French Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

Do you want to give your baby boy a name with that special je ne sais quoi? We’ve compiled a list of 86 great French boys’ names to inspire you. Interestingly, according to the latest statistics, there are about 149,000 French citizens living in the U.K., and around 170,000 British citizens living in France. This may only increase the popularity of these charming French boy names in the U.K. So, keep reading for popular choices, unique gems, and old-fashioned classics for your baby boy.

Popular French Boy Names

Here is the list of the top French boy names in France from 2020:

  1. Aloïs. French and Dutch version of Aloysius.

  2. Mathéo. Derived from the biblical name Matthew, meaning ‘gift of God’ in Hebrew.

  3. Raphaël. Meaning ‘God heals’ in Hebrew.

  4. Éliott. Derived from the medieval name Elias, which has biblical origins.

  5. Lyam. Modern French version of the Irish boy’s name Liam, short for William.

  6. Mylan. Of Slavic origins, meaning gracious or dear.

  7. Gabriel. Name of the biblical archangel, meaning ‘God is my strong man’ in Hebrew.Gabriel also appears in the Koran.

  8. Théo. Of Greek origin, meaning ‘gift of God’.

  9. Lucas. Meaning from Lucania, an area in Southern Italy.

  10. Maël. Likely derived from a Celtic word meaning chieftain or prince.

  11. Samuel. Of Hebrew origin, meaning either ‘name of God’ or ‘God has heard’.

  12. Elias. Biblical name meaning ‘God is Yahweh’ in Hebrew (Yahweh is the name of God in Hebrew).

  13. Matis. Of Greek origin, meaning ‘gift of Yahweh’.

  14. Timéo. Meaning ‘to honour’ in Greek.

  15. Louis. From the German name Ludwig, meaning ‘famous battle’.


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Unique French Boy Names

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more unique to bring out your little one’s personality? Check out the following names for some inspiration:

  1. Adélard. Of German origin, meaning noble and brave.

  2. Aldéric. From the German boy’s name Aldric, meaning old and mighty.

  3. Alexandre. French form of the boy’s name Alexander.

  4. Amédée. From the Latin name Amadeus, meaning ‘love of God’.

  5. Anthelme. From German name Anthelm, meaning zeal and protection.

  6. Aristide. French and Italian version of the Greek boy’s name Aristides, meaning ‘the best’.

  7. Arsène. French form of the Greek boy’s name Arsenios, meaning virile.

  8. Bérenger.Of Germanic origin, it roughly translates to mean bear and spear.

  9. Côme. From the Latin and Greek boys’ names Cosmas and Kosmas, meaning order and decency.

  10. Dieudonné. Meaning ‘given by God’.

  11. Émeric. Based on the German name Emmerich, meaning ‘whole ruler’.

  12. Gervais. Latinized ancient German name of Gervasius, which was also the name of a saint.

  13. Honoré. From Honoratus or Honorius, meaning honour.

  14. Maxime. From the Latin name Maximus, meaning greatest.

  15. Régis. Meaning rules in the Old French Occitan language.

  16. Sévère. From the Latin name Severus, meaning stern.

  17. Zacharie. From the biblical name Zechariah, meaning ‘Yahweh remembers’.

Cute French Boy Names

The language of love has come up with some very cute names over the years. See if any of the following names capture your little one’s adorable nature:

  1. Adrien. From the Roman name Hadrian, which was also the name of a Roman emperor.

  2. Aimé. Male form of Aimée, meaning beloved.

  3. Alain. Originally from Brittany, Alain means little rock or handsome.

  4. Arnaud. Of Germanic origin, meaning eagle power.

  5. Aubin. Meaning white or bright, derived from the ancient Roman name Albinus or Albus.

  6. Barnabé. Derived from Barnabas, an Aramaic name that means ‘son of the prophet’.

  7. Cédric. Possibly related to the Old English name Cerdric.

  8. Edmé. Of Old English origin, meaning wealth and protection.

  9. Évariste. From the Latin name Evaristus, which means ’well pleasing’ in Greek.

  10. Gilles. Based on the English name Giles, which means ‘young goat’ in Greek.

  11. Guy. Based on the ancient German name of Wido, it can mean wood or wide.

  12. Henri. A Finnish name, which means ‘home ruler’ in German.

  13. Hugo. Latin version of the English name Hugh, meaning heart, mind or spirit.

  14. Joël. Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘Yahweh is God’.

  15. Noël. Meaning Christmas in French.

  16. Pascal. From a Latin word meaning ‘relating to Easter’.

  17. Pierre. In Greek, Pierre means stone.

  18. René. Of Latin origin, this name means ‘born again’.

  19. Ruben. From the Hebrew name Reuben, meaning ‘behold, a son’.

  20. Sylvestre. From Silvester, meaning ‘of the forest’ in Latin.

  21. Yannick. From a Breton name, Yann, which is John.

Beautiful French Boy Names

French is arguably one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in a vast number of beautiful names for baby boys. Explore our list to see if any sound like music to your ears:

  1. André. Meaning manly.

  2. Antoine. From the Roman name Anthony.

  3. Aubert. French form of the boy’s name Albert, meaning noble and bright in German.

  4. Benoît. From the Latin name Benedictus, meaning blessed.

  5. Hervé. Of Breton origin, meaning battle worthy.

  6. Julien. Of Romon origin, meaning valour.

  7. Laurent. A Latin name meaning ‘from Laurentum’, an ancient Italian city.

  8. Olivier. Of Germanic, Old Norse, and Latin origin, meaning olive tree.

  9. Philippe. Of Greek origin, meaning ‘friend of horses’.

  10. Rainier. Of Germanic origin, meaning advice and army.

  11. Tristan. Old French version of the Celtic boy’s name Drust, meaning riot or tumult.

  12. Yves. Medieval French form of the German name Ivo, meaning yew.


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Old-Fashioned French Boy Names

Check out the following list if you want to give your son a timeless name that harks back to the days of Monet, Renoir and other French masters:

  1. Charles. Of German origin, meaning man.

  2. Denis. Medieval French form of Dionysios, the Greek god of wine and fruitfulness.

  3. Didier. Based on the Latin name Desiderius, meaning longing or desire.

  4. Édouard. Of Old English origin, meaning rich guard.

  5. Émile. Meaning rival in Latin.

  6. Étienne. Of Greek origin, meaning crown or wreath.

  7. Eugène. Of Greek origin, meaning ‘well born’.

  8. Félix. Of Roman origin, meaning lucky in Latin.

  9. Gaston. Derived from a German name meaning guest or stranger.

  10. Geoffrey. Norman French name with Germanic origins meaning peace and territory.

  11. Georges. Derived from the Greek word meaning farmer or earth worker.

  12. Gérard. Meaning spear and brave in German.

  13. Grégoire. Meaning watchful or alert in Greek.

  14. Guillaume. Of Germanic origin, meaning ‘will helmet’.

  15. Jean. French form of the English name John.

  16. Jérôme. Based on a Greek name meaning ‘sacred name’.

  17. Maurice. Based on the Roman Maurus, meaning moorish.

  18. Thibault. Of Germanic origin, meaning ‘bold people’.

  19. Timothée. Derived from a Greek name meaning ‘honouring God’.

The Bottom Line

Have you found the best French boy’s name for your son on this list? If you still need more name ideas for your little one, there are plenty of other articles you can check out. Take a look at our unique boy names and our top baby boy names for more inspiration.

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