Pampers offers some of the only disposable nappies made in the UK

Pampers Pampers Active Fit nappies and nappy pants and Pampers Baby Dry nappies are the only disposable nappies made in the UK.

Meet the team behind your nappies:

Pampers have been making nappies here in the UK for over 26 years in our Manchester production centre.

Meet Karen, Nathan and Suban, three of our lovely Pampers production team at the Manchester plant. They are all parents themselves and take great pride in making Pampers nappies fit their own babies as well as yours!

Our quality promise:

Did you know, we have 33 people dedicated to checking the quality of Pampers nappies! And over 80% of the production team are parents themselves, and treat every nappy like it is being made for their own baby.

And as extra reassurance, Pampers are the only nappies recommend by the British skin foundation.

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