Pampers Sustainability - Love for every baby

In the time it takes to read this sentence, 31 new babies will have been born all over this planet of ours. That’s 267 born every minute… 16,041 every hour… 385,000 every day! Every baby deserves a bright future. At Pampers, we believe that together, we make babies world better. Giving babies a safe, happy and healthy start in life is what’s driven us on, innovating and designing for babies over 50 years.

Safety and Quality

We’ll continue to make safe, high-quality products that are trusted by millions of parents, caregivers and healthcare professionals every day. We’ve got around 300 in-house scientists at our Research & Developmental (R&D) Centre in Europe working in collaboration with paediatricians and midwives to ensure our nappies safety, quality, and performance. Our retail nappies are made in Europe, close to our consumers. In the UK, 97% of our nappies for sale are made in our local factory in Manchester. Parents know their babies best, so we listen to their expertise too, inviting hundreds of families every week to test our nappies in our R&D center and continue staying in touch with them through our call centers.

  • Our nappies, nappy pants and baby wipes are dermatologically tested.

  • They do not contain EU perfume allergens, and no elemental chlorine bleaching.

  • We have independent accreditations from organizations like OEKO-TEX and the Skin Health Alliance, confirming that our products are safe for baby’s delicate skin.

Parents can find detailed information about the key ingredients that go and don’t go into our products. Read Here. And each of our nappy packs has a code that makes it 100% traceable back to its pack, and to the factory where it was made.

Pampers for Preemies

Our smallest nappy supports the early development of premature babies, with up to 6 hours of dryness and leakage protection for uninterrupted sleep and extra gentle materials for their delicate skin. We’ve included an innovative wetness indicator in our nappies, so nurses have an indication when they need changing and when to let them dream on. You can read more about premature babies here.

Not every baby has an equal start in life. Some babies are born before they’re strong enough to leave the hospital. Pampers was the first major brand to develop nappies that are specially designed for babies that are born premature around the world. We collaborated and surveyed around 800+ neonatal nurses and pediatricians over 5 years.

Nappies for all

We know our world can sometimes be a tough place to be born into, that’s why we provide our products to parents and care-givers around the world who otherwise might not be able to get hold of them. Last year we provided over 8 million Pampers nappies to support families around the world.

Equality and Inclusion

Caring for every baby includes our continued commitment to equality and inclusion, and how we represent babies and parents in our advertising. We want to enable dads to get involved in looking after their babies just as much as mums, and we’re constantly looking for ways in which we can add our campaigning voice to help.

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