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Like many parents, you may be weighing up nappies and looking at all your options like disposables and those made of reusable cloth.

Personal Choice

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer. Whichever nappy you decide to go with, it’s a personal choice.

If the environment is one of the aspects you’re worried about, you may be surprised to learn that there is no clear difference today between the overall impact of reusable cloth nappies and disposables.*

Still, when it comes to disposable nappies there are steps that we’ve taken to further reduce their environmental footprint.

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Pampers factories around the world

All our plants • in Europe purchase 100 % renewable electricity** • around the world send ZERO manufacturing waste to landfill

In our manufacturing sites across Europe, we purchase 100% renewable electricity, and we’re taking steps to roll this out across all our plants around the world by 2030.

All our plants around the world now send zero manufacturing waste to landfill.

Pampers packaging is 100 percent recyclable

100% of our diaper packaging is recyclable***

We’re taking steps to make our packaging more sustainable. For example, our boxes are already made of 100% recycled paper.****

Plus, our goal is to make packaging from 50% recycled or renewable materials by 2025.

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Pampers heart

Pampers aims to launch diaper recycling in 5 cities by 2023.

The first recycling plant of our joint venture, called FaterSMART, is already up and running in Italy.

At this plant, we collect and recycle all brands of nappies and wipes – not just Pampers.

What’s more:

  • Preparations are under way to launch the recycling technology in 5 cities by 2023.

  • We have already started collecting diapers for recycling in Amsterdam and we’ve already collected more than 200,000 diapers.

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To learn more, read about the other ways Pampers is caring for babies and the planet they will grow up in.

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