The Best Baby Apps and Tech Ideas for Parents

There are lots of great baby apps for mums- and dads-to-be, and handy technology solutions for parents of newborns and babies.

Some baby apps for parents are designed to help you meet other parents nearby while others help you save money with each purchase. Other useful apps for newborns help track nap-time, feeds and doctor's visits, for some extra peace of mind.

Here are some of the areas where technology like baby apps and online tools can make life a little easier.

While You're Expecting

While you're pregnant, Pampers offers helpful information about how your baby is developing week-by-week, and what you can expect during each stage of pregnancy. The Pampers Baby Name Generator can also help you find the perfect baby name. You can also turn to apps that help you stay fit during pregnancy such as ones that guide you through those all-important Kegel exercises, and pregnancy workouts designed for your stage of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, you may want to connect with other mums-to-be. Some apps allow you to find mums nearby for meet-ups, or you can chat online with others experiencing the same things. These networks can be helpful not just while you're pregnant, but long after you've brought your newborn home.


There are apps you can download that provide you with a library of nursery rhymes and lullabies to help your baby nod gently off to sleep. Other tools help recreate the sounds inside the womb in an effort to help calm your newborn. If your baby is crying and struggling to fall asleep, you could even try using a white noise app for some soothing background noise.

While your baby is resting, there are even cloud-based apps that help replace a standard baby monitor. (You'll need your phone and an iPad.) Or you could simply connect an electric baby monitor for peace of mind. Nowadays, there are also lots of smart connected-nursery products on the market, which allow you track your baby's breathing, sleep activity, body position and skin temperature in real time.

Or, if you love high-tech, why not look for a bassinet that can rock, swing and bounce depending on the motion-setting you choose.

Once your baby can walk and get out of crib or bed, you could even install a night sensor so that you'll know when your toddler is up and out of bed at night.


There are many baby apps that will help you navigate the first few months with your baby. For example, there are apps that help you track breast or bottle feeds. The best ones allow you to set up a schedule with reminders; this is especially helpful through the night. If you pump breast milk, some apps let you calculate how much breastmilk you'll need, and help you track daily and weekly milk production.

For recipes for your baby's age and stage, download some baby recipe apps, so that as you start to prepare the first meals for your baby, you'll have lots of inspiration for healthy homemade food for 6-months-old to toddlers.


There are many apps that can help you with your baby's health. Download a first aid app to have on hand in case of an emergency, or download a child health glossary app so that you can read up on some of the most common ailments. Some of these online tools are written by medical practitioners, so you get expert advice about your baby's health at your fingertips. Tools like a smart thermometer when teamed with the corresponding app do a lot more than tell you your baby's temperature. They can tell you how to soothe those symptoms, when to call the doctor, remind you to give your little one medicine, and let you know about bugs circulating in your area.

Out and About

Once you're on the go with your baby, you'll always be on the hunt for the nearest baby change station. Luckily, there are apps for that, too. They'll help you locate baby changing facilities close by. But, before you head out the door, consult an app that provides different checklists for what to take in that nappy bag. These apps often have different lists for whether you're rushing out on a quick errand, going on a weekend away, or taking your little one on holiday. Personalise it by creating your own lists, because of course every baby is unique.

Given the growing needs of your family, some apps will help you get organised in even more ways. Choose one that lets you set reminders for medical check-ups, playdates, and more, keeping everyone in your family in the loop. Eventually you might be looking for a local childcare centre or nearby babysitters, and there are now even apps to help you find a helping hand in your town.

If you're heading out in the car, make sure your car is babyproofed, but there's now a handy clip to help make sure babies are never left alone in the car. The tool attaches to the clip of the baby car seat and is connected with both parents' phones. If the parent leaves the car without unclipping the carseat belt, a loud alarm goes off.


Some of the best baby apps allow you to log your baby's development all in one spot. Those that let you track his eating, napping, nappy changes, growth, daily activity, and development milestones over the first 12 months will give you a great overview of exactly how well your baby is doing.

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