For Preemies sleep is critical! Premature babies need to sleep 90% of the time to keep developing physically and neurologically outside the womb.

Giving every baby a safe, happy and healthy start in life is what’s driven Pampers for more than 50 years. But we know that not every baby has an equal start in life with some babies born too soon and not strong enough to leave hospital immediately. In fact, each year, 1 in 13i babies are born premature in the UK, which means that more than 60,000 babies and their families are affected.

We are committed to help make the world a better place for every baby, including the most vulnerable, that’s why we’ve developed our tiniest nappies specifically for premature babies. We work together with neonatal nurses to design our Pampers Preemie Protection nappies to ensure they help support in areas that are vital for their early development – such as sleep and skin health. Since their growth in the womb is interrupted, sleep enables premature babies to grow and their brains to continue to mature & develop. The same also applies to their skin. When babies are born too soon, their skin is not yet fully developed needing gentle protection for it to mature and strengthen. Beyond our nappies, we have been joining forces with parents, our charity partner Bliss, ambassadors and retailer partners to launch our annual #Pampersforpreemies campaign in the UK since 2017. Together we have helped to raise awareness around prematurity whilst supporting preemie babies and their families. Through our retailer partnerships, we have donated more than 12 million nappies for premature babies across UK hospitals between 2018 and 2022.

In 2022, we are celebrating and reflecting on 20 years of Pampers’ Preemie nappies worldwide but it’s also a time to look ahead to the future. We are committed to not only show our love and continued support to Preemie babies, but to the world which surrounds them: their parents, caregivers, hospitals and neonatal nurses. To help ensure Preemie babies in the UK continue to get the best possible start in life, we will continue to provide free and easy access to Pampers Preemie nappies via donations to hospitals and ASDA pharmacies , support families with Preemie babies in their parenthood journey, help reduce prematurity birth rates & expand our efforts to help fund life-saving vaccinations in developing countries.

Through our ongoing work with premature babies this year and beyond, we will show our love to every baby born today, tomorrow and every day. And not just here in the UK! Our global ambition by 2030 is to:

  • Inform 100 million parents about prematurity

  • Support 100,000 more neonatal experts by sharing best practices in Preemie care

  • Donate 100 million specially designed nappies to Preemie babies across several countries worldwide.

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