92 Boy Names That Start with the Letter A

Choosing a name for your baby boy is a major undertaking. Have you considered looking according to letter? The following list includes plenty of names beginning with A for you to mull over. From cool, unique, cute and unusual names to ones with a biblical background, there’s something for everyone. Carry on reading to discover some great options for your little one.

Popular Boy Names Beginning With A

These were the top 10 boy names chosen in 2020 in England and Wales that start with the letter A:

1. Arthur. Likely derived from the Celtic word meaning ‘bear man’ or ‘bear king’. The name became popular due to the legend of King Arthur. It’s the perfect choice for your strong little warrior. You could also opt for the cute nickname Artie.

2. Archie. As a shortened form of Archibald, the name of German origin means ‘genuine’ and ‘bold’. Archie was first brought to England by the Normans, and is now commonly found in English-speaking countries.

3. Alexander. From the Greek name Alexandros, consisting of alexo, meaning ‘to defend’ and aner, meaning ‘man’. It has had some famous bearers over the year, from Alexander the Great, Alexander Graham Bell and Alexander Fleming. Your little one may go on to follow on in the footsteps of these great men.

4. Alfie. The arguably cuter diminutive version of the boy’s name Alfred, which means ‘elf counsel’. If you’re a fan of Alfred, Alfie offers a cool, shorter alternative.

5. Arlo. Supposedly this name was created by poet Edmund Spenser. It most likely refers to an Irish place that means ‘between two highlands’ in Gaelic.

6. Adam. In the Bible, Adam was the name of the first man and literally means ‘man’ in Hebrew. The Hebrew word can also mean ‘to be red’, referring to the clay from which Adam was created by God.

7. Albie. This cute name is the diminutive of the German name Albert, which means ‘noble and bright’.

8. Albert. Derived from the German name Adalbert, this name was famously borne by the Prince Consort of Queen Victoria.

9. Alfred. In Old English Alfred means ‘elf counsel’. If you’re having twin boys, you could pair Alfred with the name Alberich, which means ‘elf ruler’. Alfie and Albie could be cute nicknames with a mystical touch for your boys.

10. Austin. The medieval vernacular form of the name Augustine. August is also found used as a surname and as the name of a city in Texas.


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Unusual and Unique Boy Names That Start With A

Do you like to tread off the beaten path? Your son can follow in your footsteps with one of these unusual and unique names:

11. Altair. This unique name could be a great choice if you’re a fan of astronomy. It’s the name of a star in the constellation Aquila, which is represented by an eagle. In Arabic, the name means ‘the flyer’.

12. Alvise. The Venetian form of the name Louis, Alvise has Germanic roots and means ‘famous battle’.

13. Amand. The male form of the female name Amanda, which means ‘worthy of love’, something your little one absolutely is!

14. Anand. This Sanskrit name means ‘happiness’ or ‘bliss’, two things you may be flooded with when your baby boy makes his appearance.

15. Antares. This name is the perfect choice for fans of astrology and astronomy. Antares is the name of the brightest star in the scorpion-shaped constellation of Scorpio. In the zodiac, Scorpio covers the birthdates from October 23 to November 21. So, if your baby boy is born during this time, you might consider this unique name.

16. Aravind. If you appreciate Eastern religions and mysticism, you might be a fan of this Sanskrit boy’s name that means ‘lotus’, a symbol of purity and enlightenment.

17. Archer. This English surname of French origin refers to the art of archery. Archer would make a cool first or middle name that starts with A for your boy.

18. Arjuna. In Sanskrit, Arjuna means ‘white’ or ‘clear’. In Hinduism, Arjuna is the son of the god Indra and the princess Kunti. Another variant of the name is Arjun.

19. Artair. This is the Scottish form of Arthur. If you’re looking for something to make your little one stand out from the crowd, Artair could be a great option.

20. Artem. The Russian version of the Greek name Artemios, which is derived from Greek words meaning ‘safe’ or ‘butcher’, possibly a reference to Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting.

21. Asim. In Sanskrit, Asim means ‘boundless’ or ‘limitless’, making it a unique way to highlight the limitless possibilities your little boy will have in life. In Arabic, it means ‘protector’.


