Together, Dr. Ellie Cannon, Dr Tabi Leslie and Jo Tantum make up Pampers' Love, Sleep & Play Panel, who lend support to all of Pampers’ initiatives and products, providing tips to support mums and dads on their journey through parenthood.

Meet the Panel

  • Dr Tabi Leslie is Pampers' consultant dermatologist. She is a general adult and paediatric consultant at The London Clinic and Harley Street dealing with all skin problems and is also a member of the British Society of Paediatric Dermatology. Dr Tabi supports a number of Pampers’ initiatives and products, offering her expertise on baby skin health. You can watch her sharing her baby skin care tips here

  • Dr Ellie is Pampers’ Family GP who works in an NHS practice as well as a private practice, specialising in child health from new-borns to teenagers. Dr Ellie is widely quoted in the media on baby health matters and has recently published her first book, Keep Calm: The New Mum’s Manual, Dr Ellie supports a number of Pampers initiatives by offering her expertise to answer general baby health questions. You can watch her discussing the importance of dryness on the inside of the nappy here

  • Jo Tantum is Pampers’ baby sleep expert who has spent the last 25 years working with babies to help them get in to the right sleeping patterns and achieve the best night’s sleep possible. She has also written the book “Baby Secrets”. Jo and her team of “sleep angels” travel the country offering rescue packages and sleep workshops to new parents. Jo supports a number of Pampers’ initiatives and products, offering her expertise on baby sleep.

Interact with our panel

You can get top tips and advice from our experts in our regular live Facebook Q&As and also in Pampers’ features in parenting magazines but below you will find the Panel’s most frequently asked questions: Your most often asked questions

  1. “I’m constantly anxious I’m not doing the right thing for my daughter. There’s so much conflicting information that I spend most of my time worrying that I might get things wrong! Do you have any words of advice?” Dr Ellie: Enjoy yourself as much as possible. Having a baby is a wonderful thing, so don’t pressure yourself to be able to get things right first time. You and your baby are getting to know each other so trust your instincts and be adaptable.

  2. “I find my baby often gets nappy rash. How can I control it and make her more comfortable?” Dr Tabi: Change your baby’s nappy as soon as possible after a wee or poo and let her spend some time out of her nappy during the day. Remember that certain areas are more susceptible to sweat such as the nappy area. It is recommended to use a nappy that protects delicate skin from wetness, such as Pampers Active Fit. With an extra absorbent layer which speeds wetness away from baby’s skin, Pampers Active Fit stays up to two times drier than the next leading nappy.

  3. “Sometimes my son wakes in the night and I always go to comfort him straight away – is this the best thing to do?” Jo Tantum: If you hear your baby stirring, try to resist the urge to go in and comfort him straight away. Instead, leave him for ten minutes to see if he resettles, but don’t let him get too upset as it will take longer for him to calm down. You can pat your baby back to sleep for the first couple of nights, then gradually reduce the patting, doing it for a shorter amount of time. Eventually your baby will be able to nod off without your help.

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