Fun games to help your baby crawl

Crawling is an exciting development milestone and there's a lot you can do to encourage your baby and make it fun for you both, before he moves on to taking his first steps.

Let the crawling begin!

Most babies start crawling at 7 to 10 months but sometimes it could take a little longer.

One of the best things that can help your baby start crawling is some supervised tummy time. It helps build those core, back and neck muscles that your baby will need to start crawling. Most babies can start doing some short periods of tummy time at about 1 month old. In the beginning, many babies aren't huge fans of tummy time, but try starting with short, 1 to 2 minute sessions, on a firm, smooth surface. When your baby lies on his tummy and then looks up and tries to reach for that toy or mum and dad's face, he is doing a kind of mini workout that helps him get stronger to eventually start crawling.

Once your baby's started crawling, any motion is good motion. There are many different crawling styles as every baby has their own way of figuring out the moves. Enjoy watching your little one embark on new adventures, and be sure to take plenty of pictures.

Fun games to play with your crawling baby

There are some great games you can play while enjoying some quality time on the floor with your newly crawling baby. This way he'll get even more confident on all fours and you can have a little fun too.

  • Babies love their own reflections (don't we all!) so place a small child-safe mirror in front of your baby. He'll try to reach out and grab it and as you move the mirror away he will try to crawl toward it.

  • Grab one of his favourite toys that can roll away like a ball or train and place it just out of arm's reach. As the toy rolls off, he will be determined to crawl after it on all fours.

  • Play a mini game. You're It, trying to chase your baby around the house. He will be in fits of giggles and crawling to get away.

  • Sit on the floor and roll a ball toward and away from your baby. This helps him learn about changing the direction of his crawl.

  • Put items on the floor like bubble wrap, foam packaging, wrapping paper and fabrics. This will encourage your baby to crawl to discover the different sounds and textures of each.

Changing a crawling baby

Once your baby is crawling, keeping up with him will be your next challenge. Basics like nappy changing will involve chasing him around house and home. Nappy pants will help you change him without a fuss so your little one can be clean and off exploring in no time.

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