Why Pampers Nappies & Baby Wipes are the Best Nappy Change Duo

Have you ever walked into a supermarket and felt overwhelmed with all the options? How do you know which nappies and baby wipes are good for your little one’s skin? A lot of baby wipes seem to offer the same cleaning benefits, so does it even matter which one you pick? Aren’t they all the same? If you’ve found yourself asking this question, you’re in the right place. We’ll explain how not all baby wipes are the same and what to look out for when choosing baby wipes.

Your Baby’s Skin

The skin is our largest sensory organ, and the same applies for your baby. Even from the early days of life, your baby’s skin serves several essential functions, such as protecting your little one from environmental irritants and infection. For this reason, it’s important that the skin is well taken care of to maintain good condition. However, your baby’s skin isn’t the easiest to clean – especially around the nappy area – as their skin has many folds and creases. Plus, the skin in this area is often exposed to excessive humidity from urine, sweat, and poop, which can increase the skin’s pH levels, and might lead to nappy rash.

So, what about baby wipes? How can they help keep your baby’s skin in good condition?

The Importance of Skin pH

The skin’s pH level is critical in maintaining its healthy condition and helping with the first line of defence against infection. As with adult skin, a mature infant’s skin has a pH value between 4.5 and 5.5. However, exposure to urine and poo in the nappy area can lead to an increased skin pH level. When this happens, your baby’s skin can become more prone to irritation and even develop nappy rash.

That is why picking the right combination of baby wipes – to clean and protect the skin –and nappies to keep it dry matters.

Pampers Harmonie nappies and wipes. Our new formula for healthy skin.

Pampers Nappy and Wipe Combination – Our Formula to Help Protect Healthy Skin

Using Pampers’ nappies and wipes in combination offers your baby’s skin protection and care. Recent global scientific studies , , comparing two unique nappy and wipe combinations, showed that using a Pampers emollient-containing nappy and a Pampers wipe helped restore the skin’s natural pH. All Pampers Baby Wipes are intentionally designed and formulated to ensure efficiency and comfort for your baby. They can help remove mess quickly, conveniently, and gently, while also helping to restore the skin’s natural pH and maintain it in good condition. Our nappies also help in protecting your little one’s skin! All our nappies are made with soft, breathable materials that provide comfort and allow skin to breathe, as well as powerful absorbent core technology to keep your baby’s skin dry and protected. Some even contain a touch of protective balm to further help protect your little one’s skin such as Pampers Premium Protection Nappies.

On top of that, Pampers Baby Wipes are made with ingredients that offer skin protection benefits. Our Harmonie Aqua Baby Wipes are unique because they contain a mild cleansing lotion that is made up of 99% water and 1% of other ingredients such as cleansers. This formula effectively cleanses the skin during nappy changes. Moreover, the wipes contain a pH buffer that helps in restoring the skin's natural pH level. This is why we believe a combination of Pampers nappies and wipes is the winning formula for caring for your baby’s skin. Using both Pampers nappies and wipes helps promote good condition for your baby’s skin.

How to Use Nappies and Wipes Together

Follow this two-step process to provide your baby’s skin with the best care:

  1. Use Pampers Harmonie Wipes to cleanse the skin.

  2. Put on a Pampers nappy to keep your baby dry.

Together, Pampers nappies and Wipes make a powerful combo, each using their powers to help ensure clean, soft and protected skin for your baby.

The Bottom Line

Not all wipes provide your baby’s skin with the same benefits, so picking the right wipes is important. Pampers Harmonie Wipes are mild, effective and clinically proven to help cleanse and restore skin’s natural pH. Combined with Pampers nappies, they can help protect your baby’s delicate skin and prevent redness, while also helping to maintain skin in good condition.

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