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When looking for a name as beautiful as your new baby, why not look to your garden for inspiration? Some flower-inspired baby names are timeless classics, while others are so rare you may not have considered them yet. If you’re having a girl, flower names might have the sweetness and femininity you’re after, while for boys flower names are less common so it would be a distinct name choice that helps your little one really stand out.

We’ve listed a few of our favourites below, but for even more ideas, have a play with our Baby Name Generator, where you can filter names based on length, starting letter, gender, and more!

Flower Names for Girls

  • Alyssa: The name Alyssa likely derives from the Greek word for the delightful alyssum plant, which has dainty white, violet or purple petals.

  • Hazel: The Old English meaning of this name takes inspiration from the hazel tree.

  • Ivy: Ivy is the beautiful creeping vine that often adorns the sides of homes, giving the building an elegant look. Ivy is a great name to pick if you want your girl to have a little spark and sass.

  • Jasmine: Jasmine is a fragrant white flower and in the language of flowers it symbolises things like love, beauty, purity, and romance. No wonder the bloom has inspired a name! The name has Persian origins, and variants of the name are found in many other cultures.

  • Lily: Lilies have beautiful blossoms that bloom bright in many colours like purples, pinks, reds, yellows and whites. The flower symbolises things like royalty, rebirth and purity, and Lily has become a popular flower name for girls.

  • Violet: This name is no shrinking violet. In fact it’s thought to have been in use since the Middle Ages. The name takes its meaning from the purple dainty flower, the violet.

  • Willow: Willow trees have graceful, slender and lithe stems – you could say: willowy! For a feminine baby name that has a trendy feel to it, this is a great choice!

  • Rose: Roses are probably the most well-known flower type, and they symbolise – among many things – love and passion. This is one of the top 100 girl’s names in the UK. Rose is a sweet name to give an English rose.

  • Blossom: Can’t settle on any one flower? Perhaps choose the word for the bloom instead. This name has a cheery ring to it, and sounds like the name of a friendly child who’ll bloom and grow into something beautiful. Perfect!

  • Chrysanthemum: This beautiful flower comes in many shapes and sizes, and is considered in some cultures to be the traditional gift to give on Mother’s Day. Perhaps that’s why it’s the perfect name to bestow on your baby girl – she is after all your greatest gift! Chrysanthemums represent loyalty and lasting friendship.

  • Clover: Clovers typically have three leaves, but finding a four-leaf clover is a common symbol of luck. The name Clover is rare, and maybe it’ll be your baby’s lucky charm!

  • Daisy: Making daisy chains is a popular childhood game, and the well-known white flower with yellow bud is a symbol of innocence. Daisy is a very cute name to give your baby girl.

  • Holly: You might think the holly tree with its prickly leaves and red berries is only used as Christmas decoration, but it’s actually the inspiration behind a popular name, too. Holly is a botanical-inspired girl’s name that you could gift your daughter if she’s born on Christmas Day – or any day, really.

  • Iris: The iris is a regal flower that has meanings relating to royalty, courage and wisdom. The flower is named after the Greek goddess Iris who was thought to use rainbows as a bridge between heaven and earth.

  • Marigold: This bright orange garden flower is associated with themes like creativity, success, and good relationships. Marigold is a unique name fit for a unique baby.

  • Poppy: This flower is one of the world’s most symbolic, appearing in everything from poetry to mythology. The flower is often used in connection with the remembrance of fallen soldiers, but also symbolises peace and eternal life.

  • Rosemary: This name may be a compound of the names Rose and Mary, or it may be inspired by the tasty and aromatic little herb.

  • Amaryllis: The large, vibrant amaryllis bloom draws the eye, and the flower has come to be associated with pride and beauty. The name derives from the Greek word for ‘splendour’ and ‘sparkling’. Gift the essence of traits like self-confidence and beauty on your little girl by naming her Amaryllis.

  • Heather: The pink-purple colour of the highland moors in August and September are owing to the mass of heather. The purple, bell-shaped flower appears in its hundreds on a long stem. Heather can grow in all kinds of unlikely conditions like dry terrain, and therefore it’s no surprise that it symbolises independence and good fortune.

  • Myrtle: This flower has a great tradition in Greek mythology, ancient Greece and even Victorian-era England. Myrtle flower represents many things, including good luck and prosperity, plus the beautiful flowers, which are often white or pink are a sight to behold. This is a name with meanings, like ‘victory’, so it’s a powerful name for a baby girl.

  • Saffron: Saffron is an expensive spice derived from the crocus flower. Saffron is a unisex name, but more often given to girls.

  • Hyacinth: Your little girl will stand out with this name. You simply can’t take your eyes off the hyacinth flower, which blooms in bright colours like purples, pinks and whites.


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Flower Names for Boys

  • Basil: The name Basil has Greek origins, meaning ‘king’ but it also shares its name with the delicious herb. This has got to be one of the cutest nature-inspired boy’s names around!

  • Anthony: Somewhere along the line Antony started to be spelled Anthony – with the h – in the mistaken belief that the name is associated with the Greek word for flower: ‘anthos’. But there is an actual floral link; there is a fragrant pink rose called Anthony. If you’d like a flower-related name that is more conventional than many of the other boy’s names on this list, Anthony could be the way to go!

  • Bud: The bud is the embryonic stage of the bloom before it shoots open to form the flower blossom. This is a unique name, which can also be slang for buddy. It’s an enchanting name for a boy.

  • Cedar: This name has strong roots in nature, and it’s perfect for a boy who you want to grow to be strong like a cedar tree.

  • Elm: Some believe the elm tree symbolises wisdom, empathy, creativity and vulnerability. This is a super sweet boy’s (or girl’s) name that is both adorable and thoughtful.

  • Florian: This name derives from the Latin word for flower, and it may also mean ‘flourishing’.

  • Jared: In Hebrew, the name Jared means rose – as in the flower.

  • Moss: In nature, moss is that lush green carpet-like plant that tends to grow in dark forests, but some say it’s a form of the name Moses, which means ‘drawn from water’.

  • Quill: The pink quill is a flat, hard, tropical-looking plant. Quill is an uncommon boy’s name, but once you hear it you may agree it sounds interesting and earnest.

  • Sage: Pale green, leafy sage is a delicious herb, but the boy’s name also means wise.

  • William: Sweet William blooms grow in small clusters and the petals often have a white rim, while becoming deep purple toward the centre. William is a popular name with a hint of floral.

  • Alder: Alder is the name of a tree, and, though as a boy’s name it’s not particularly common, it could be the unusual choice that you’re looking for.

  • Fiorello: This is an Italian boy’s name, meaning ‘little flower’.

  • Rowan: Although many flower-inspired names for boys are quite obscure, Rowan is a great choice if you want a well-known name that has floral links. The rowan tree is a hardy plant with creamy white flowers, and reddish-orange berries.

Hopefully one of these popular flower names has struck just the right note. If you're still looking for inspiration, take a peek at our list of Greek mythology-inspired baby names. Or you could get friends and family involved in the selection process and organise a baby naming party to cast the net even wider.

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