bruno. In German, this name means either 'protection' or 'brown'. Bruno is a popular name throughout Europe and South America, making it a great old-fashioned choice for your son.

19. Byrne. The anglicised form of the Gaelic Ó Broin, which means ‘son of Bran’. Bran means ‘raven’, something you may perhaps be familiar with from the recent pop culture hit Game of Thrones. In Irish folklore, Bran was an adventurous mariner.

20. Byron. Originally used as an English surname, Byron is derived from the Old English place name aet thaem byrum, meaning ‘at the cowshed’. You might recognise the name from the 19th-century poet Lord Byron.

Unique Boy Names That Start With B

Your son is one of a kind, and he deserves a name to match. There are plenty of unique names out there, from old-fashioned to biblical ones – you’re sure to find something that proves to be a hit. Take a look at the following list of rare names to see if any take your fancy:

21. Baldwin. From the Germanic words bald and win, Baldwin means ‘brave friend’. It was a highly popular name among the Normans and in Flanders in the early Middle Ages. Now, it’s a rare yet beautiful boy name starting with B.

22. Balfour. Often used as a local surname in Scotland, Balfour means ‘village pasture’. It was historically given to a family who owned lands or manors in the area.

23. Barak. Derived from the Hebrew word meaning ‘lightning’, Barak is often associated with strength and maturity. It also means ‘blessing in Arabic. In recent years, it has experienced a resurgence in popularity due to the name of former U.S. president Barack Obama. That’s not to say it isn’t still a highly unique name.

24. Basil. Not just the herb you put on your spaghetti; Basil is also a one-of-a-kind name derived from the Greek name Basileios. Meaning ‘king’, Basil can be found throughout Europe with several variants. While a more common name in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, it’s certainly a rarity nowadays!

25. Baylor. From the German occupation beiler, meaning ‘one who makes measuring sticks’. Baylor is a unique choice for your son. If you are expecting twins, you could pair Baylor with Taylor for the perfect rhyming duo!

26. Beauregard. Meaning ‘beautiful’ in French and used in English to mean ‘admirer’ or ‘sweetheart’, Beauregard is an adorable choice for your beautiful little boy!

27. Bellamy. Joining the two French words bel and ami, the name literally translates into ‘beautiful friend’ – something your son is sure to be.

28. Braith. The jury remains out on the precise meaning of this unique name. However, certain parties believe it comes from the Welsh word brith meaning ‘speckled’.

29. Bram. Shortened form of Abraham, one of the most enduring boy names that start with A. You may have previously heard the name from the author of Dracula, Bram Stoker.

30. Briggs. Derived from the Old Norse word bryggja, meaning ‘bridge’. It was used in early medieval English and Flemish to describe someone or a place related to bridges.

31. Broderick. Originally used as a surname, it originates from two sources, a Welsh name that means ‘famous ruler’ in German and an Irish name that comes from the Old Norse word for ‘brother’. The relatively rare use of Broderick as a first name makes it a very unique boy name starting with B.

32. Bronte. You might know this name from the Brontë sisters (Charlotte, Emily and Anne), who went from Brunty to Brontë to match the Greek mythological meaning of ‘thunder’. Bronte also means ‘bestower’ in Gaelic. To make it even more unique, you can also add the umlaut to the e.

33. Brooks. Thought to derive from the Swedish surname Bäckland, this name translates to ‘of the brook’ in English. The addition of S makes this name truly one of a kind.

Funny and Cute Boy Names That Start With B

There’s no need to rush deciding on a name for your new arrival. In fact, you can always choose to wait until your little one has arrived. If they have a fun and bubbly personality when you meet them, perhaps you may want to select one of the following funny and cute boy names that start with B.

34. Baker. Do you have a soft spot for all things cake? If so, Baker may be a fun choice for your son. Taken from Old English, this name literally means – you guessed it – ‘baker’. It is often used as a last name in English-speaking countries.

35. Bala. From the Sanskrit word for ‘young’, the name Bala is a beautiful name of Indian origin. It can also be used as an adorable girl’s name – either way, it’s a winner!

36. Barney. A name that may evoke images of a certain purple dinosaur, Barney is an adorable baby name! It’s related to Bernard, Barnabas and Barnaby, and you’ll find variations around the world.

37. Baz. This rare gem is a fun take on Basil and Barry, meaning both ‘king’ and ‘fair hair’. If you’re a film fanatic, you may also know it as the name of Baz Luhrmann, director of Moulin Rouge!.

38. Bear. There is no real surprise when it comes to the origin of this name. However, Bear also historically means ‘the brown one’ in Germanic languages.

39. Benny. If you want a cute nickname for Benedict or Benjamin, look no further. These names mean ‘blessed’ and ‘son of the right hand’ respectively.

