Top Three Tips to help your baby sleep

As a new parent you will be given lots of advice on how to help your baby sleep better. What to do and how to do it do .The usual 'they never did that in my day' and 'well you turned out okay’ everyone will try and give you lots of advice, mostly conflicting .So just chose the way you and your partner want to parent and stick to it, consistency is the key and also supporting each other through it. So here are my 3 top tips for parents to help their babies love sleep-

1. Sleep Props

In the first few weeks your baby will be very sleepy and of course you want to be cuddling or rocking them to sleep, and so you should. After the first few weeks try and let them fall asleep without you cuddling and rocking them to sleep a few times a day. Also try and rouse them a little after feeding, so you don't start a feeding to sleep pattern. When you start these sleep props your baby will expect this as they get older and a lot of mums find it difficult to settle their babies without this. It means you can spend time with your other children or catch up on the housework, or just put your feet up!

2. Establish a bedtime routine

You can do this as soon as you feel comfortable. Have quiet time starting an hour before bed, so no screen time or noisy flashing toys. They can stimulate your little one and can make bedtime a nightmare. Have a bath and perhaps a massage. Make sure that the lights are low and you have a calm, quiet voice. You can introduce a story before feeding at around 5 months old. Babies at very sensitive so a routine after a busy day can really help them sleep better at night.

3. Nap Times vs nights

Most parents don't realise how important nap times are. If a baby isn't having enough naps, or their naps are in the car seat or pram every day, then your baby won't sleep well at night. If they don't have enough naps then they become overtired and fractious and will wake more often in the night .If they go off to sleep in motion all the time, when they wake in the night they will expect this again to get back to sleep. Of course a cot doesn't move, so parents find it more difficult to get them back to sleep. Watch your baby's tired signs and take then into their nursery for naps in their moses basket or cot, so they get used to their room. Start a 48 hour log of all their nap times and the nights. Then you will work out the perfect nap time for your baby, and they will settle more easily and sleep better at night. Perfect!

Note- Always follow safe sleeping guidelines

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