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Cool and Cute Boy Names That Start With A

Looking for some cute names for your cool little gut? Check out the following list for inspiration:

22. Ace. While often used as a nickname, why not adopt it as a first name for your little one? Ace means ‘highest rank’, which perfectly describes the place your baby boy will have in your heart.

23. Adi. A cool unisex name, Adi means ‘jewel’ or ‘ornament’ in Hebrew. In other languages, the name is sometimes used as a nickname for Adrian.

24. Ajit. This Sanskrit name means ‘unconquered’ or ‘invincible’. Give your little one a strong start in life with this powerful name.

25. Akamu. This is the Hawaiian form of the name Adam. Consider this cool and unique name for a tropical twist.

26. Akim. The Russian form of the name Joachim. St. Joachim was thought to be the father of the Virgin Mary.

27. Akira. If you’re looking for a name with eastern roots, Akira could be a great option. This Japanese boy’s name that starts with A means ‘bright’ or ‘clear’.

28. Akiva. The Aramaic form of the name Yaakov, which is the Hebrew form of the name Jacob. Akiva offers a fresh modern take on a classic boy’s name.

29. Akram. This Arabic name means ‘most generous’, which we’re sure your little one will be.

30. Algar. This unique name means ‘elf spear’ in Old English. It’s rather uncommon nowadays, but why not revive this interesting, mystical name for a unique touch?

31. Almas. This Arabic name means ‘diamond’ in Persian. Almas could be a distinct and unique name for your precious little one.

32. Alon. In Hebrew, this short name means ‘oak tree’. In Tagalog, it means ‘wave’. We think both meanings are pretty cool and in touch with nature! A variant spelling is Elon, famously borne by entrepreneur and businessman Elon Musk.

33. Amani. This Arabic name, which is considered unisex, simply means ‘wishes’, which we’re sure you’ll have plenty of for your little one. If you’re considering a unisex name, check out this list .

34. Amon. This Egyptian name means ‘the hidden one’ and was the name of the Egyptian god of air, creativity, and fertility. His identity was later combined with the god Ra to form the deity Amon-Ra.

35. Amos. This name of Hebrew origin means ‘load’ or ‘burden’. Amos was one of the 12 minor prophets in the Old Testament.

36. Anakoni. This is the Hawaiian form of the name Anthony. If you’re looking for a unique tropical twist, this could be a great choice for your little one.

37. Ander. This is the Basque version of the name Andrew, a popular name of Greek origin meaning ‘strong and manly’.

38. Anri. The Georgian form of the French name Henri, pronounced Ahn-Ree. The name originated as the German name Heinrich, which means ‘home ruler’, something you may feel perfectly describes your baby boy.

39. Ari. A popular Hebrew name meaning ‘lion’. In Old Norse, it means ‘eagle’. And, in Armenian, it means ‘brave’. A great selection of attributes for your strong little one.

40. Ariel. In Hebrew, Ariel means’“lion of God’. In the Old Testament it was also used as another name for the city of Jerusalem. Despite its origins as a male name, it’s been used as a female name, which rose in popularity in the late 1980s after Disney introduced the animated mermaid character of Ariel.

41. Armas. In Finnish, Armas means ‘beloved’, something your baby boy is bound to be.

42. Armin. This is the modern form of the Germanic name Arminius and may also be related to the name Herman. It likely means ‘whole’ or ‘universal’.

43. Arnie. The English short form for Arnold, Arnie is an adorable nickname for your little boy.

44. Arno. The short form for the Dutch name Arnoud and the German name Arnold. It means ‘eagle power’ – a pretty cool thing for your boy to have.

45. Artie. The short form for Arthur, which most likely has Celtic origins and means ‘bear man’. Although, you may struggle to imagine ferocious bear with an adorable name like Artie!

46. Ashanti. This unisex African name means ‘warlike’ in the Twi language.

47. Ashton. Originally a surname, Ashton means ‘ash tree town’ in Old English. It could also be a great middle name that starts with A for your boy.

48. Ashwin. In Sanskrit, this name means ‘possessed of horses’. In Hinduism, the Ashvins are twin gods of sunrises and sunsets, something you may see a good number of in your newborn’s first few months.

49. Aslan. In Turkish, this unique name means ‘lion’ and was used by several medieval Turkish rulers. It’s also the name of the lion in the Chronicles of Narnia books and films. If you’re looking for the perfect name to describe your brave little warrior, why not opt for Aslan?

