Bathroom safety for children

One of the most important areas to babyproof is the bathroom. This helpful list of safety tips and bathroom proofing suggestions will help keep your bathroom a fun and safe place, whether it's splash-time or a potty-training session.

Always Keep an Eye On Your Baby

Never leave your baby alone in the bathroom, and don't take your eye off him while he's having a bath. Keep a basket with those bath-time essentials nearby, so you won't need to leave the bathroom even for a second. When bath-time is over, empty the bath straight away. It's a good idea to have your little one's clean clothes and fresh nappy ready so you can take him straight out of the bath, and then dry and dress him.

Consider a Baby Gate or Door Latch

The safest way to avoid bathroom accidents is installing a latch on the door at adult height or a baby gate (like the ones used for stairs). If you decide to install a latch, remember to make sure it can be unlocked from outside, just in case your child locks himself in.

Test the Water

Always run cold water into the bath first, then add the hot. Make sure the water temperature is between about 21˚C and 26˚C. To be on the safe side, you could use a bath thermometer, or dip your elbow (the skin on your hands is less sensitive) into the water to double-check the temperature is right for your child.

Prevent Slips

Soap and water can make everything very, very slippery. If he's using a baby bathtub, choose one with a non-slip surface at the base of the tub and underneath as well. If you're using a regular bathtub, consider applying anti-skid strips to the bottom. Place a cushioned cover (a towel will also do the trick) over the tap to avoid injuries. Your little one's splashes will likely get plenty of water outside the bathtub, so place an anti-slip bathmat on the floor.

Pack Away Electrical Items

Common bathroom items like hairdryers, hair straighteners and electric shavers can be a potential danger. When babyproofing, make sure all electrical appliances are safely locked away so your child can't accidentally turn them on. Plus, if you have appliances hung up, make sure the cords don't hang down within your child's reach. Power plugs should also be secured with a socket safety cover to prevent those little fingers from finding them.

Keep Medication and Cosmetics Out of Reach

Children are curious, and medicines and cosmetics are often designed in attractive shapes and bright colours. To children, they can even look like lollies or toys, so the best thing to do is keep them out of reach. Store medication, cosmetics, hairspray, perfume, nail polish remover and other bathroom items in a locked cabinet. Plus, don't forget to stow items like nail scissors and cleaning products safely away as well.

Install a Childproof Toilet Lid Lock

A toilet lid lock protects children from accidents. It is an easy way to keep toys out of the toilet bowl, and to prevent those curious little hands from exploring the toilet water.

With these babyproofing and child safety recommendations, bath-time can be filled with fun and giggles for your little one, and doesn't have to be too stressful for mum and dad either! And it doesn't just stop in the bathroom, there are plenty more tips and tricks that can be useful to you within our baby proofing hub for the whole house.