Pampers Harmonie Aqua Wipes for Babies

What’s the best way to clean your baby’s delicate skin? There’s a lot of advice out there, which can get pretty confusing. Is cotton wool and water really the best way to clean your baby’s skin? Read on to discover more and learn about our Harmonie Aqua Baby Wipes.

Cotton Wool and Water vs Baby Wipes. Which One Is Better?

You might have heard health professionals recommended using cotton wool and water to clean the nappy area for years because they believed it was more natural and safer. However, baby wipes also became very popular and a go-to cleaning product for the nappy area. Some baby wipes deliver similar benefits as cotton wool and water but Pampers Harmonie Aqua Baby Wipes actually do more. Pampers Harmonie Aqua Baby Wipes are as mild as cotton wool and water for your baby’s nappy area. But not only that – they also help restore natural skin pH to its natural levels while gently cleansing the skin. They also help remove oily mess and dirt from creases, which water and cotton wool alone cannot remove. This is all thanks to its unique lotion containing up to 99% water and 1% gentle cleansers that clean and help to protect the skin, as well as a unique pH buffering system that helps protect skin from irritation. And let’s not forget just how convenient baby wipes are! They are easy to take with you, and you can just use them without any preparation. Packs come with re-sealable lids, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the wipes moist and effective for cleaning the nappy area. Pampers Harmonie Aqua Baby Wipes are not only gentle but effective, as they are

  • plastic-free

  • alcohol and perfume-free

  • dermatologically tested

  • tested for impurities by Oeko Tex Standard 100

  • approved by Dermatologists from Skin Health Alliance to be skin-compatible.

Learn more about how Pampers baby wipes work and the importance of skin pH.

Pampers Harmonie Aqua helps restore natural skin pH.

Meet the Pampers Harmonie Family

All Pampers Baby wipes are designed to remove dirt while caring for and protecting delicate skin. The foundation of Pampers Harmonie Baby Wipes is made with a fibre-blend material that’s been intentionally chosen for its softness and flexibility to allow for gentle yet efficient cleaning of your baby’s bottom. The water-based lotion found in the wipes is specifically crafted with at least 97% water and contains skin-friendly and mild ingredients so that the wipes can be used from day one. All our baby wipes contain a special component – a mildly acidic buffer system which is especially important for helping restore skin natural, mildly acidic pH. Our range of Pampers Harmonie Baby Wipes includes Harmonie Protect & Care and Harmonie New Baby. These products are made with the same care and attention to formulation given to the Pampers Harmonie Aqua, also helping to restore natural skin pH.

The Bottom Line

Wipes with 0% plastic and lotion crafted with up to 99% water, Pampers Harmonie Aqua Baby Wipes help restore the skin’s natural pH and help protect your baby’s bottom from irritation and nappy rash. Pampers Club app

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