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Pampers gives millions of babies the opportunity for happy, healthy development.

Babies make the world a better place for us all. That’s why Pampers is committed to making the planet a better place for them. Read about our partnership with UNICEF and our local initiatives, which help mothers and babies where it’s needed most.

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In partnership with UNICEF, Pampers has helped save the lives of almost 1 million newborn babies and helped eliminate maternal and neo-natal tetanus in 26 countries.*

Tetanus in mothers and newborn babies is a potentially deadly disease that can easily be prevented.

Fruitful Partnership

Pampers and UNICEF have been working together since 2006 and the partnership has:

  • Helped save the lives of almost 1 million newborn babies around the world

  • Helped eliminate MNT in 26 countries

  • Since the beginning of the partnership, a vaccine has reached a mother and her baby every second

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Our smallest nappy is designed especially for premature babies.

Since the very first nappy created more than 50 years ago, Pampers' priority has been the happy and healthy development of all babies. We commit to helping care for the needs of those babies for whom this can sometimes be a little harder.

More than 60,000 babies are born prematurely in the UK every year.

The Pampers Preemie Protection range of nappies are designed to fit very small babies so that their sleep is undisturbed, and they can develop healthily.

Preemie Protection nappies feature all-around absorbency, a contour-fit core, and gentle flex cuffs all of which help ensure long-lasting dryness and comfort.

Pampers has also donated hundreds of thousands of Preemie Protection nappies to premature babies through UK hospitals in partnership with Bliss– a charity dedicated to helping babies who are born prematurely or sick in the UK.

Discover More

There are many ways we can support the happy, healthy development of babies. These initiatives are just some of the ways we’re keeping our promise to care for babies and the planet they grow up in.

  • Based on WHO and UNICEF estimated figures as of Feb 2019

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