Take Fany Kibwe in the video above. All she wants to do is give her baby a healthy start in life and be a good mom, but she recognizes the dangers of giving birth in her current situation.

Mum Testimonial

"For me it's very important to get vaccinated during pregnancy so me and my child are protected against diseases," she said. "Here in the Congo there are so many epidemics, so we need to get vaccinated every single time."

UNICEF Partnership

The struggle for moms in areas at risk of MNT is an ongoing one but our partnership with UNICEF is helping to change lives and spreading much-needed vaccinations all over the world. And what do more vaccinations make? More healthy births and more of those unforgettable first smiles. By continuing to support our partnership with UNICEF you're helping to spread smiles to millions of newborns and their moms across the globe. Visit UNICEF now to find out how you can help give millions of babies their first smile.