40. Bernie. Found primarily in English-speaking countries and throughout Europe, Bernie is an adorable unisex nickname Bernard, Bernadette, and Bernice. It is associated with several meanings, including ‘bear’, ‘brave’, ‘hardy’ and ‘bringing victory’.

41. Blaze. From the somewhat unassuming Latin word blaesus, Blaze means ‘lisp’ or ‘stammer’. Don’t let this meaning put you off – nowadays Blaze is a strong, energetic name, more associated with a lightning bolt than a lisp!

42. Brady. Derived from the Irish surname Ó Brádaigh, Brady means ‘descendant of Brádach’, and means ‘large-chested’ in Gaelic. While that may sound like it’s solely associated with strength, we think it’s also an adorable boy name beginning with B.

43. Brawley. This very rare yet sweet name is derived from a surname of Scottish, Irish and English origin. It means ‘meadow at the slope of the hill’.

44. Brennan. Anglicised form of the Gaelic name Ó Braonáin (meaning ‘descendant of Braonán’), with the cute meaning ‘moisture’ and ‘drop’. Making it a great choice for your little drop of sunshine.

45. Buck. Nowadays Buck is a rather rare given name, but during the nineteenth century it was fairly popular. Its origins lie in the Old English word bucc, which simply means ‘buck’, i.e. a male deer.

46. Buster. If you know anything about silent films, you’ve probably heard of the name Buster Keaton. Unsurprisingly, the name peaked in popularity back in the early twentieth century. We think it remains an adorable boy name starting with B to this day.

Timeless Boy Names That Start With B

You can’t go wrong with a proven classic. All of the following baby boy names that start with B have withstood the test of time. That doesn’t mean they’re old-fashioned – some still sound entirely modern and keep hitting the top name charts year after year.

47. Blake. Originally a surname derived from the Old English for black, the name is now a common given name. You may consider this name for a boy born with a full head of dark hair!

48. Brett. Meaning ‘a Breton’, this gender-neutral name refers to someone from Brittany, France. Although it sounds modern, Brett was originally a Middle English surname.

49. Brian. Derived from the Irish bre, Brian means ‘hill’, ‘high’ or ‘noble’ – certainly not bad attributes for your little one. As one of the most popular names in the English-speaking world, you probably know a Brian or two. This only goes to show the enduring power of the name!

50. Bruce. This name is derived from a Norman place name and features in the history books as the royal family name of the Scottish king Robert the Bruce, who won Scotland’s independence from England in the fourteenth century.

51. Bryce. From the Gaelic word for ‘speckled’. Bryce is a charming name for your little boy and has risen in popularity several times in recent centuries.

City and Neighbourhood Boy Names That Start With B

If you want to pay homage to your favourite city or neighbourhood, there is no better way than naming your son after it. Even if you just visited once and loved the sound of the name; inspiration for baby names can come from anywhere. Plus, it’s always nice to add a personal touch. Here are some ideas for baby boy names that start with B based on place names:

52. Bareilly. A city in Northern India, Bareilly (pronounced Bah-RAY-lee) was founded in the sixteenth century and is known for its beautiful mosques. It also sits near the Ramganga River, a tributary to the Ganges.

53. Beira. A port city in Mozambique, Beira (pronounced BYE-ra) sits near the mouths of the Púngoè and Búzi rivers. Beira is an important global shipping centre.

54. Belém. Belém (pronounced Bay-LEM) is situated in the Amazon River Delta in northern Brazil. With French and Portuguese influences, the city is known for its beautiful architecture, universities and theatres.

55. Bergen. A colourful harbour town in Norway known for its scenic fjords, Bergen (pronounced BER-gen) was the country’s historic capital in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. It houses the picturesque Bryggen Wharf and an important fishing economy.

56. Berlin. As the capital of Germany, Berlin (pronounced Ber-LIN) is known for the Berlin Wall, which divided the city after WWII. Today, it’s a hip hub with varied architecture, industry, and history.

57. Boston. Famous for baked beans, lobster rolls, and the Red Sox, Boston is renowned for its blend of historic architecture and modern skyscrapers. It's the capital of Massachusetts in the U.S. and is home to the historic Freedom Trail.

58. Bremen. Tucked away in northern Germany, Bremen (pronounced BRAY-men) is one of the largest ports in the country. It’s known for its idyllic architecture and riverside cityscape.

59. Brighton. A resort town in southern England, Brighton (pronounced BRY-tin) is home to an artsy community and the iconic Royal Pavilion.

60. Bristol. Another city in southern England, Bristol is a medieval town historically important for its trade route to the Americas.

61. Brixton. A neighbourhood in northern London, Brixton became a multicultural hub in the booming 1950s and 1960s.

62. Brooklyn. Associated with the name Brook or Brooks, Brooklyn rose to popularity in the 2010s, thanks to a few celebrity baby names. For the A-listers, the name refers to the borough in New York City, which was named after the Dutch town of Breukelen. In Dutch, breuk means ‘broken land’ and broek means ‘marsh land’.

