Tips for Changing a Crawling Baby’s Nappy

Has changing your baby's nappy has gone from enjoying one-to-one time to “survival of the fittest”? It could be because as she grows these few moments spent changing her nappy will feel like a lifetime to her, so she is trying her best to squirm away.

Here are some helpful tips from other parents who have faced this same challenge.

Try Nappy Pants

“When my best friend introduced me to nappy pants I couldn't believe she had kept it a secret for so long! They make life so much easier because they're easy to tear off and fast to pull on… even as my baby is flipping over or crawling away.” Clare, London

Let Her Feel Like She Is Involved

“Talk her through what you're doing and give her an item to hold like the baby wipes or a spare pair of nappy pants. That way she'll feel like a big girl who is helping mum out, and she'll be busy concentrating on doing her little job.” Jennifer, Eastbourne

Entertain Her With Toys

“Have a special toy that is reserved just for the nappy change. Often unusual things work best. I used to keep an unused pair of shoes at the changing station and let my little girl play with one while I quickly did the change.” Katherine, Birmingham

Make Her Giggle

“You might not be a comedian, but to your baby you are hilarious anyway. You will have already noticed her giggling, so try making some silly noises or funny faces to entertain her.” Susan, Manchester

Tell a Story

“Tell your baby about your day. Just hearing your sing-song tone of voice will grab her attention. Everyone loves hearing their name, right? So make sure you add her name, and even ask her some questions. Of course, she won't be able to answer just yet but she'll be into the conversation long enough to keep her mind off what you're doing with her nappy. If you're too tired to chitchat, just describe the patterns on her nappy pants and create a little story out of it.” Denise, Leeds

With these tips and some nappy pants on hand, that nappy change is easier for mums and dads, and quicker for your baby, so everyone can get back to more important things like having fun!

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