50. Aston. This name most likely comes from a surname meaning ‘east town’ in Old English. Perhaps a great choice if you live in the east.

51. Astor. From a famous surname (the eighteenth-century family founded by John Jacob Astor), Astor means ‘hawk’.

52. Atem. This unique name comes from Egyptian mythology and means ‘completion’ or ‘totality’.

53. Avrum. The Yiddish form of the name Abraham.

54. Aziz. This Arabic name means ‘powerful’, ‘respected’, ‘beloved’, and ‘cherished’, something your baby boy is bound to be!

Biblical Boy Names That Start With A

Whether you’re religious or not, names with biblical origins can be great options for your baby boy:

55. Abdiel. Meaning ‘servant of God’ in Hebrew, the name appears in the Old Testament. It’s also the name of a character in John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost.

56. Abel. In the Bible, Abel, the second son of Adam and Eve, is killed by his brother, Cain. The story may not be a happy one, but that didn’t stop the name Abel from rising to popularity during the Middle Ages and during Puritan times. Abel has also experienced a surge in popularity in recent times, peaking in 2015.

57. Abner. This name of Hebrew origin means ‘my father is light’, something dad is bound to feel when he looks into their little one’s eyes. Abner was a commander of an army in the Old Testament. The name was once popular among Christians, especially Puritans, but has since become less common. Why not give it a revival?

58. Abraham. In Hebrew, Abraham means ‘father of man’, referring to the biblical figure considered a patriarch in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The most famous bearer of this name was Abraham Lincoln.

59. Abram. In Hebrew, this name means ‘high father’. As recounted in the Bible, Abram was originally the name of the biblical Abraham before it was changed by God.

60. Absalom. Meaning ‘my father is peace’ in Hebrew, this name originated in the Old Testament. Absalom was also a son of King David. This name would make a great unique choice for your little one.

61. Asa. It’s thought that Asa means ‘healer’ in Hebrew. The name appears in the Old Testament.

62. Azariah. This unique name of Hebrew origin means ‘Yahweh (God) has helped’. The name also appears in the Old Testament. It can also be spelled Azaria.

63. Azriel. This name of Hebrew origin means ‘my help is God’. The name appears in the Old Testament. Azriel could be a great option for religious households.

Classic and Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With A

Names that have stood the test of time. Why not give your baby boy a timeless name that will never go out of fashion?

64. Alan. From Brittany, a region in France, Alan is purported to mean ‘little rock’ or ‘handsome’, making it the perfect choice for your dapper little fella. You can also opt for a variant spelling of the name, such as Allen (English and Scottish), Alain (French), or Ailín (Irish).

65. Alastair. This name is the Scottish version of Alexander, which is one of the most popular boys' names that start with the letter A. If you’re Scottish, or have Scottish roots, this name could be a great nod to your heritage.

66. Alberich. In German, this name means ‘elf ruler’. In German mythology, Alberich was the king of the elves. It’s a unique boy name that’s perfect for those looking for a mystical touch.

67. Alvin. A medieval form of the Old English name Ealdwine, which means ‘old friend’. It’s also considered a Scandinavian name that’s derived from Alfvin.

68. Archibald. This common Scottish name has Germanic roots and means ‘genuine’ and ‘bold’. Either meaning could perfectly describe your baby boy. You could also use the shorter for of Archie as a nickname.

69. Arnold. This Germanic name means ‘eagle power’, an ideal choice for your strong little one. A few saints bore this name, and a well-known modern bearer is bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger.

70. Ashley. Originally used an English surname that means ‘ash tree clearing’ before gaining popularity as a name for boys – Ashley is a proven classic. The name also became more popular as a girl’s name in the 1960s.

71. Aubrey. The Norman French version of the name Alberich, which also appears on this list. Aubrey was a common boy’s name in the Middle Ages, but by the 1970s it became more popular for girls. But, it’s still considered a unisex name. If you’re having boy and girl twins, you could always opt for twin baby name pairings like Aubrey paired with Audrey for double the trouble.

72. Avery. This was originally a surname that was derived from the names Alberich and Alfred. It’s now considered a unisex name, making it a great timeless choice for your little boy.