Non-English Boy Names That Start With B

Your child’s name can be a great way to commemorate your heritage. Alternatively, you may also just like the sound of something a little exotic. Our list already contains a good number of international names, but here are a few more for inspiration.

63. Baishan. Meaning ‘knife’ in the Apache language, this was the name of the Chiricahua Apache chief in the nineteenth century. Baishan is pronounced BYE-shaun.

64. Baran. Meaning ‘rain’ in Persian, it’s more commonly found used as a boy name in Turkish and Kurdish.

65. Bence. As the Hungarian version of Vincent, and sometimes used as a short form for Benedek (Hungary’s Benedict), Bence (pronounced BEN-tseh) comes from the Latin vincentius and vincere, meaning ‘to conquer’.

66. Benito. Benito is the Italian and Spanish version of Benedict, which means ‘blessed’. It’s one of the more popular baby boy names that start with B around the world.

67. Beren. Suitable for both boys and girls, Beren means ‘strong, smart’ in Turkish. On another tangent, Beren means ‘bold’ in the language Sindarin, coined by author J.R.R. Tolkien.

68. Bertil. The Scandinavian form of Bertilo or Berthold, you’ll find Bertil in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. Bertilo means ‘bright, famous’ and Berthold means ‘bright ruler’.

69. Berto. In Italian and Spanish, Berto is the short form of Roberto or Alberto. These names follow other plays on the base of Bert and mean ‘bright’.

70. Bevan. A Welsh name, Bevan means ‘son of Evan’. In turn, Evan is the Welsh form of John, one of the most classic boy names meaning ‘to be gracious’ in Hebrew.

71. Bo. If you like the name Beau or Beauregard but want to add a Chinese element and opt for a simpler spelling, Bo could be the perfect fit. In Wu Chinese, Bo is pronounced bow (as in the bow of a ship) and means ‘wave’.

72. Bogdan. Bogdan is a common name in most Slavic languages along with Romanian. It means ‘given by God’.

73. Boris. A highly popular name throughout Europe, particularly in Germany, Boris is based on the Turkic name Bogoris. It is purported to mean several things, including ‘short’, ‘wolf’ and ‘snow leopard’.

74. Borja. A Spanish last name, Borja (pronounced BOR-kha) means ‘tower’ in Arabic. It honours the sixteenth-century priest Saint Francis Borja, who was born in Valencia, Spain.

75. Bryn. Meaning ‘hill or mound’ in Welsh, Bryn is a rare and unique unisex name.


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Celebrity Boy Names That Start With B

Why not consider naming your baby after someone who has made an impact on the world? Perhaps you have a favourite celebrity or artist or just love their name. Some of the following celebrity boy names that start with B are beautiful in their own right, beyond their famous connotations.

76. Banksy. Hailing from Bristol, this famous and anonymous British graffiti artist is now a household name around the world. He’s known for antiauthoritarian pieces with his work displayed in prestigious museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and Tate Britain in London.

77. Beckham. The surname of one of the world’s most famous football players. Beckham can also be used as a first name and means ‘Becca’s homestead’.

78. Beckett. Deriving from the Middle English words beke or bekke, Beckett means ‘beak, stream, or brook’. You may recognise the name from the famous Irish author, Samuel Beckett.

79. Beethoven. The name Beethoven combines the words beethe and hoven, which together mean ‘beetroot farms’. Of course, you’re more likely to recognise it as the name of the world-famous German composer, Ludwig van Beethoven.

80. Bing. If you want boy names that start with B that honour famous singers, songwriters, and actors, you can’t go wrong with Bing, most famously borne by singer Bing Crosby. You may know him best by his iconic renditions of ‘White Christmas’ and ‘Silent Night’.

81. Booker. Booker T. Washington was born into slavery yet become one of the most prominent voices for Black Americans in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. He was a historic educator and educational reformer. Booker can also refer to the occupation as ‘maker of books’.

82. Bowie. It would almost be rude to make a name of celebrity boy names that start with B and not include the one-and-only David Bowie. If you feel your son will have a strong creative side, this would be a fitting choice! Bowie is derived from the Scottish Gaelic name Mac Gille Bhuid meaning ‘yellow-haired lad’.

83. Buzz. The American astronaut Buzz Aldrin was the second person to ever set foot on the moon, following the steps of Neil Armstrong. He was a talented engineer and scientist and made huge strides for NASA.

The Bottom Line

We hope our list of boy names starting with B has provided you with some inspiration. You may feel like you’re sifting through an endless stream of names, never quite finding the right one. Don’t lose hope – the perfect name is out there! If you need more inspiration, check out our list of unique baby boy names, boy names beginning with A and French boy names.

If you want to get the ball rolling and find the dream name for your son, you can also check out our Baby Name Generator. All you need to do is select some filters and you’ll get the results you’re looking for!

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