When do babies start crawling

When do babies start crawling?

Typically somewhere between 7 to 10 months, babies will actually start to crawl. Don’t panic if your little one takes a bit longer because each child reaches the different stages of development at their own pace. Some babies might even skip the crawling phase altogether and start pulling themselves up on furniture to take those first little steps.

How do babies learn to crawl?

To crawl, your baby first needs to strengthen his neck, shoulders, arms and core to move around on all fours. You’ll notice that somewhere between 5 and 8 months your baby will start working his way towards a crawl. He’ll start by practising raising his hands and chest when lying on his tummy. He might also rock on his hands and knees. He could even start doing ‘swimming’ motions and eventually be able to roll over on both sides. All of these little movements are your baby’s way of gaining the strength his muscles need so that he can eventually crawl.

Once he gets the hang of it, you’ll soon see your baby crawling more confidently. Crawling helps him get the balance he’ll need to eventually start walking.

Remember, just like your baby’s personality, he’ll also have his own unique crawling style. There are several different crawling styles, which are all great. No style is wrong (even if your baby’s crawling backwards) - as long as your baby is moving around, then it’s a crawl in the right direction.

As he starts crawling, you might find your active baby unstoppable. That’s why you should remember to take a good look around and babyproof your home – because you might be surprised how much mischief he can get up to in that moment when you’re not looking.

With all the new adventures to be had, your little one will start to find nappy changing a real bore. That’s why easy-on nappy pants are helpful during this crawling phase. They’re easy to put on and easy to take off so your baby can crawl off and get back to playing sooner.

When should I worry my baby isn’t crawling?

Since some babies skip crawling and go straight to walking, there is no need to worry too much. However, if your baby hasn’t shown any signs of becoming a little crawler by about 12 months, then it might be worth discussing this with your healthcare provider.

How long do babies crawl before walking?

Once your little one starts crawling, then it’s probably only a matter of time before he takes that first step. He will learn how to do deep knee bends by pulling up into a standing position while leaning on a sturdy object. Usually your baby will start walking between 12 and 15 months, but every baby is a little individual so it may be sooner or later.

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