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Greek mythology has always been a source of inspiration, so why not consider one of these legendary names for your baby? From names representing power like the Greek god Zeus to names embodying wisdom like the Greek goddess Athena, here’s a list of Greek mythological names that might just capture your imagination and heart. Learn a little about a few select mythological names here, and then play around with our Baby Name Generator where you can search even more Greek mythology-inspired baby names by gender or first letter.

Greek Mythology Names for Boys

Greek Mythology Names for Girls

Greek Mythology Names for Boys

  • Damon: Damon means ‘to tame’, and Greek mythology has it that Damon was a very good friend. In fact, Damon risked his life for his friend Pythias, and their relationship has become a symbol of trust and loyalty.

  • Hector: This Trojan prince is thought to be one of the greatest warriors for the legendary city of Troy during the Trojan War. The name means ‘to hold’ or ‘to possess’ and is the name that references classically heroic characteristics.

  • Jason: A hero who was the leader of a group of warriors called Argonauts, Jason means ‘healer’ or ‘he that cures’.

  • Zeus: This is one of the most popular baby boy names inspired by Greek mythology. In the mythology, Zeus was the god of thunder and the sky, and he was the highest of the gods and ruled over humankind.

  • Hermes: You might recognise this word as the fashion label, but Hermes was the Greek god of trade and travel, and the name is associated with speed and good luck.

  • Adonis: This name means ‘lord’, and in Greek mythology Adonis was a handsome young shepherd.

  • Atlas: This name means ‘to endure’ and Greek legend has it that Zeus forced Atlas to carry the heavens on his shoulders.

  • Paris: In Greek mythology Paris is a boy’s name. Paris married Helen of Troy, leading to the Trojan War. He ended up defeating Achilles.

  • Apollo: The Greek god of music, art, prophesy, medicine, knowledge, law, beauty and wisdom, as well as that of sun and light. If you’d like a name that references these themes, Apollo could be a good choice.

  • Ajax: A hero who fought for the Greeks in the Trojan War. This is a good, solid baby boy name.

  • Argus: This name means ‘shining’. One Argus in Greek mythology is said to have had a hundred eyes and was therefore all-seeing.

  • Linus: This name means ‘flax’, which is a plant known for its healthy seeds. In Greek mythology, Linus was the son of Apollo. He was a handsome young man and thought to be one of the great musicians of his time. Some say he was the inventor of the instrument the stringed lyre.

  • Helios: If you want your son to shine bright and warm, why not pick Helios? This word means ‘sun’ in Greek. Helios was the young Greek god who rode across the sky in a chariot.

  • Mentor: While Odysseus was off fighting the Trojan War, Mentor was left to take care of the palace and guard his son. The name means ‘wise and trusted guide’.

  • Midas: If you hope that everything your son touches will turn to gold, then Midas is the name for you! In Greek mythology, Midas was promised exactly this in exchange for doing a good deed. You might recognise this name from the phrase ‘Midas touch’, which stems from this famous story of Greek mythology.

  • Nestor: In Greek mythology, the name is associated with wisdom and longevity.


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Greek Mythology Names for Girls

  • Athena: This is a lovely name for a baby girl, which originates from the Greek goddess of courage, law, wisdom, warfare and justice. Athena is also the patron goddess of the capital of Greece, Athens.

  • Daphne: According to Greek mythology, Daphne was so pretty, she had to be turned into a laurel tree by her father to avoid the advances of Apollo.

  • Helen: Possibly one of the best known Greek goddess names, Helen was considered one of the most beautiful women on earth and the Trojan War was started over her.

  • Penelope: This name symbolises loyalty and faithfulness in relationships. In Greek mythology, Penelope fended off suitors while her husband Odysseus was off fighting at Troy.

  • Phoebe: Phoebe was a titan associated with the moon, and the name means ‘bright and pure’ or alternatively ‘shining and brilliant’.

  • Selene: The Greek goddess of the moon; the story of Selene is that she drove the moon across the sky each night.

  • Iris: This name’s meaning is ‘rainbow’ in Greek, and Iris is the Greek goddess of the sea and sky, as well as being the messenger of the gods. The word iris is also used for the flower, and the coloured part of the eye.

  • Clio: Derived from the Greek word meaning ‘glory’. In Greek mythology Clio was the goddess of history and poetry, and was said to have introduced the alphabet to Greece.

  • Cassandra: Cassandra was a Trojan princess gifted with prophetic abilities.

  • Melaina: This was the name of a nymph in Greek mythology. It derives from the Greek words for ‘black’ and ‘dark’. You could also opt for spelling variants like Melania, Melanie or Melany.

  • Thalia: Thalia was one of the nine muses in Greek mythology, and she was the muse of comedy. If you hope your baby girl will have a great sense of humour, Thalia may be your pick.

  • Gaia: According to the mythology, Gaia is the mother goddess of the Earth. Gaia is considered the creator of the Earth and the universe.

  • Anthea: This name means ‘flower’ and if you hope your baby girl will blossom, then Anthea would be a lovely name.

  • Larisa: The name of the daughter of a Greek legend, Pelasgus, a common variant is Larissa.

  • Harmonia: In the mythology, Harmonia was the daughter of Aphrodite and Ares. The name that means ‘harmony’. If you hope that your baby will be filled with peace, tranquillity and balance, then consider giving this name.

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