Taking care of a newborn is both a happy time and a lot of hard work. One of the many things to consider is budgeting for a baby. As a new mum, you'll be looking for ways to save money on baby essentials, which will help you take care of your baby on a budget. Here are some great baby discounts and savings tricks that can help your money go further.

Borrow Baby Gear

Babies grow out of their tiny clothes super fast. Go to thrift stores for barely-used baby clothes, or reuse the hand-me-downs of your older children. Your friends and family might also be able to give or lend you lots of clothes that their babies have grown out of. You can do the same with toys, books and other essentials like the crib, stroller, and high chair.

You might even find mothers' groups in your area (try online as well) where you can ask other mums for their unneeded baby gear. They'll be happy to pass on items they no longer need and are just taking up room at home, and you can also pass on the favour to other new mums in time.

Create a Registry for Baby Shower Gifts

Your loved ones know the cost of having a baby in the UK. So, your family and friends will be looking for ways to help out. The baby shower is the perfect chance for them to gift you what you really need. Use this baby registry list to get inspiration about the baby items you can add to your shower registry, so that you'll have many of the things you really need by the time you take your newborn home.

Buy Clothes on Sale

Take advantage of baby clothing stores' sales, and look for outlets so that you can pick up baby clothes at a discount. There are a few things to keep in mind, though. Your baby will grow fast and might only wear clothes a few times before he's too big for them. That's why you shouldn't buy too many clothes of the same size. Also, try to avoid buying clothes too far in advance, because he might grow out of them before the clothes are in season. For example, if you buy a winter coat too far in advance you might find he's outgrown it before it's cold enough for a coat.

Sign Up for Discounts and Offers

Your local baby supply stores will likely offer discounts and offers to those on their email database. Sign up early so you can take advantage of specials on things like formula, clothes, toys, and other baby accessories. Many baby stores and even some doctors will have discount coupons on things like creams, wipes, lotions and more. Make sure you ask for these so you can save some money the next time you purchase the basics.

Download Baby Apps

There are lots of apps for mums-to-be and mums of newborns that can help you access great savings and rewards for both you and your baby. Check out this list of great apps that you should download.

Do Some Research

Your pounds will stretch much further if you research what you'll really need. You might be surprised to find that what works for other mums might not work for you and your baby. Test-drive a stroller before buying an expensive model that you might not end up liking. Buy one bottle of lotion, try it out, and then buy a discount 10-pack only when you know you love it.

With these tips, you'll have all the essentials your baby needs without going over your baby budget.