Spanish Boy Names and Their Meanings

It can often be hard to find the perfect name for your little one. Have you tried looking to Spanish for some inspiration? Whether you’re of Hispanic descent or just want to find a unique first or middle name for your little one, you’ll find some great inspiration on our list of top Spanish names for your baby boy. They all sound equally beautiful in both English and Spanish!

Most Common and Popular Spanish Boy Names in the U.K.

Here are 10 of the most popular Spanish boy names loved by parents in the United Kingdom and around the globe. And thanks to the growing population of Spanish people in the U.K. – around 206,000 residents in 2021 – you’re likely to recognize many of these names: 1. José. Meaning ‘he will add’. 2. Luis. Meaning ‘famous battle’. 3. Carlos. Meaning ‘man’. 4. Juan. Meaning ‘God is gracious’. 5. Jorge. Meaning ‘farmer’ or ‘earth-worker’. 6. Pedro. Meaning ‘stone’. 7. Jesús. Meaning ‘to deliver’ or ‘to rescue’. 8. Manuel. Meaning ‘God is with us’. 9. Santiago. Meaning ‘Saint James’. 10. Sebastián. Meaning ‘venerable’. 11. Matías. Meaning ‘gift of God’. 12. Nicolás. Meaning ‘victory of the people’. 13. Samuel. Meaning ‘name of God’ or ‘God has heard’. 14. Alejandro. Meaning ‘defending men’. 15. Mateo. Likewise means ‘gift of God’. 16. Diego. Meaning ‘supplanter’ or ‘teacher’. 17. Benjamín. Meaning ‘son of the south’ or ‘son of the right hand’. 18. Daniel. Meaning ‘God is my judge’. 19. Joaquín. Meaning ‘lifted by Yahweh’. 20. Tomás. Meaning ‘twin’.


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Unique Spanish Boy Names Popular in the U.K.

Help your son stand out from the crowd with one of these beautiful yet unique Spanish boy names that may also be rising in popularity in the U.K.: 21. Bautista. Meaning ‘to dip’. 22. Camilo. Meaning ‘helper to the priest’. 23. Cayetano. Meaning ‘from Gaeta’. 24. Cristián. Meaning ‘follower of Christ’. 25. Domingo. Meaning ‘of the Lord’. 26. Donato. Meaning ‘given’. 27. Emiliano. Meaning ‘rival’. 28. Fabián. Meaning ‘bean’. 29. Fausto. Meaning ‘auspicious’ or ‘lucky’. 30. Fermín. Meaning ‘firm’. 31. Germán. Meaning ‘brother’ or ‘army man’. 32. Gustavo. Meaning ‘staff of the Geats’. 33. Ignacio. Meaning ‘born from the fire’. 34. Julián. Meaning ‘downy bearded’. 35. Justino. Meaning ‘just’. 36. Lorenzo. Meaning ‘from Laurentium’. 37. Máximo. Meaning ‘greatest’. 38. Nazario. Refers to someone from Nazareth. 39. Néstor. Meaning ‘homecomer’. 40. Pascual. Meaning ‘relating to Easter’. 41. Ramiro. Meaning ‘advice’ and ‘famous’. 42. Ramón. Meaning ‘advice’ and ‘protector’. 43. Raúl. Meaning ‘wolf council’. 44. Reinaldo. Meaning ‘advice’ and ‘rule’. 45. Salvador. Meaning ‘saviour’. 46. Vidal. Meaning ‘of life’. 47. Xavier. Meaning ‘the new house’.

Cute Baby Boy Names in Spanish

Give your son the adorable name he deserves by picking one of these cute Spanish boy names. 48. Álvaro. Meaning ‘elf warrior’. 49. Ángel. Meaning ‘angel’. 50. Antonio. Meaning ‘flower’. 51. Cruz. Meaning ‘cross’. 52. Félix. Meaning ‘lucky’ or ‘successful’. 53. Gael. Meaning ‘blessed’ and ‘generous’. 54. Josué. Meaning ‘God is salvation’. 55. Marino. Meaning ‘of the sea’. 56. Óscar. Meaning ‘deer friend’. 57. Plácido. Meaning ‘quiet’ or ‘calm’. 58. Silvestre. Meaning ‘of the forest’. 59. Silvio. Meaning ‘forest’. 60. Tadeo. Meaning ‘heart’. 61. Tristán. Meaning ‘sad’ or ‘sorrowful’.

Strong Spanish Boy Names

If your little warrior has a feisty or brave disposition, pay homage to this with one of the following strong Spanish boy names. 62. Agustín. Meaning ‘exalted’ or ‘venerable’. 63. Andrés. Meaning ‘masculine’. 64. Basilio. Meaning ‘king’. 65. Bernardo. Meaning ‘brave’ and ‘bear’. 66. César. Meaning ‘head of hair’. 67. Edgardo. Meaning ‘wealth’, ‘fortune’ and ‘spear’. 68. Enrique. Meaning ‘home ruler’. 69. Guillermo. Meaning ‘will’ and ‘helmet’. 70. Héctor. Meaning ‘to hold’ and ‘restrain’. 71. León. Meaning ‘lion’. 72. Marco. Meaning ‘warlike’. 73. Osvaldo. Meaning ‘God’ and ‘power’. 74. Reyes. Meaning ‘kings’. 75. Ricardo. Meaning ‘brave ruler’. 76. Roberto. Meaning ‘bright fame’. 77. Rodrigo. Meaning ‘famous ruler’. 78. Valerio. Meaning ‘to be strong’. 79. Vicente. Meaning ‘to conquer’.

Biblical Boy Names in Spanish

If you’re looking for a religious twist, or are simply a fan of the classics, read the following list of biblical Spanish boy names for inspiration. 80. Aarón. Meaning ‘high mountain’ or ‘exalted’. 81. Adán. Meaning ‘man’. 82. Bartolomé. Meaning ‘son of the furrow’. 83. Esteban. Meaning ‘crown’ or ‘wealth’. 84. Ezequiel. Meaning ‘God will strengthen’. 85. Felipe. Meaning ‘friend of horses’. 86. Jeremías. Meaning ‘God will exalt’. 87. Lázaro. Meaning ‘my God has helped’. 88. Miguel. Meaning ‘who is like God?’. 89. Rafael. Meaning ‘God heals’. 90. Saúl. Meaning ‘prayed for’. 91. Urbano. Meaning ‘city dweller’. 92. Ximeno. Meaning ‘he has heard’. 93. Yair. Meaning ‘he shines’. 94. Zacarías. Meaning ‘God remembers’.


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Rare Spanish Boy Names

Celebrate your baby boy’s unique personality by giving him one of the following one-of-a-kind Spanish boy names. 95. Cebrián. Meaning ‘from Cyprus’. 96. Clemente. Meaning ‘merciful’ or ‘gentle’. 97. Crisóstomo. Meaning ‘golden mouth’. 98. Eberardo. Meaning ‘wild boar’. 99. Hernando. Meaning ‘brave journey’. 100. Wilfredo. Meaning ‘desiring peace’.

The Bottom Line

There’s no shortage of great Spanish baby boy names out there, and hopefully, we’ve provided you with some inspiration. However, choosing a name is never easy, and you may still be unsure. There’s no need to worry, we have plenty more international baby names for you to check out. You can also peruse our list of beautiful French baby boy names for more inspiration. Our Baby Name Generator can also help you find the perfect and unique name for your little boy. Search thousands of names using filters like first letter and theme to narrow down names more easily.

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