Creating a Good Bedtime Routine

When it comes to sleep, we all enjoy the predictability of a ritual, and babies and young children are no different. Let your little one know that everything is safe and sound by performing the same simple tasks before bed each night. Creating a bedtime routine for your baby will help everyone sleep a little more soundly.

Establishing a Baby Bedtime Routine

Here are some parent-tested guidelines for an easy bedtime routine. Consistency is everything. Have a fairly firm bedtime and a predictable order of events. Make sure the ritual takes place in your child's own room or sleeping area. Keep it simple. Keep your baby bedtime routine basic so it can be followed even when you are away from home. You can include a warm bath, a bedtime story or a song, being tucked in and a kiss goodnight. Provide reminders. Toddlers may benefit from a couple of reminders that bedtime is approaching; springing it on them suddenly will only make them more reluctant to give up playing. Turn out the lights. This helps your child distinguish the difference between day and night. If they wake up and it's dark, then it's still ‘night-time’. Be flexible. If your child is sick and wants an extra story you can bend the rules a little – just try not to dismantle the routine entirely. Use Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers. This app is an excellent tool for creating a personalised bedtime routine for your baby. It can help you track your baby's sleep patterns and recommend ways to improve their sleep routine, as well as provide guidance on how to soothe them and create a better sleep environment. By using the Smart Sleep Coach, you can better understand your baby's needs and create a consistent bedtime routine that helps your baby sleep soundly through the night. And as you use these tips to create a calming bedtime routine for your baby, take a look at this video with advice from a Paediatric Sleep Coach:

FAQs at a Glance

Around 3 months old is a good time to start a baby bedtime routine, if you and your little one feel ready to do so. You can try giving them a bath, reading a story, or just having a little goodnight cuddle.

The Bottom Line

Bedtime is a time that you both should enjoy. With these tips, you can enjoy the bonding and snuggles along with the challenges.

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