Quality and safety secondary

Ensure Safety

Pampers nappies, Nappy Pants and wipes are made from ingredients that are thoroughly tested and proven to be safe.

Whenever we make changes to Pampers, we only use ingredients that are already safely used in our nappies and wipes, or that have been thoroughly evaluated and proven safe.

Test All Materials

One example of the testing we conduct is skin compatibility and sensitivity testing for our Pampers Baby Wipes.  This helps us confirm how skin responds to our wipes lotion and the actual wipe itself.

This test is conducted on adults whose skin is already known to be sensitive to a variety of products, including detergents, perfumes, personal cleansing products, antiperspirants or deodorants, skin creams, and lotions.

We apply our wipes lotion or actual wipe to the skin using a small patch and compare skin reaction to a patch of distilled water or normal saline. This test has been used for decades by many consumer products companies. In all patch-testing studies Pampers Baby Wipes have consistently been shown to be as mild as water to the skin, causing no irritation. Our Pampers wipes are recommended by the British Skin Foundation.

Our Research

While these clinical tests typically involve adults, real life acceptance by babies is closely monitored by our team of experts. Over the last decade, studies and analyses have been widely published to showcase the safety, effectiveness, and mildness of Pampers Baby Wipes – even for infants with sensitive skin. Consistently, our research, which is observed by dermatologists, finds that our wipes are as mild as the use of cotton wool and water.

In a study published in 2001 in the Journal of European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, wipes actually achieved lower scores on a severity scale of 0 (none) to 3 (severe) (0.831 for wipes versus 1.019 for water and cleansing material.)

The final step in Pampers' comprehensive safety testing is monitoring, recording, and following up on safety-related comments from parents who are using our products at home.

We Appreciate Your Feedback

We want to hear from the families who use our products, and we have trained and dedicated consumer care specialists who answer our calls and emails. We appreciate consumer feedback so that we can be aware of any concerns from parents and maintain the highest standards of product quality and consumer satisfaction.

Our quality and product development experts stay in close touch with our consumer care teams so that there is a continuous cycle of consumer feedback, quality checks, and product improvement.

Please contact us anytime you have a question or feedback about Pampers. Thank you!

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