10 step baby yoga routine for sitting babies

Yoga stretches your baby's whole body, leaving them relaxed and happy. It also helps progress key developmental skills such as foot play, coordination, and balance and it can help strengthen your bond and communication with your little one. The idea is to give your baby the opportunity to stretch their whole body and experience different body positions. The Pampers yoga routine has been designed in conjunction with a qualified baby yoga instructor and is safe to practice at home. Ensure that your little one has a well-fitting nappy such as Pampers Active Fit which will adapt to their movements. This is a big workout for your little one, so go gently at first, reading your baby's signals and mood with every step. Never force the movements and stop if your baby is not happy. Start off with just a couple of repetitions, increasing length and duration as you learn together.

Top tips

  1. Maintain eye contact to check your baby is happy

  2. Never force the movements against your baby

  3. Smile to reassure your baby

  4. Don't try this when your baby is tired or hungry

Twinkling Star Sequence

A simple range of 10 moves that are safe and easy to learn but that will give your baby a chance to stretch their body and learn new movements.


Gently, but firmly stroke your baby down their body and limbs. Massage their feet in a clockwise direction with your thumbs. Start in lying if you can, but move to sitting if your baby wants to move.


Gets them in the mood for activity and reassures.


Encourage your baby to grip your finger and gently stretch out their arms away from their body. Stretch their legs, and then bring the opposite arm and leg to meet diagonally. “Streeetch and reeelax...”


Promotes their body awareness.


Hold onto your baby's lower legs, and gently ‘cycle' the legs into the abdomen. Start with the right leg. Go as fast as your baby is comfortable with. This can be done in sitting or lying.


Great for coordination.


Sit back on your heels, hold your baby firmly under the arms, tighten your tummy muscles and lift your baby off the floor facing you. See if your baby will push off the floor with their feet. Dont over stimulate!


Inspires confidence.


Lay your baby over your legs. They may not enjoy tummy time at first, but try placing a favorite toy on the floor as a distraction. Gently raise your thigh closest to your baby's head off the floor and lower it again. This is Cat. Raise the other thigh off the mat so your baby is in a downward position for Dog.


Tummy-time in a fun way! Stretches baby's back.


Roll your baby gently down your legs. For more confidence first roll your baby towards you maintaining eye contact before rolling away down to your feet. Pause before returning for a cuddle.


Boosts the whole body and helps to develop independence.


Kneel over your baby, gently holding their arms and legs with gentle pressure. This is very calming and good for bonding.


Deeply reassuring and calming for baby.


Simulate raindrops falling on your baby with light finger touch, then a rainbow comes out! Place your fingers on your baby's calves, hide your face behind and open the legs out to the side. “Peek-a-boo!”


Develops early communication skills.


Babies are very sensitive to touch and vibration. Hum on your baby's crown, or if lying down, their chest - heart space – this will be very calming and can act as a very effective distraction.


Helps baby to calm down and distracts them if they're worried.


At last! Time to relax together. This is a VERY important part of your baby yoga adventure. Make sure you take time to lie down together with no distractions. Try and extend this stage over time.


Your baby will love the stillness and spending time with you by their side.

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