Italian, French, and Spanish Boy Names That Start With A

Looking for a boy name beginning with A that has that special je ne sais quoi? The following names of Italian, French, and Spanish origin offer some great options with an exotic twist:

73. Alcide. The Italian and French form of the Latinized name Alcides, which means ‘strength’ in Greek.

74. Aldo. This cute Italian name means ‘old’ or ‘noble’, making it a great choice if your little one is wise beyond his years.

75. Alessio. This is the Italian version of the name Alexis. Not only is it unique, it rolls off the tongue like a melody.

76. Alfonso. As the Spanish and Italian version of a Germanic boy’s name meaning ‘noble and ready’, Alfonso was the name of several kings of Spain and Portugal. It may just be the noblest boy’s name that starts with A out there! A notable modern bearer of this name is Alfonso Cuarón, the first Mexican-born filmmaker to win an Academy Award for best director.

77. Anastacio. The Spanish and Italian form of the name Anastasios, which has Latin and Greek origins, and means ‘resurrection’. You can also opt to spell the name Anastasio.

78. André. Spelled with or without the accent, this variant of Andrew is common in French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and English.

79. Anthelme. This rare French name is based on the ancient German name of Anthelm without the e at the end. It means ‘wrath’ or ‘zeal’ and ‘helmet’ or ‘protection’ – a fierce name for your mighty little warrior!

80. Antoine. This is the French form of the name Anthony, which is a popular choice for names that start with the letter A. Other variants of the name are Antwan and Antonio.

81. Armand. 81.This name is the French version of Herman, which means ‘army man’ in German. A great choice for your little soldier.

82. Arsenio. This is the Spanish and Italian version of the ancient Greek name Arsenios, which means ‘virile’. It will perfectly capture your baby boy’s strength.

Classical Latin and Greek Boy Names That Start With A

If you’re a fan of the ancient world, these classical Latin and Greek names could be a great option for your little boy:

83. Achilles. The meaning of this name is uncertain, but Achilles was renowned as one of the bravest warriors in the Trojan War. He was killed by an arrow that shot the only vulnerable part of his body: his heel. This is where the Achilles tendon – which connects the calf muscles to the heel – gets its name.

84. Aeneas. This is the Latin form of a Greek name that means ‘praise’, and we all love to praise our little ones! In Greek mythology, Aeneas was the son of the goddess Aphrodite. In Virgil’s Aeneid, Aeneas is also the founder of Rome.

85. Aesop. This was the name of a Greek writer who may or may not have written some fables that were later collected and became known as Aesop's Fables.

86. Agathon. This is the male form of the female name Agatha, which means ‘good’ in Greek. It’s a unique name with a simple meaning, making it a great choice for your baby boy.

87. Albus. This Roman name means ‘white’ or ‘bright’ in Latin. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll almost certainly recognise this name!

88. Alexis. In Greek, this name means ‘helper’ or ‘defender’, making it an ideal choice for your little one. Several saints and a third-century Greek poet bore this name. It’s now considered a unisex name.

89. Aloysius. This name is the Latin form of the name Aloys, which is an Occitan (Southern French) version of Louis. This boy’s name that starts with an A is quite rare and unique – just like your baby boy.

90. Ambrose. This rare boy’s name comes from Latin and Greek and means ‘immortal’. The name came into use after a saint, but then became less common. Why not give it a revival by selecting it for your little one?

91. Apollo. Apollo was the Greek god of music, art, prophecy, medicine, knowledge, law, beauty and wisdom. He was eventually also the god of sun and light. Experts aren’t sure where the name comes from, but one theory is that it might be rooted in a word that means ‘strength’.

92. August. This name comes from the Latin name Augustus, which means ‘exalted’ or ‘venerable’. Augustus was the given name of the Roman emperor who succeeded Julius Caesar. This could be the perfect choice for your little one if he is born in August.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully this list has given you plenty of food for thought and maybe even the perfect name for your little boy. If not, we have plenty more articles for you to check out. Take a look at our international baby names and our top 1,000 baby boy names for even more great ideas. Our Baby Name Generator can also help you find a name by letting you search thousands of names using filters like first letter and theme to find the perfect name more easily. Filter for the letter A, and you’ll find many more names and their meanings to choose from.

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